Every other girl in the world are unhappy with their appearance, and in most cases the main issue seems to be the figure. Needless to say that often young ladies simply exaggerate and make a few extra pounds gathered over the holidays, a incident. Moreover, many of them suspect what is really lush meals did not affect their waist! The easiest way to see this is to lift weights. Well, if this is not possible? Without weights how to find out your weight?

Without weights how to find out your weight? From physics to child's play!

Waist and weight

One of the easiest ways is to refer to the centimeter tape, and own waist. There is a formula that allows to know the approximate weight of the person. It is very simple: make measurement of the waist to 2 inches above the navel, and then just subtract from the figures 5 and find out how much you pounds.

For example, your waist is 80 centimeters. According to the formula 80-5 = 75 kg. Of course, this indicator will not be absolutely accurate, but this is enough to determine the need for a diet.

We wonder by the wrist

This method is also elementary, but unfortunately, even less accurate than experiment with the waist. And yet, if you are concerned about how without weights to learn the weight fast, you will help your wrist and growth. By the way, you don't even need the tape, making this calculation even more convenient.

So, embrace your wrist so that the thumb and index finger freely connected. If this trick succeeded without difficulty, then you treat astenika people slim build. In this case, the formula to calculate the following: (height – 100)—(height x 0.1)=your estimated weight.

For example, you could connect your fingers to your wrist, and your height is 168 cm. Consider: (168 – 100)—(168 x 0.1)=51.2 kg. But this formula works only for this type of physique and only when there are no visible problems with excess weight.

People who are not able to clasp your wrist, you need to calculate the weight a little differently: (height – 100) (height x 0.1)=your estimated weight. For example, it looks like this: (168 – 100) (168 x 0.1)=84.8 kg. As you can see, the difference is palpable, so it is important to approach the measurement of the wrist honestly and to remember that the ring finger should be free.

Archimedes' Law

This method is the most accurate of all as the without weights to learn the weight. But it is quite complex and is not suitable for everyone. The problem is that you need to make some effort and find the appropriate tools.

Thus, according to Archimedes law, any body that is immersed in a fluid will push it out as much as the volume of the body. If you translate it into accessible language, place yourself in a full bath or a barrel, collect water, which will result in this and you will know your weight. Of course, for an adult, this method is hardly suitable, but if you are very curious to know the weight of the child without weights, Archimedes to help you.

Fill a baby bath to the brim and place it in her baby. Some of the water will pour out. Need to know its volume. For this there are two ways. The first is to collect liquid liter jars (conditionally taking 1 liter per 1 kilogram). On the contrary, fill the tub to the brim, counting how many litres you will need.

Children's swing

You can find many ways without weights to learn the weight. But the most fun are the common children's swing that need to ride together. You'll need the help of a friend or girlfriend, and it is better two. It is important that he or she knew your weight. And it is simple: carefully stand up on the swing and slowly walk towards each other. As soon as both parties came up, one of the assistants must record the distance from each "weights" to the center. Further calculated according to the formula: weight of each x (distance boyfriend/your distance) = your weight.

These simple methods will tell you how to know your weight without weights. Table BMI will help determine whether this figure is the norm. But still better to buy the simple mechanical scales and follow the figure accurate to grams.