A trip to the shops for many couples has already become a common thing, but to surprise your second half wants. What should I do? Your beloved(th) will be delighted with dinner at rooftop cafe. Eating delicious food, talking about your favorite subject, you will observe a beautiful view, because there will be visible all Moscow. In childhood, we wanted to get on the roof in search of adventures and some extreme sports, and in adulthood we want to find peace, tranquility and comfort. The restaurants and cafes on the roof in Moscow are very popular among the people, let's get acquainted with the best of them.

The Restaurant "The Roof"

Well, I guess the name of this place speaks for itself. The café provides a calm environment, on the background conversation is heard soothing music, the waiter comes on the first call and the food is simply wonderful. What else you need for a perfect holiday? The restaurant is located on the roof of a popular entertainment center “Sochi”.

In summer, you can spend the whole day. In the afternoon you can sunbathe and in the evening a romantic dinner. Yes, the sun. The restaurant is divided into two zones, one of which is the restaurant itself, and the other half from the beach. By the way, if you do not have the finances or time to go to the sea, sunburn on the roof of this restaurant is no worse than sea.

This cafe in Moscow on the roof is also different in their menu: the dishes are of European standard, very tasty, and most importantly – always fresh. Cook, by the way, share their experiences and weekly master classes, which are taught to cook different dishes. And for the younger generation of chefs there is a whole school.

White Rabbit Restaurant

Another cafe in Moscow, on the roof, which pleases us with a gorgeous view and a great atmosphere. For you will prepare dishes of the famous city chef Vladimir Mukhin. He knows how to combine recipes from different countries with ours, the Russians, and it gets an excellent product that is not worse than the original.

In the restaurant a pleasant interior, which features a romantic atmosphere for its second half you will be able to request a song, and the staff does its job perfectly well. The cafe on the roof in Moscow is popular because of the weekly children's parties, led by the best animators in Moscow. Come to the party can be anyone, while the child will have fun with children, couples can relax over a delicious dinner and talk "about".

Cafe in Moscow on the roof - a great romantic surprise for the second half

Sometimes come in here, world-class stars, for example after a concert. The lucky ones who are in the same time in this restaurant, it is possible to get a photo or autograph. But most of the stars in advance reservations, and the entrance to the restaurant is locked for a short time to well-known personalities were able to dine in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Sky Lounge Restaurant

This café with a terrace on the roof in Moscow just enchants us with its beautiful design and excellent views of the city. Especially beautiful here in the evening, when the sun does not Shine, included the night lights in the sky and the stars appear. At such moments, and I want to tell her all the secrets, and between that try the most delicious dishes.

Here you will be able to organize a meeting not only with your beloved but also with your new partner or colleague. Or, for example, to gather the whole family to have a good time. You do not get bored to visit this place, because the menu updated with new dishes every season, but Moscow will not see at one time.

This cafe on the roof in Moscow is distinguished by its pleasant interior, which adds positive emotions to food intake. The entire staff has all necessary skills, so they carry out their work quickly and efficiently.

"Happiness" on the roof

This place is for romance, Dating and first kisses. This is evidenced by the interior of the cafe: love posters, lovely details, the lace, the colours, fresh flowers. In this cafe in Moscow on the roof very often celebrate weddings, anniversaries and other memorable dates. The hall can accommodate up to 80 people, so if the number of guests who will be on your holiday allows you to do this, be sure to give preference to him.

And you will appreciate the simply delicious cakes, and if you need to leave, but without the sweet you can't imagine my life, you'll believe cakes with you. In General the cuisine is very fresh and high quality dishes, menu changes from time to time. Pleasant music will bring more hints of romance to your evening, and the friendly staff will do everything to make you cozy.

Kalina Bar

In this cafe in Moscow, on the roof you can see the whole city. This is a distinctive feature of the institution. To get to a cafe, you should take a short "flight" in the glass Elevator, in which you can feel like a free bird. When you look in the cafe window, stops the heart from the seen beauty, and sometimes becomes a little scary when I think how high you are right now.

In this cafe every man can find new friends and strengthen relationship with the old. The bar offers a huge selection of alcoholic beverages. And for those who like to sing karaoke, and even the most shy customer after a couple of glasses of drink from the bar wants to show the abilities of the singer, and other visitors will support it.