All real estate objects of the Russian Federation are in a single registry for the whole country, the State Cadastre. Each unit, whether it is a land, a building (for any purpose) or another structure, has such a characteristic as the registration number of the registered property, unique, unique and unchanged.

How is the registration

First site inspection, building or any other immovable property. The detailed description, which contains the main characteristics of the object, which are its distinguishing characteristics. This is the kind (land, capital construction, completed, or uncompleted building, apartment, share apartment, private rooms), as well as a number of additional features that can contribute to a more accurate identification.Cadastral number of the property

Assigning a cadastral number to the property and entering it into the register take place after collecting all kinds of information about it. It should be noted that any transaction with unrecorded property will be invalidated.

Inclusion in the cadastre of land

For all land, a detailed description of the location is made with reference to the map, its area is indicated (rounded up to a meter), numbers located on the site of other registered objects and some other characteristics.

If the new registration object is formed by merging or splitting (for example, when the allocation of a share) of previously existing ones, that fit their identification number (in the allocation of the house in private possession is entered digital information about the building in General).

Be sure to indicate the category of land and the presence in the described area of ​​forests and water bodies.

Cadastre of a building or structure

If a building is put on record, a building (completed or not yet prepared for operation), it describes exactly where it is located, its area is measured, and the cadastral number of the property (a specific territory, plot of land) is entered within which it is located.

Identifiers identified for a given unit as well as the exact or intended purpose of the building are indicated. If the inspection and description are made due to the expansion, division, or other reorganization of the structure, the previously established cadastral numbers of the original objects are entered.

If the exact address of the unit of account is missing, a detailed description of its location (subject of the Russian Federation, settlement, settlement) is included in the number of characteristics.

Entering into the cadastre of an apartment, room

If we are talking about an apartment or a room, another separate room, then the distinctive signs are the exact definition of the type (flat or room), purpose (for example, storage or residential) and the area.

Be sure to specify the exact address, account number in the inventory of the building or structure, which is described by the unit. If the building is multi-storey, the floor is specified, as well as where exactly the building is located within the building.

When a room is registered separately, the cadastral number of the property, that is, the apartment in which it is located, is entered in the characteristics.

For accounting units of any kind and categories, except for the characteristics listed above, clarifications are made on the existing encumbrances and restrictions, as well as other important information.

What it looks like and what it means

After the necessary information has been collected, the identified object is assigned an identifier, which from the moment of registration serves as the main feature of the registered property.

In accordance with the provisions of law on the territory of the Russian Federation cadastral number of the property looks like this: AA:BB:CCDDEE:FF. Separated by colons indicate the County, district, quarter, followed by the numeric code of the registered property.

State (cadastral) value

When registering, each object is analyzed to determine the value, which is otherwise called the state price.

Every five years, revision has been carried out the resulting sum with the aim of bringing the official price to the market. This depends on the size of tax paid, and for the last few years, the owners of land, dwellings, buildings began to pay almost five times more than before.

This data is public, and anyone can find out for any building, house, each registered unit such characteristic as the cadastral value of the property by cadastral number, by contacting the state registration office.

Assessment of land is made based on the category. When it changes, as well as expanding the boundaries, the official cost also changes.

Apartments and other residential and non-residential premises are also analyzed according to the principle of equalization with market demands, so the results may be unexpected, especially after calculating the estimated amount of tax. However, if it seems prohibitive to the property owner, it may require a re-evaluation.

How to find out the cadastral number of the property

Ideally, all existing property, such as land, houses, etc., should be described and entered in the register. In the future, all this information should be systematized and made public. Of course, while the task is far from completion, however, it is already possible to make sure that there is constant and steady progress towards this goal. In any case, finding a lost or unknown property number is not a problem.

First of all, it can be found in documents certifying the ownership of a plot, house, apartment.

However, if there are no documents on hand (stolen, corrupted), you can find out the cadastral number at the address of the property by contacting the office of the Federal State Registration Service personally by writing an application for providing the necessary information. The announcement of some data occurs on a fee basis, at a very modest price. You can also send your request by mail. You can call the agencies that have this information, give your name, surname and passport information and ask all your questions.

Specialists of the registration service will help to find out the cadastral number at the address of the property. Even if nothing is known, except the exact location or number of the site, they will help you find the desired digital code. If necessary, they will provide other available information about the house, apartment, plot. Moreover, it is possible to request data from office workers on unregistered buildings or land plots.

If there is a registration code, the chamber staff will search the cadastral number of the property for the necessary information, including state cost, information about the owner (for example, if we are talking about an abandoned plot), the exact location.

Depending on the request, the answer can be obtained in the form of a plan, statement, certificate.

When a cadastral number may change

The identification code of the unit may change under the circumstances stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In most cases, the need to change the number of the land plot appears if it is in the revision of administrative borders is run by another County or district. Clarification or change in the boundaries section, or, conversely, merging with another allotment will also entail resetting the account, as well as the merger or division of the premises.

For a house, a summer house, an apartment, a change in such a characteristic as a floor will also cause a change in the identifier.

In all other cases, the cadastral number of the property remains the same, according to legislative regulations.