Lately on hearing concepts such as cadastral number, cadastral value... But not everyone understands what it is and why we need it, too, is not entirely clear. Let's look at such a relevant topic as it relates to property and land. And knowledge in this area never hurts.

What is the cadastral number

Cadastral number – absolutely unique in the country the number of the immovable property, which is given to him with the passage of the technical and cadastral registration, in accordance with the procedure established by the law of the Russian Federation. It never repeats in time and is stored for as long as the object exists. To cease to exist he may, when it was divided among the rightholders, unless, of course, such redistribution permitted by law.

The cadastral value of land and real estate

Cadastral number of each structure consists of cadastral number of the land where the building and the inventory of rooms in the building. Why enter such a strict numbering? It's very simple. This is done to uniquely individualize and taking into account absolutely all real estate objects.

Addressing this problem, a special Committee of Russia for land and land resources and its divisions in regions.

The cadastral value of the land

What is it? This is the equivalent of the land price, expressed in monetary units. It then affects the determination of the amount of the land tax, the rent of land, the amount of redemption when you purchase. According to the law, must be defined by the cadastral value of the land.

Of course, this value is basic in determining the economic benefits of land. Incorrectly indicated the cadastral value of the plot may entail huge losses to its owners.

Then talk about how the settlements.

How to determine the cadastral value of land

The order of calculation of cadastral cost is very explicitly defined in law and is reduced to the following points. The Executive power of the Russian Federation adopted the decision on the state assessment. It is held at least once in five years. The Federal registration service shall prepare a list of absolutely all sites located on their territory. And next comes the actual evaluation. What is it?

Cadastral valuation is based on the classification of the land for its intended use and purpose. In the settlements sections of the legislation are divided into seventeen types of use.

As with any other measurement unit of the binding value of each plot will be the price of one square meter. Of course, for different regions and localities, it will be different. The same amount will be by multiplying the value of the unit on its own plot area.

The use of land set by local authorities. The decision on necessity of carrying out of a cadastral estimation to the state authorities of the region. At the local level, they choose the appraiser for work and sign a contract with him. This person must be independent to avoid bias.

According to the law, the evaluators have themselves determine the method by which they will operate (to produce cadastral valuation of land). After completion of the regional administration must approve the results and send them to the Federal registration service, who shall enter the information in the OCG.

How does the understatement or overstatement of the cadastral value of land plots for the payments

Purpose in recent years, often talking about what is the cadastral value of land. This is mostly due to the fact that, as is known, the use in Russia of land objects of phenomenon is paid. If you have a plot in the property, you automatically become a payer of the land tax. If you are just a tenant, you pay rent. If you wish to acquire the land, pay the redemption charge. But the sizes of all of these payments are determined on the basis of what cadastral cost of the ground object.

By the way, market value is not necessarily the same as the cadastral. And, therefore, payments can be either severely overestimated or underestimated. The mass of such examples. Here from where there are exorbitant amounts of rent or a huge land tax. But all these payments will fall on the shoulders of the people.

Can the land users to defend their rights

Modern legislative acts provides for the possibility to change the cadastral value of the object. Owners or interested persons have the right to challenge it in court. This should give the judge a paper on the independent evaluation of market price of land, decorated in the period of the cadastral valuation. Such things usually end well for the owners. So, it is possible to defend your opinion in court and to reduce their costs, especially if they are justified.

What is the cadastral value of the apartment

With the land we've examined a bit. Let's now talk about the apartments.

Sometimes fold situation when you need to know what the real cadastral value of the apartment. For starters, let's see what it is, and then talk about how it is defined.

Cadastral value – the price of the apartment on the real estate market – determined and calculated by the cadastre chamber. In the calculations takes into account many aspects, such as the location of the object, type, area, layout, condition, bathrooms, etc.

What you need to know the price of the apartment

“Why do you need to know the cadastral value of the apartment?” – you will ask. Or where you need it? Let's talk about this.

The cadastral value is important in determining the amount of property tax. It is a fundamental quantity in the calculations. Not so long ago in Russia all operations with real estate were carried out on the basis of market value. It is clear that it was formed independently from the government. That is why the authorities decided to introduce a new concept – the cadastral value of the object. Proceeding from it, calculate the appropriate amount of taxes not only in the sale and purchase, but also when using it.

Is it possible to do without it? Previously, for the calculation of the amount of taxes used inventory value, which was formed by the BTI. Usually this cost is very underestimated. And this led to a shortfall of budget money.

Cadastral value of the property, such as inheritance of housing, in mortgage lending in the banks, when calculating payments for the purchase or donation of property. I want to note that this value is not constant. She tends to change systematically under the influence of external factors. Usually there is an increase.

As expected, the cadastral price of housing

Cadastral value of the property is calculated by a special formula. But this takes into account a number of factors: price per square meter in the region, the year of construction of the object. In addition, there are regional so-called coefficients. It is no secret that the cost of housing varies significantly even within one region. Therefore, when determining the cadastral value, and take into account the location of the property. For example, in Moscow the price of square meter reaches half a million rubles, and in small towns can range from twenty to thirty thousand. The difference is significant.

If you want to sell their homes or take out a loan secured on the property, you will need to determine exactly what is the cadastral value of the property. To know the exact amount that the owners often use the services of independent appraisers. Because the cadastral value does not always correspond to the real market.

Appraisers will determine the value and, if necessary, will issue a document that is provided to the Bank. But such expertise costs money.

Can I see the cadastral value of their homes

If you are interested in the size of the cadastral value of your apartment, then you should know she needs to be specified in the special cadastral passport. It is issued by the state structures at the location. You can still go to the Cadastre chamber, which is also bound to provide information. But if you received a passport before 2012, it will not contain such information. Then you can use the website of Rosreestr. On it you fill in a special form, and then you show the cadastral value of your property. You can even print the document. But he will have no legal force. The official document is available only in Cadastral chamber. It is prepared within five days.

What documents are needed for Cadastral chamber, to get help

Need help you will get through five days after serving a full package of documents:

  1. The right of ownership of the original.
  2. Plan.
  3. The passport of the Russian Federation.
  4. Explication.

If applying to a state Agency is not the owner, and its representative, you'll require power of attorney.

The maximum term of preparation of the document to seven days. The certificate is issued free of charge. If you urgently need help, then you can get it for a fee. Request same issue on an expedited basis. But you will get the desired document in the same day.

What if the apartment price is unreasonably high

Previously, different regions, the indicator value was low. But in recent years it has been revised. This was done in order to adjust for market and cadastral value. But somehow it happened that in some places it was even higher than the actual prices.

In this case, if the person is not satisfied with this figure, he has the right to go to court and challenge it. It will take a lot of time, but if you recognize cadastral valuation is wrong, then it will reconsider. Of course, when forwarding is no time to wait for the decision of the court, and citizens do not go to court and just pay the taxes.

How often to change the cadastral value of property

I want to emphasize that the cadastral value is not constant. She's changing. It can occur for the following reasons:

  1. The last assessment was more than five years ago. Data changed in 2012. So, in that time, the cost could vary up or down.
  2. In the region there was a fall/rise in real estate prices, and automatically changing the cadastral value.
  3. If you did not agree with the value that was established, and the statement of claim submitted by you is satisfied, then the housing will be revalued.

Instead of an epilogue

Finally, we note that the topic of cadastral valuation of real estate and land very relevant. After all, we are currently burdened with various other taxes associated with our property, and therefore, we need to know the cost of our apartments. Moreover, it will be useful in cases of registration of any real estate transactions. Therefore it is better to be, as they say, in the course of events. We hope that our article was interesting and informative.