Kabardian weddings are considered one of the most fun and spectacular national family holidays. It is noteworthy that there are always all sorts of conflicts and quarrels on them. It's not about bad organization. The tradition to argue on this celebration appeared several years ago, it is based on ancient national customs.

Kabardian weddings: traditions and modern views on the celebration


It all starts with the fact that the relatives of the groom help to find a girl who will suit him as a bride. Next, the bridegroom with his closest relatives goes to the girl's house, hoping that her father will agree to marry the daughter. In the case of a positive response, they begin to discuss the topic regarding the kalym. We must immediately warn that the groom was not always lucky to get the blessing from his future father-in-law from the first time. Often he sent the annoying guy with nothing.

The goal could be achieved after the second, third, etc. call. Apparently, this was how the firmness of intentions was tested. This is how the Kabardian wedding begins, for example in Nalchik.

After the families agreed on kalym, they proceeded to the next stage - the bride. With the ritual of exchanging wedding rings for a long time did not delay. As soon as the groom brought in a part of the previously agreed amount of kalym, it was given the opportunity to remove his lover from her parents' house.

From this moment on, the bride and groom were settled in different houses. According to tradition, the future husband and relatives should not be in contact for some time. The rule was especially rigid with respect to the bride, the groom and the elders. It was only after a long period of time that the beloved was allowed to lead a boyfriend. First of all, the girl examined the room where the young would soon be living. The general hall was allowed to see a few weeks later. Kabardian weddings - is the observance of all traditions and rituals.

Such a superficial description is not able to display the entertainment of the rituals of the Kabardian wedding, which in reality there are many. Unfortunately, with each new generation, traditions and rites are gradually forgotten, losing their original content. Although often at the modern Kabardian wedding there are national costumes and temperamental dance elements, but not all indigenous people like this. What makes them indignant?

Modern traditions of Kabardian weddings

In the scenarios of modern weddings of Kabardians, bride kidnapping is considered an obligatory ritual. Relatives accepted the girl in their home. Arrived at the beloved parents asked her a question about whether she agrees. This was not the case in ancient times. If the answer was in the affirmative, then from that moment on the young couple was considered husband and wife. Marriage was necessarily registered by a Muslim priest who was invited to the house by the imam.

Beautiful Kabardian wedding, like all other holidays, is celebrated at home. Locals do not imagine that it can be organized in a cafe or restaurant. This is explained by the fact that in case of a girl’s refusal, she should be able to return freely to her home. This option in past years was not provided. As soon as a marriage is concluded with the observance of all Muslim traditions, young people begin to prepare for an exciting celebration.

It is believed that after the bride and groom spent their first wedding night in their lives, it is necessary to take out a sheet from which they slept together as material evidence. Despite the fact that Islam has a negative attitude towards such a rite, many Caucasians continue to adhere to it.

According to tradition, representatives of opposite sexes are obliged to celebrate Kabardian weddings separately. Oddly enough, guests should not see the bride.

How do modern European traditions influence the celebration of a Kabardian wedding?

Modern European trends penetrate the traditions of all peoples living outside Europe. Every year national ceremonies are forgotten, originality is lost. Now, no wedding can do without an expensive car, all those present are trying to dress in clothes according to the latest fashion. And, of course, the solemn event must necessarily be captured on video, recorded on a digital storage medium. Special Kabardian wedding toasts are also prepared.

Opinions of indigenous people were divided into opposites: some approve of innovations, while others remain committed to the traditions of their ancestors.

In the end, the right to choose how to celebrate the wedding is given to the relatives of the newlyweds. In any case, Kabardian weddings are fun and spectacular.