In real life, an owl is a bird of prey, and in a dream it is, accordingly, considered an alarming symbol, which warns in advance of the appearance of possible problems. However, in addition to the above, the owl symbolizes not only the wisdom, but also the life experience of the dreamer. In order to more precisely decipher what owls dream about, it is necessary to remember what the bird looked like, what it did, and much more.

What dreams of owls - dream book

We study the dream book: an owl. What a dream owl?

In most cultures, an owl symbolizes wisdom, life experience and a great mind. Very often the appearance of a bird in a dream is associated with longevity and knowledge. As a rule, a bird being removed interprets problems that do not exist in reality, but indicates that it is waiting for a sleeper, both soon and in the distant future. But in order to understand what the owl dreams about in a dream, one must be able to listen to one's feelings and state of both mental and physical health.

Owl screams in a dream

As a warning, you can take that dream when you are dreaming of a deaf owl hoot. It is possible that a person who is asleep in the near future will be in danger of physical danger, therefore it is recommended not to walk down the street at night. But do not dwell on the bad, because this has not happened yet, it means that trouble can be avoided.

Meeting with an owl

If in a dream the owl attacks the sleeper, then this fact indicates that there is a cunning and clever enemy in the environment trying to destroy the plans.

If, while walking in a dream, the sleeper has seen a small owl or an adult owl, then this means that there is a wise person in the environment, who is able to give really practical advice. It is recommended to listen to the opinions of loved ones.

Taming or making friends in a dream with a bird indicates that sleeping by nature is not only wise, but also an experienced person who can independently cope with many everyday troubles and find a way out of even the most difficult life situations.

If in a dream an owl flies past, then this may signal illness, misfortune or fear. A more accurate interpretation depends on how the sleeper reacts to the bird in the dream. If there are negative emotions, then you can hardly expect anything good.

Watch owl

To dream an owl, but not to be associated with it. It means not only philosophical reflections, but also discoveries, and getting new experience. In rare cases, indicates that the sleeper's life is alone.

The peculiarity of an owl is that although it symbolizes wisdom and a great mind, in explaining such dreams, in most cases this can often be interpreted against the person who dreamed a particular dream. Here, for example, if an owl caught a mouse in a dream, then this indicates that some mystery will be revealed soon, which most likely will not receive publicity in the most favorable light.

Talking with an owl

If you are having a conversation with an owl, then it is important to remember what the bird said. As a rule, this indicates a future, distant or close. It also means that in the near future it will be necessary to show wisdom, and the speech delivered by the owl may indicate a possible train of thought. In any case, even if the dream was negative, it is strongly recommended to remain calm and confident. Fear can only aggravate problems and never contribute to their resolution.

The appearance of such a symbol in a dream, like an owl, regardless of the plot and the specific situation, can have both a positive meaning and a negative one.

Positive interpretation

In order to more accurately explain what the owl or owl dreams about, you need to be smart. Very often, after such a dream, a person must show wisdom in solving any problems. It is also possible that such a difficult situation in life has long existed, and for its resolution it is necessary to think carefully about all your steps, and not act spontaneously.

Very often, a dreaming owl indicates the need to learn in real life in all situations to recognize the truth and to see what others may not notice. If you look at another dream book (what an owl is dreaming about, we want to find out), there this dream means that there are networks of intrigue around a person. And if an owl is dreaming with owls in a nest, then such a dream would mean not only an increase in the size of wages, but also a rapid advance along the career ladder. Let's talk about this in more detail.

When an owl in a dream is a herald of good

An owl flying in the daytime says that the sleeper will be able to easily overcome all possible difficulties that will arise in the course of life. After such a dream, you can be completely sure that the dangers that have come upon will be bypassed.

To dream of an owl with prey promises a quick relief from troubles and various minor problems. If in a dream the sleeper has found a little owl in the forest, then in real life he will soon receive wise and good advice that solves many problems. The answer to the question of why owls dream about owls, will be the interpretation that in the near future the dreamer will find his place in life. If at this stage the sleeper is in reality facing a difficult choice, then such a dream recommends paying attention to what the close people say on a specific occasion.

Full understanding with the person - this is what it means, why dream of an owl sitting on it. It may also be such a scenario that you will have strong feelings that you have never dreamed of before. Also, having seen such a dream, the sleeper will soon be able to mend relations with the one with whom he was in a quarrel.

The first sign that you need to take care of your health and undergo a medical examination as soon as possible will be a dream where the owl sits on the body of the sleeper. There is a risk that a serious illness develops, but by making an examination in time, it can be overcome - this is what owls dream about in this case. From this it follows that the bird is a possible rescue from the disease.

In order to understand why an owl is in a dream, it is recommended to consider it in this case as a prey. Such a dream is considered favorable and will soon ensure the destruction of evil, despite certain difficulties.

Negative interpretation of sleep

Very often, an owl in a dream serves as a herald of this or that danger:

  • in the near future, you can not think about possible prosperity, do not count on the successful course of events in any endeavors;
  • who sees an owl in a dream is threatened with disease, loneliness, disgrace and ill-fated;
  • in the area where the sleeper lives, a dangerous viral epidemic will soon appear that will affect and kill many people;
  • on the day after the dream one should be afraid of failure and loss;
  • robbers can attack a person who saw an owl in a dream, enemies can not only secretly slander, but also use his position for their mercantile purposes (you should be wary of events that may pose a threat to life);
  • situations are possible that will cause shock and shock;
  • there is an excessive negative guardianship of a woman, which does not give an opportunity to display wisdom and experience;
  • in reality, a feeling of overwork, malaise, insomnia is possible, thoughts of death may appear.

Consider in more detail every possible option.

In the near future, those who saw a flying owl in their house can wait for trouble. A dead owl serves as a symbol of unrequited love. To see a stuffed bird of this bird is a warning that soon they will have to answer for their mistakes, as they say, to pay bills, and there will simply be no other way out of the possible situation.

If in a dream the sleeper hears the hooting of a bird, then such a vision promises misfortune. The owl ate from the body of the sleeper in a dream - this indicates that in real life there is a cunning and very intelligent enemy who is preparing some actions that could disrupt all plans for the future.

The symbol of unfulfilled desires and loss of life potential will be a dream to see an owl in a dream locked in a cage. It can be concluded that the sleeper will not be able to complete the work already begun.

A dream, where an owl without feathers, indicates spiritual disharmony, that is, in real life, something happened that brought a person out of mental equilibrium.

Owl sitting on a tree

The answer to the question of why an owl is dreaming in a tree will be the following: sleep is considered the harbinger of poverty. If a bird is sitting in a room, it foreshadows a period of prolonged troubles and difficulties.

The dream in which the sleeper saw a hunting owl symbolizes fears and self-doubt. This dream makes it clear that because of his phobias, a person cannot live a normal life.

What does it mean when an owl dreams and sleeping in a dream kills her? And here everything is simple - the planned plans will never become reality. To be more precise, a person cannot solve his problems.

Do not lose vigilance is necessary in the case when the owl in a dream caught the mouse. Such a dream warns that someone has managed to reveal the most secret secret of the sleeper, and tries to use it contrary to morality.

What does it mean when an owl dreams, while she also screams? And this dream says that in the future the sleeper will survive a huge loss. If the bird loomed in the face, it could foreshadow the illness of a loved one. Such a meaning is the dream where the owl flew overhead.

A large number of owls in a dream prophesies the evil that the sleeper will face in the near future. It is recommended to pay attention to others, among whom there may be a dark personality who dreams of harm in every possible way.

What color is the bird?

If in a dream the sleeper sees a winged predator of gray color, then this heralds good news, sensible decisions, the discovery of something new that can change life for the better.

To understand what a black owl dreams about, you need to carefully rethink many of your values. As a rule, information immediately arises that will help to re-evaluate recently experienced events from a completely different point of view.

The owl of variegated color is considered a sure sign that the sleeper will soon be forced to engage in not entirely pleasant things.

Other sources on the question of why the owl dreams in the house, regardless of its color, interpret that soon there will be a misfortune with unfamiliar people. Therefore, it is important again to pay attention to your emotions received during sleep.

Why dream of a white owl?

In almost all cases, the appearance of a white owl in a dream is considered the most auspicious symbol. But in order to more accurately interpret the dream, it is necessary to take into account its other nuances. For example, if a dream did not cause fear, then a successful meeting awaits the person, which will bring many only the most positive emotions and surprises. Sometimes such a significant date can turn the whole life over for the better and completely change the outlook.

Still, a white owl in a dream is much better than another color. In most cases, the white color does not portend trouble, since it is considered to be a symbol of purity, clarity and integrity.

It is possible to interpret not only the fact of the presence of an owl in a dream, but also, of course, her behavior.

Owl that comes in contact with a person

It is possible to interpret this dream in different ways, it all depends on who the predator is connected with: the owner of the dream or a stranger.

When the main character is the dreamer:

  • hold an owl in your hands - a warning of trouble or a possible fire;
  • to tame an owl or to feed a bird from the hands means that the dreamer is a wise and experienced person;
  • the bird itself sits on the arm - in reality, the dreamer expects only the best news, undying love or the solution of old questions;
  • the owl caught by the wings foreshadows future troubles with the property;
  • if an owl sits on its head, it means that the dreamer will have to face negative energy;
  • when an owl sits in a dream on a certain part of the body, this fact means that an urgent medical examination is necessary to avoid the occurrence of a serious disease.

If a night owl interacts with another person:

  • when a bird sits on the shoulder of a friend, it means that he knows a secret that is important for the owner of sleep;
  • if the bird is going to sit on someone, it means that complete understanding is possible with this person;
  • a bad omen will be the fact when the beloved or beloved will tame the bird in a dream: if the predator listens to it and treats the dreamer aggressively, the partner will soon change or betray.

Creek owl

The crying owl is the forerunner of misfortune. In the case when the owl makes deaf, gloomy sounds that haunt the sleeper in a dream, one can immediately prepare for bad news immediately after waking up. In real life, the one who saw such a dream, you need to be as careful as possible.

The dreamer, frightened by the sharp cry of an owl, will soon receive unexpected news, which can be either positive or negative. In the same way, one can interpret a dream in which a bird has fluttered out from under its feet.

The answer to the question of what dream owls, issuing prolonged cries, will be the interpretation that this is a prophecy of dishonor, poverty or serious illness.

If the owl's cry is heard near the house, then very soon there will be a replenishment in the family.

An owl in a dream is hooting, rather than screaming, promises in the near future an interesting meeting with a person who can not only give valuable advice, but also teach wisdom.

Bird of prey

Hunting winged predator means that the sleeper is afraid to become a victim of atrocity, making a real cult out of fear.

To see an owl in a dream already with prey means that in real life someone will be able to reveal the most intimate secrets of the dreamer. If there is nothing to hide, this dream can be interpreted as a hint that you should not talk too much.

The dream showed how an owl attacks a smaller bird, which means that it is necessary to witness how a more powerful and influential person exploits a weaker one. The second version of the interpretation: the dreamer himself will soon become an accomplice of dishonesty and injustice.

A predator who caught a very large prey, as a rule, foreshadows not only the destruction of the surrounding evil, but also a complete victory over all sorts of rivals.

The interpretation of a dream where the owl attacks and bites the dreamer will be such that in reality he has a cunning and wise enemy who in the near future will not only confuse all plans, but also with one blow will knock the ground from under his feet.

When the sleeper runs away from the owl, fearing that she might attack, this means that in reality someone uses a person for his own personal goals and the most insidious plans.

If a winged predator attacks someone else, this is a warning that the person can cause evil.

Owl on the Nostradamus dream book

To understand what a big owl dreams about, you need to look into Nostradamus’s dream book, in which it is written in black and white that the dreamer will have a fateful meeting in the near future. Thanks to this fateful meeting, he will be able to radically change his life for the better.

The dual interpretation of what it means when an owl dreams, very often leaves a not entirely pleasant sediment and not a very good feeling. But it is strongly recommended not to despair and panic. First of all, an owl is a symbol of wisdom, which only calls for the manifestation of this very wisdom on the path of life. Having studied the information from various dream books and similar literature, it is recommended to carefully consider the current general situation in life, rather than relying on the interpretation of a particular dream. And, of course, it is impossible in any case to set yourself up for the bad. It is necessary to think only about the most good news, and not about what owls dream about, because human thought is material.