What are the tornadoes? The question is quite interesting, and it should be answered. Fortunately today there are a large number of dream books, which in this case are the first assistants.

What dreams of tornadoes, hurricanes and tornadoes?

Interpretation of the modern dream book

So, the first thing to do is talk about what the tornado is dreaming about in the book of interpretations of the 21st century. This is a sign of change and future challenges. If a person sees how a tornado comes on him, then one should be prepared for the fact that a not very pleasant period will soon come to life. You have to endure a lot. If the dreamer does not make any attempt at salvation (he does not run away and does not hide), then this is even worse. So in reality, it will flood such problems that will be very difficult to handle.

But to hide from this element, but continue to carefully observe how it destroys everything around - to perform difficult work, which will require a great deal of responsibility. If the dreamer was looking for shelter for a very long time and finally hid, but the tornado is still approaching him, this means that soon you will have to show determination and take some rather brave and courageous act. The main thing is that the tornado did not pick up the person. Otherwise it is to unjustified risk, which may entail unthinkable consequences.

What are the tornadoes dreaming of the tarot dream?

Tornado - a symbol of disaster, misfortune, grief and misfortune. Not the best sign to see in a dream. If a person is puzzled, why the tornado dreams, then, unfortunately, I must say that it is not good. Getting into a dream in the very center of a natural disaster is bad. Hence, Destiny sends a sign from above, that we must be more careful in reality. Perhaps a person is too passionate about some things that are not entirely safe, and he does not think about the consequences at all.

If he fell into a tornado, but still tries to escape, a good sign indicates that the dreamer is still trying to maintain prudence. See your own death - to serious illnesses. It is necessary to show concern in relation to their health and visit a doctor. Better to be safe than trying to get rid of the disease.

Interpretation of Miller's Dream Book

What are the tornadoes besides the above? It all depends on the circumstances. If a person sees the consequences of this hurricane, then it is worth preparing for the worst. It is possible that in a short time he will have to pay for the fact that at one time he did not render assistance to someone who really needed it.

You should also say a few words about what dreams and tornadoes are taking place at sea. This is to events that will soon turn everything upside down. The dreamer will have to get used to the new way of life, to a completely different life. Perhaps he will change jobs, place of residence or environment. But if he got into a tornado, then this is a good sign on Miller’s dream book. It means that soon he will survive a love shift or even start a new novel.

Italian dream book

And one more interesting interpretation, which explains why tornadoes, hurricanes and tornadoes are dreamed up. This is to ensure that soon the life of the dreamer will invade something that will have to fight. Most likely, it will be unforeseen circumstances that require an operational decision. And maybe not. It is not excluded the fact that a person will rush into the life of the dreamer who will change his fate in an overly radical manner. In a sense, even violent.

To see one of the relatives fall under a hurricane - to the fact that the dreamer has a secret admirer or a fan (depending on the gender). And this man is very carefully hidden. But it was not long for him to conceal his feelings - some situation would soon happen that would reveal all the cards. This is what tornadoes dream about.

Interpretation by days of the week

The plot of the vision is not the only thing that needs to be considered to more fully determine the meaning of sleep. To understand why tornadoes dream, one should also take into account the day on which a person saw this dream. For example, from Thursday to Friday - a bad sign. He warns a person about dangerous and unpleasant changes in his personal life. And they will happen very soon. If the dream came from Friday to Saturday - then to trouble. And it will happen to someone from very close people. Or even with a relative. If there are any assumptions and guesses - you should warn this person.

What dreams of a tornado or tornado from Monday to Tuesday? To the trials in life. From Tuesday to Wednesday - to conflicts in which a person will have to prove their own right. Perhaps the quarrel will arise from false gossip. To see a hurricane from Wednesday to Thursday - to the offenses that appear to be from scratch, because of some trifles. But to see a tornado from Saturday to Sunday - to a strip of disappointment in a relationship.

Freudan Dream

Finally, it is worth saying a few words about what a tornado or tornado dreams about according to the dream psychologist Freud. Well, this is a warning sent to man from above. He should be more thrifty, and this concerns his own life. It is worth thinking about it. Especially if I dreamed about my own death in this element.

Tornado (not a tornado) is a symbol of change. A person who has seen such a dream urgently needs to change something in his life. Spontaneous trip, repair, rearrangement - all will benefit. If the tornado has bypassed it, on the contrary, there is no need to change anything. Now is the period of life in which everything should be calm and stable. And, finally, the last interpretation. If a person sees his house destroyed by a hurricane, then it is worth taking a closer look at your friends and comrades in real life. Most likely, among them is hiding the one who will soon commit treason.