If we talk about what the golden chain is dreaming about, then the first thing I would like to note at the outset is that this is for prosperity. And it can be connected not only with the material situation, but also with the spiritual world, with self-consciousness. Gold, seen by a person in a dream, - to positive changes in life. But what exactly, it is worth explaining, based on the interpretation of the modern dream book.

Why does the golden chain dream - the interpretation of the modern dream book

Interesting nuances

Gold dreams of riches. And such a vision means that soon a person will have a financial position. Here only there is one small nuance. Since gold is a soft metal, in order to achieve the goal and obtain money, it will be necessary to show such qualities as patience and gentleness. Even if a person in itself is an assertive personality, going almost always ahead, it should be temporarily abandoned. It will only benefit. Run ahead of all do not need. It is best to observe the so-called golden mean in this plan.

However, when talking about what the golden chain is dreaming about, it should be noted that one can not hope for a miracle, with folded hands. It is necessary to precisely determine the goal and calmly go to it. In that case, everything will turn out.

Interpretation for girls

It is also worth mentioning what the golden chain for the girls is dreaming about. This is also a very good sign, symbolizing self-realization and achieving success. And it concerns a very specific field of activity, namely, the organization of holidays. Perhaps the girl should try herself in this matter. Maybe it will be great for her to organize such important dates as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Especially if the girl in itself is a creative person.

But sometimes this dream dreams of getting a nice, but unexpected gift. Not always after this dream, girls get jewelry, but positive impressions and emotions from a surprise are guaranteed. And if she sees in a dream that she is being handed a gold chain by a guy, then this is for a pleasant meeting, most likely unexpected. When a stranger gives a gift, it means that the person with whom communication has long been completed, will soon reappear in life.

Interpretation of the dream book of the XXI century

This is not all that can be said about this vision. Why does the golden chain dream, in addition to all of the above? In fact, the interpretation may be different, most importantly - to clarify the details of sleep. So, for example, if a person buys not one but several chains in the jewelry store - this is a sign from above, advising not to dream of a better life, because everything is fine. The greater prosperity will come itself, but then, when it will be necessary. When a person sees how he puts the chain around his neck - to large incomes. But if he hides it in a trunk - to competition. But do not be scared, because business rivalry will end in favor of the dreamer.

And why dream about a gold chain around your neck that suddenly breaks? Unfortunately, the sign is not good. Such a dream warns of a break in a relationship that did not foreshadow anything bad and, as it seemed, stronger than anything could not be.

If a person throws an ornament in the water - to gossip and rumors. It is worth preparing for increased attention from outsiders, but you should not react to it, then everything will end well.

Pleasant find

Few would disagree with the fact that finding expensive jewelry is a pleasure. Especially in reality. But why dream about finding a gold chain? If a person finds it on the road - to change. And they, most likely, will concern change of a residence. Or maybe this dream is a hint at the approaching repair. In any case, the sign is not bad.

When a person saw an ornament on the road, but passed by - to omission of opportunities that could improve the life of the dreamer. After such a sleep, it is recommended to take a closer look at all incoming proposals, in order not to admit the mistake made in the night vision. If a person has found a chain on things belonging to one of friends, colleagues or acquaintances, it is worth to look at them. They probably use the dreamer for their own purposes and use it. Moreover, soon a few more such people will appear in his life. Therefore, it is worth to be more attentive to others and to stop unconditionally trusting everyone.

The chain and not only

Finally I would like to talk about what the golden chain with a cross or with additional decorations dreams about. To see a piece of jewelry with a Christian symbol is a positive sign. This dream to the fact that soon the dreamer will get rid of the problems that bothered him earlier.

If he saw a chain with precious stones - to interesting and memorable acquaintances, which can degenerate into prolonged communication. When a dreamer sees a pendant on the decoration - a sign is not very good, most likely, a person will have to experience difficulties at work and in his personal life, since in reality he has taken on too many responsibilities. Approximately the same interpretation has a dream in which he saw a dull chain. So you need to slow down a bit - it will only benefit.