Very many people are interested in the meaning of their dreams. Few are satisfied with the explanation that dreams are games of the subconscious and of the sleeping mind. There are cases when seen in a dream with time came true. Is this what a raven dreams about, for example - for good or for ill? What to prepare for, especially if the dream is repeated and complicated by additional details?

What a raven dreams about: dream interpretation

Difficulties of interpretation

It is very difficult to determine exactly what the raven dreams about. First, different dream books have their own opinion on the interpretation of this image. Moreover, interpretations are often contradictory. Secondly, it is very important to know exactly in what situation and with what accompanying details the bird dreamed. And people often remember dreams very badly. In addition, their retelling is complicated by personal impressions, which are almost impossible to convey. And for an accurate understanding of what the raven dreams about, even the smallest details are extremely important.

However, most interpreters agree on one thing: the raven is a witch-bird and an unkind bird. He cannot tell anything good. On the other hand, it is also a symbol of wisdom, so that it can warn of danger, so that a person can meet the upcoming difficulties with dignity and with intelligence.

Hear the crow

There are frequent dreams in which a person does not see the bird itself, but hears its caw. The explanations for this dream are:

  1. You will soon get some news. Usually you should wait for unkind news.
  2. Someone influences you with bad intentions. As a result, you will make mistakes in the near future. Most likely, you are stupid to do with real estate. If you adhere to this interpretation, this is a warning and a call to think carefully before taking action.
  3. The worst interpretation is death, hanging over the house. True, for this you need not only to hear a crow's cry, but also to see a bird. And it is not at all necessary that the prediction will come true: they say prayer removes danger.

For inner peace, it is better to prepare for some news, albeit unpleasant.

Raven in the house

More controversial opinions on the subject, what dreams of a big crow, who flew into the house. The most favorable of them - for the arrival of guests. Here we must pay attention to the coloring of the bird: the black raven promises a visit from unpleasant, and even hostile people. If the bird's plumage is white, you can wait for those you like and brings joy to the house. The second interpretation: the bird that has flown in carries the sad news about close people. And if she is sitting next to you, sadness can have a variety of reasons.

Even more interesting is the explanation of what the raven dreams about, which you hold in your arms. It is believed that soon a person unworthy or empty will appear in your field of vision, although at first he may seem interesting to you. In general, you waste your time on a new acquaintance.

To the near and sudden danger - this is what dreams of a crow knocking on a closed window. Most likely to get into an accident, street injury or a meeting with the so-called asocial individuals. It is necessary to observe increased caution at least within a week.

Hand bird

What is the dream of a black raven, with whom you seem to be friends? Some believe that the vision is favorable. For example, you will be able to prevent theft or uncover a fraudster. Others say that a friendly bird, especially if you feed it, is a sign that you can soon harm someone. Note that these dreams never come to the originally mean people. That is, they can be interpreted as follows: there is a possibility that, due to certain circumstances, you will depart from your principles, which you will later regret. However, there is another interpretation: feeding a crow means finding a faithful friend who at the same time becomes a wise mentor.

What is the dream of a raven who can speak? If you had such a dream, you need to accurately remember what the bird said: this is the most reliable prediction of the future or instructions on how to behave in the upcoming difficult situation. The image of a talking crow is one of the few positives that this bird can boast of. Even if the winged hero of your dream brings trouble, at the same time he gives advice on how to get out of them without loss.

Attacking bird

The behavior of birds is a very important bar for understanding what the crows dream about. Pecking, beating, pinching means ahead of loss, loss, or at least deep and painful experiences. Alternatively, the detection of a serious problem in the part of the body where the beak fell. Interpreters advise to be checked first by an oncologist, especially if you have repeatedly had a dream.

Consider other answers to the question of why this bird dreams. Is the crow attacking you, attacking like a fighter, winding around, trying to get close? If you have had such a dream, then two explanations are possible:

  • You are afraid of losing something very important to you. If the raven managed to cause any damage — at least to tear the clothes, then the fears are not unfounded. But the more damage, the greater will be your loss. If the bird did not reach out or you managed to repel the attack, then there is nothing to fear.
  • You are waiting for the stunning news, because of which life will change dramatically. If the raven could hurt you, the news will be bad, and about a person whom you trusted and whom you considered almost perfect.

Why dream of big crows in significant quantities? Most sources view this vision as a sign that promises unpleasant publicity. Either there will be a lot of gossip among a wide stratum of people, whether you face trial, or the authorities will scold in the presence of employees. If in a dream a flock of crows hovers over your house, then, at least, you are threatened with hardship and intractable problems, and at the most - with a funeral.

The most severe interpretation of what the pack of raven dreams about is provided by the legendary Wang. In her opinion, if such a group of birds whirls in the sky and does not sit down, if there are a lot of them and at the same time they scream, then there will be a war. Moreover, it is rather large: “the earth will be covered with corpses, since the living will not ripen to bury the dead.” However, a flock of crows and in many other dream books means an army.

We learn how Wang answered the question: “What do the crows dream of?” Many birds on the field with crops promise a lean year. But if a lot of crows make their nests, then it predicts the loss of livestock from some terrible disease, after which its meat will become dangerous for people.

Dead raven

Before finding out what the dead crows dream about, you need to know how they died. If you see a bird already dead - it means that the misfortunes that you were pursued passed by. Another thing, if you yourself kill a crow. In the majority of dream books it is said that by such active actions you got rid of an aggressive opponent or an enemy, or you eliminated the troubles and problems that come to you. However, if you remember the place where the bird was killed, you need to try not to get there in reality: perhaps there are some troubles waiting for you.

As always, Vanga had a different opinion about why the black raven was killed, killed by his own hands. She believed that in this way a higher power indicated the futility of hopes that a loved one would recover. Nothing will help him, he will die, and you must alleviate his suffering by prayers and patience.

Love and family predictions

Interpretation of sex is never done without mutual relations. On this side, dreams about a crow can also act as warnings.

  • The young man, having seen a crow, should know that some insidious and lustful woman is trying to twirl him. Moreover, his voluntary consent is not required.
  • Married dream about the crow foreshadows family scandals, in which he will be guilty.
  • Lovers raven warns about the betrayal of the chosen one.
  • A flock sitting on branches speaks of the need for family counsel.
  • The plucking of feathers from a bird foreshadows a love date, and a good and romantic one.

Positive interpretations

Of all the explanations for dreams about the good crows are very few. In addition to the dreaming bird, you can rejoice in such a vision if in a dream it carries something in its beak. In this case, you should expect unexpected profits or expensive discoveries.

Many dream books consider encouraging the vision in which you eat the crow. Say, he promises prosperity and well-being. However, there are other sources who believe that such a dream portends trouble in the near future.

Colorful birds

Why dream of a black raven, we have already figured out. But sometimes people dream of birds and other flowers. So, the white raven, who has got a glimpse in a dream, as if turns his luck to you A green bird is a good sign: it is good. And the good that happens to you will be very important for you. But the yellow color of the bird comes in dreams as a precursor of an emergency illness.

Good luck decoding. And let only the white crows dream!