Nayawa, we do not attach importance to ordinary things, but any such detail, glimpsed in night dreams, immediately crashes into memory. If you want to know what the toilet dreams about, then our next publication is exactly what you need. In this article we will examine in detail all the nuances of such a non-trivial dream.What dreams of public toilet? To dream toilet - which means

Trouble in a dream

Caught in a dream in a delicate, ridiculous situation in a public toilet, stumbled, fell or stained, a person wakes up with the thought that such a plot can not bear anything favorable. We hurry to reassure everyone who can be intimidated by such a dream: such a dream does not bring anything bad. Do not be alarmed if you do not know what the public toilet dreams about, because according to most interpretations, the vision is interpreted as cleansing or getting rid of ballast.

See the impurities

If you saw in the dream the uncleanness of the toilet or even got dirty in them, this story should certainly please you, because it is a symbol of big money or wealth. Also, to see the impurities or stumble into a village outhouse means that as soon as possible a person can get a position in society, honor and respect of other people.

See the toilet from the side

So, we have learned in general what the toilet is about. Such a vision is very favorable. Now try to recreate the plot to the smallest detail. If you see a latrine from the side or go into it, but did not cope with need, then sleep is a harbinger of the fact that you need to make some corrections to your personal or social life. Clean your contacts, give up your connections, stop vain attempts to grab on unnecessary things and very soon you will be surprised to see how your whole life will drastically change for the better. Such a dream warns that it is time to clear.

It will not be superfluous to do your health, eliminate bad habits from everyday life, reconsider views on food and play sports. After all, your body also needs to restart.

What dreams of public toilet: the interpretation of sleep

Our readers already know what dreams of going to the toilet, seeing a dirty clogged toilet and even getting dirty in the sewage. Such an unpleasant sight symbolizes that in a short time you will make large and very pleasant expenses. But to be able to spend money, you must first receive tangible returns. Do not doubt that the profit is not far off, it is somewhere nearby, and you do not even have to make any effort to get it. A large inheritance, winning the lottery, promotion, unexpected bonus, a successful transaction - all this awaits you literally the other day.

What is the toilet dreaming about? We continue to disassemble the details of the dream. If the plot is unpleasant for you to be in the toilet and you see a terribly dirty, broken non-working toilet, such a plot in reality promises an expansion of your possibilities. Fate shows you that you need to look at both and not miss your great chance, because there’s probably no other opportunity.

But if you see a clean, shining toilet, then very soon you can get a promotion, and your career will go rapidly up the hill. Of course, the desired enviable position will require from you a certain effort, additional time, expansion of professional skills and greater diligence. However, new, much more tangible incomes will come with greater responsibility, be sure of this.

Public toilet, the place in which you see other people, indicates a change in social status. Soon you will receive a long-awaited recognition at work. Probably the project that you have been working on for a long time, the one that is about to be completed, will receive long-awaited public approval.

Toilet paper

Paradoxically, toilet paper seen in a dream is also a good sign. The use of this thing in the plot of a dream indicates that you may soon have a powerful patron who can solve many of your problems. Such a dream is likely to greatly delight those who really need support from the side and the provision of a reliable rear.

Ridiculous and funny situations

What kind of situations related to the latrines can not be found in dreams. So, there are often scenes in which women accidentally end up in men's toilets, and vice versa. A woman who has confused a restroom (unlike a man) can feel awfully awkward in a dream. However, this vision promises a pleasant acquaintance. Rejoice, because a new acquaintance in real life may well work for the future, and you will benefit from the emergence of a new connection.

What does the toilet dream about, if according to the plot of the dream you fell, but immediately got out of it? Such a dream means that in real life you will find a way out of any difficult situation. This is a good sign that promises you a brilliant overcoming of all difficulties and misfortunes.

You do not know why the big toilet is dreaming, and do not even suspect why you are lying on the dirty floor of the toilet? It seems a more ridiculous situation does not come up. However, this development in night dreams is very favorable. This strange dream foreshadows not just great profits, but also true enjoyment of the luxury and wealth that surrounds you.

To repair the toilet

If you are building a village outhouse or repairing a toilet, then in reality you will expect material wealth, family well-being and perfect order in the house.

If according to the plot of the dream you see an almost completely collapsed rustic toilet made of planks, this means that you will encounter difficulties in reality that you will overcome with brilliance.

Seeing the toilet without a toilet also promises to overcome difficult everyday situations. The toilet itself can serve as a symbol of empty unreasonable spending.

If you are in the plot of the dream hit the ladies' room (closet), then, according to some interpretations, such a dream may portend shame, public insult or disorder in the household. For men, such a dream is a warning, and for women it is a precursor to the appearance of a rival.


Now every reader can say with confidence: if I dream that I go to the toilet, it means that a dream foreshadows cleansing or getting rid of unnecessary trash. Well, to see sewage and dirt, to fall into the toilet means to get unheard of wealth.