Scorpio is a cunning, cold-blooded and cruel animal. Therefore, if he dreamed you, think about your surroundings. Perhaps there is a person who pretends to be your friend. In this article you will learn what a scorpion dreams about.

What is the dream book for?

You woke up in the morning, as usual, started your business and suddenly remembered the night vision. This is a dream that appears in the subconscious of a person on the basis of any events. Sometimes he warns about life changes. However, they can be not only positive, but also negative.

Many years ago, with the help of dreams, they looked into the past and the future of man. Sleep is a mysterious phenomenon. Not everyone can solve it. Sometimes he dreams when a person is very tired during the day. From overexcited state, one can see anything at night. However, this does not mean anything.

In some cases, a dream warns a person about danger. Perhaps you should pay attention to health or work. Often such visions tell not only about your life, but also those around you. These can be parents, brothers, sisters, or other people close to you.

Few people know why a scorpion, a bat, water, and many others dream. etc. However, there are such predictors who interpret little-known dreams through trial and error.

Why dream of a scorpion? Interpretation of sleep

There are many interpretations of dreams. Argued that the most accurate predictions of Nostradamus, Miller, Longo, Winters. Let's start with them.

Dream Miller

Night visions each specialist deciphers in their own way. Miller is a famous psychologist who created the book “The Interpretation of Dreams”. Before writing the manual, he carefully studied the images and plots of night visions. He experimented for many years and understood how they influence the future.

Scorpio in a dream by Miller's dream book means fake friends. The psychologist claims that they will fail in the most difficult moment. If you consider your friends to be devotees, check them out. Create a situation where you need help. Then see who stays with you.

If a scorpion is bitten in a dream - this means an unforeseen situation. A friend surreptitiously behind your back will harm or fail very much.

If you dreamed that you killed a scorpion, that's good. In real life, you can turn things around in a positive way. You will be able to confront your so-called friend, so do not suffer.

Predictions of Nostradamus

The French doctor and the astrologer are well versed in night visions. Nostradamus is considered one of the best predictors. Therefore, his interpretation of dreams must be heeded. The predictor knows why the scorpion is dreaming. He spoke truthfully, so there is no reason not to trust him.

Scorpio is a treacherous and vengeful creature. This vision needs attention. If you are bitten by a scorpion in a dream, it foreshadows slander in the near future. She threatens you with dismissal from work or contention with close people. Monitor communication. Do not express your thoughts and suspicions to anyone.

The black scorpion dreams to big changes. Perhaps you have to change your lifestyle or living conditions.

With a job and a career, this dream can also be associated. Argued that comes true dreamed from Thursday to Friday.

If you killed the Scorpion – soon you will have to destroy against you is a bad idea. If something was intended enemies, you'll disappoint them, because you will find a justice on the so-called friends.

If in a dream you saw a dish from a scorpion - there is a person, thanks to which your life will become more saturated and positive.

Parapsychological dreaming Longo

Longo's predictor and psychologist is an esoteric who showed his abilities at the end of the 20th century. He was able to combine two sciences, including parapsychology. Thanks to them, he wrote a dream book. It is possible to determine the present and future.

To kill a scorpion in a dream means, according to Longo's dream book, willpower and determination. A positive way out of the situation will find in any case. You will be able to defeat enemies, overcome obstacles and calculate detractors.

Black scorpion dreams very rarely, but you can not ignore it. You are in danger, beware. Try not to discuss the director or mutual friend with friends in the near future. These days you should lurk to become an inconspicuous person for your enemies.

Dream Dream Winters

Famous psychologists and astrologers Nadezhda and Dmitry Zimy created a unique dream book. For many years, a couple has studied the theory of night visions and conducted experiments with the appropriate conclusions.

Why dream of a scorpion? The Winter family has its own theory. They, as well as previous predictors, consider this dream a warning. Only interpret it a little differently.

Dmitry and Nadezhda Zimy believe that a minor event can harm you. Therefore, you need to be careful and beware of strangers.

If you ghost black scorpion in a dream - this is your secret resentment against a loved one. He says that you need to forgive him until the situation has hurt you.

Many scorpions talk about a few friends who have conceived something against you. Be attentive to those with whom you communicate. You need to prevent unpleasant moments in order to avoid your future suffering.

Family Dream

This manual is created in the form of a collection. It contains the best interpretations of famous predictors. Here, values ​​that are suitable for adults and children are more accurately defined. That is why it is called "family dream book." Often dreams come true, but not every person gives them meaning.

In the family dream book it is written what a scorpion means in a dream. If he stung you - a good sign. Means that you can get away with trouble. Do not forget to be vigilant. Caution never hurts.

If you are trying to fight a scorpion - you are a strong and purposeful person. But now try to refrain from decisive action. They can hurt you. Let it be two or three weeks.


Every dream in its own way describes what is meant by Scorpions in my sleep. To listen need, but you strongly believe is not desirable. Psychologists say that the subconscious works best at night. If you think about something day, don't be surprised, but you will dream something similar. This does not mean that the dream will come true.

Night visions may come due to a good mood. If you had a day full of big events, then you will have a dream. It can be both good and bad.

Of course, listening to the vision is necessary. Because then you have the opportunity to warn yourself and avoid trouble. Keep an eye on the people around you. Try to understand where the real friend. Always remember: no matter what you dream, you can always prevent the situation if you are attentive.