Very often, people do not perceive some of the details of sleep, because they consider them to be insignificant. This is considered a serious mistake, because even a wardrobe item like a fur coat can tell a lot about the future of the dreamer. Of course, in order to correctly interpret a dream, one should remember all the details and on the basis of this, conduct a complete analysis of what he saw. So why dream of a fur coat?

Why dream of a fur coat? Interpretation of dreams

Freund's Dream

A dream in which the sleeper buys a fur coat in a specialty store indicates his tightness, shyness in the presence of unauthorized people. Due to this trait, the sleeper cannot fully reveal his talent and show himself in all its glory. What else does Freud say about such a dream? Mink coat - to a successful journey, fox - to the appearance of a sly two-faced person in a sleeping environment, fox fur coat - to a fan. Seeing himself dressed in a beautiful expensive fur coat - this means that the dreamer cannot relax, it is probably due to a long-standing complex.

Esoteric dream book

Why dream of a fur coat? A good warm doha predicts material well-being, stability in business and personal life. A chic fur coat worn on a dreamer means that in real life he is too proud of his wealth. This is not worth doing, because such behavior can cause envy of a “black” person. To dream of a fur coat of poor quality, the fur of which crumbles at every touch - to the instability of the material situation, as they say, now thickly, now empty.

Ukrainian dream book

Old Russian dream book

The creators of this dream book are sure that in order to correctly decipher what a fur coat is dreaming about, it is necessary to take into account the time of year when it dreamed. In winter, to see a fur coat is an empty, meaningless sign. If the dream manifested itself in the summer, it means that the sleeper is expected to be trouble, misfortune.

Family Dream

If on a night from Sunday to Monday a man dreamed that he was presented with a magnificent expensive fur coat, then this is a contradictory sign, since in fact he is expected to have monetary difficulties. If the sleeper is covered with a fur coat in a dream, then it is a harbinger of loneliness. However, if this was seen from Friday to Saturday, then we should expect an interesting new acquaintance that will radically change the life of the sleeper. A dream in which a sleeper buys a fur product to one of his relatives, especially if it was dreamed up from Wednesday to Thursday, promises an unusually happy cloudless future. It is at this time that it is recommended to start new projects, because they are sure to have success. To measure a fur coat in a dream, but not to buy it is a sign that the apparent well-being is actually a hoax. If in a dream a pile begins to fall from a fur coat that looks beautiful at first glance, it means that the family boat of the sleeper has cracked, scandals and quarrels with close people are waiting for it. Moreover, if this is seen from Tuesday to Wednesday, it means that the dreamer will have to break with someone from close relatives, perhaps a divorce, which will be accompanied by a major scandal.

Dream Aesop

A luxurious adult fur coat worn on a child may be dreamed of when a person appears in the way of the sleeper, exaggerating his own importance, thereby misleading those around him. In addition, such a dream may indicate that the sleeper has to communicate with a person who will surprise him with the inconsistency of his position, perhaps he will occupy a high position, which is in fact unworthy.

Dream Medea

If in a dream someone throws a fur coat over the sleeper's shoulders, it means that some person can help him in solving difficult issues related to financial activities, it can also indicate a successful deal or herald a rich groom. Beautiful, warm, with a shiny black pile fur coat foreshadows financial stability. After such a dream, the sleeper can be sure that no cataclysms will disturb his well-being. Outwardly, a strange fur coat, for example, a mink with a very long nap, can dream when money comes to the sleeper unexpectedly, perhaps it will be a bonus for work done or return of old debt, which the dreamer has already forgotten. If a fur coat on a dreamer dreams in a warm season, it means that he will have quarrels, scandals that will affect the material side of the matter. The same meaning has a dream in which a pile falls out of a fur coat. The shaggy ugly fur coat in which the person familiar to the dreamer is dressed, indicates his quarrel. Probably, soon the dreamer will quarrel with him, and the swara will be accompanied by undeserved accusations and groundless criticism of the sleeper. White fur coat means sadness, unpleasant news, black - to joyful events.