Why dream of having sex with a former girlfriend? Interpretation of dreams

Dream Interpretation

If the guy just saw his ex-soul mate, and in the vision he had nothing with her - then, in reality, he can not let go of his past. A lady from the past was not alone, but with her new companion? Most likely, the girl of the dreamer, who at the moment is his chosen one, will put him before a difficult and ambiguous choice. But if a person in a vision married a lady from the past - in his personal life, soon there will be changes.

But why dream of sex with the former? The newly begun relations, accompanied by closeness, foreshadow the emergence of new feelings that the young man will experience to a girl he already knows. What turns out to be a novelty for him, since he never considered this girl as a lover.

This book of interpretations gives several answers to the question about what the sex with the former dreams about. If this vision worries the guy too often, then most likely he just does not want to let go of it. If you believe Freud, then often our real feelings are reflected in the unconscious - that is, in dreams. Maybe the guy is very offended by her, but he did not stop loving, in which he himself is afraid to admit.

If such a vision has appeared only once, then soon a turbulent romance will sweep it. Which, however, does not last long. The fire of this relationship will be extinguished as quickly as it arose.

In the event that the guy at the time of intimacy with the former second half did not receive joy - then, his current ideas will not bring anything good. Perhaps he wants to do something, but it's better to abstain if you do not want to incur condemnation and shame on yourself. But the pleasure obtained foreshadows happiness in a carefree personal life.

Erotic book of interpretations

She can definitely give an answer to the question about what she dreams of having sex with an ex-girlfriend. If a guy during the process felt a desire to dominate and embodied it in reality - a dream can be considered favorable. The goal that stands before him in real life is correctly defined. And the methods by which he tries to achieve it are also true. Most importantly - do not be afraid of obstacles, follow your plan and do not waste your energy on trifles.

However, this is not all that can promise such a dream. Was the former girl tired of the young man by the process? So, in real life he would not be disturbed by rest. From everything - from work, people around, the city. And not at home, but in some other place. Changing the situation - that's what he needs now. And it should be thought about if such a dream was dreamed.

The ex-wife figured in the story? This vision also personifies man's weariness and his desire to change something. He is not satisfied with his current situation. And pleasant changes will not be superfluous.

And if a person has a dream, how does he observe his ex-soulmate, who is engaged in intimacy with someone else? It is believed that such a vision symbolizes success and prosperity.

Modern dream book

It is believed that if the vision caused the young man's disgust, then the current sex life completely does not suit him. Maybe it's in her absence, or in the wrong partner. However, the discontent that the dream book portends concerns everything-personal life, work, relationships with relatives and colleagues. And it is better to do something about it.

Did the guy notice that he laughed during the process? Hence, in reality he is not serious about his problems. And this is not entirely correct. Since problems that seem to him small things can turn into something more global if they are not quickly resolved. And this will entail serious, even irreversible consequences. Such a dream.

Ex-girlfriend during the process of crying? A strange vision. It, like the previous one, does not portend anything good. But trouble and misery. It is possible that the person entering into a circle of confidants, strongly framed of the dreamer.

After the closeness, did the guy talk to the ex-girlfriend? This is to trouble at work. Kissed with her? Hence, he has not given debts, which will soon be reminded of themselves.

The Psychoanalytic Book of Interpretations

This source also gives a lot of interesting information about what it means to have such an interesting dream. The former wife fell into a tantrum, accompanied by tears? You can be calm. This vision suggests that the troubles that overwhelm a person will soon stop bothering him. Life will improve as if by itself.

If, after intimacy, the girl laughed, and clearly over her ex-boyfriend - this is to develop an inferiority complex. Do not allow this. But if young people laughed at something together - then the problems will overcome one of the close guys.

Medea's book of interpretations

This is not all that can mean such a dream. Sex with the former, after which young people quarreled big, portends problems in their personal lives. Past negative experience can put a negative imprint on the current relationship of the guy. Do not allow this, because it is likely that a young man because of his distrust and suspicion may inadvertently offend a new woman. But she is not to blame for his deplorable experience.

Dreams that the former after the bond became pregnant? Perhaps, this turn can be considered a terrible vision. But the book of interpretations assures us that it is a good dream. Sex with the former with such consequences in a dream indicates that the current relationship of a young man will not enter a dead end. And his chosen one will please him with the manifestation of initiative and his really sincere feelings.

According to Miller

This book, too, can tell you what this dream portends. To make love with the former, which seems indifferent - to the beginning of a new life. Past relationships are finally crossed out. So it's time to start living anew, from scratch.

However, if a lady from the past confessed to a guy in love, showered him with kisses, tried to embrace him - this is to the desire to resume relations. And it will come from it.

After the closeness was a scandal, accompanied by a fight? Most likely, the relationship will indeed resume, and the reason for the resurrection of the couple will be not an extinct fervor and anew awakened passion.

But that's not all, why dreams of having sex with the former. If a young man is caught in this unambiguous process by his current second half - then in real life someone is riddling around him gossips and conspiracies. Who, perhaps, will profane his good name.

Esoteric dream book

This book gives interpretations explanation rather strange visions. For example, what you dream of intimacy with a former girlfriend, which is in the process suddenly rapidly aged? This occurrence in the life of a guy young lady who will have a strong influence on him. If the next guy was not content – so in fact he compares his beloved with the one he had before. After sex the young man felt anxiety? Soon it will return to past sins, for which he will have to pay.

If the former beloved became so because of her death, then the young man in the depths of his soul overcomes the longing for those relationships. He should try to let go of the past. But on a personal front for a long time will be quiet.

There are many other explanations explaining the significance of sleep, in which the young man had affinity with the former girl. And if this or that value seems bad - it's worth looking into another book. Maybe there will be something more positive?