A dreamed rooster can bring happiness and sadness, profit and loss. Much in such a dream depends on the color and action of the coch. In love with his singing promises a quick marriage. And the plucked feather from the tail is an approach of misfortune.

Why dream of a rooster? What events does he foretell in life? For a pregnant woman, sleeping with a cat signifies the birth of a boy. A man, he is preparing serious problems at work. The red rooster is a harbinger of fire, and the white one is of great luck.

If you dreamed of a rooster

The dream in which the rooster has dreamed can be interpreted in different ways. Sometimes kochet is a symbol of wealth and fame. But it can also mean pride, inflated self-conceit, snobbery.

Why dream of a rooster? Interpretation of dreams

Why dream of a rooster? What does this vision foreshadow? Most often, a dream in a dream brings with it pleasant news, bright events. It means the dreamer's victory over his fears, overcoming difficulties. The sleeper deserves the respect of colleagues and bosses, will receive a good position.

A young girl's dream, in which there is a kochet, will bring a new acquaintance with a strong, powerful man. If a young woman caught a rooster - it is worth waiting for the addition to the family. And a married woman, having seen a dream with a dog, will reveal the secret of her spouse.

A man with a rooster vision will bring a long-awaited independence, status enhancement, a higher position or leadership in the family.

Cock cry

What dreams of a cock that crows loudly? Such a cry is a symbol of awakening, renewal. For the dreamer, this vision is preparing the discovery of new abilities, talents. The sleeper learns something important about himself or loved ones. Such a dream will bring good news and favorable events.

The cock crow has a different interpretation. It warns that the sleeper will venture to commit adultery out of curiosity. But disappointment awaits him - therefore it is better not to succumb to temptation.

But the hoarse cry of a rooster will bring a purposeless waste of strength and energy. The dreamer will spend a lot of time on solving the leading task. But only if he puts all his effort and patience - the dream will come true.

Old dream books warn against sleep in which the kohet sings along with the chicken. Such a vision marks the approaching apocalypse. Nightly singing of the coaching will bring tears into the house, and the morning - joy and good news.

Sleep: rooster and chicken

There are dreams in which the cox walks with the hen. This is a good sign for a married couple - their immediate future will pass in joy and harmony. For free men and women, a dream predicts luck in love, harmonious relationships. Perhaps a new meeting will bring happiness in your personal life.

To dream of a rooster who is walking or chasing a hen means that a new fan will soon appear on the horizon. He will aggressively seek location. But there is another interpretation of such a dream. Empty talk, senseless efforts are coming. Do not give them great importance and be upset - they will soon end.

If, in a dream, a koch with a chicken is pecked by grains, then material wealth is on the way. Well-being, tranquility await a sleeper soon. And when the rooster rakes the ground and calls the hens, the dream foreshadows a good purchase.

Rooster color

Kochet with a bright feathers, lush tail - a symbol of fire. In the near future it is worth being cautious, otherwise the messenger of the fire can bring it to real life.

Kochet shabby, with a rare and faded tail, often promises gossip, which will have to face the sleeper.

  • If you had a dream - a white cock, with snowy plumage - such a vision will bring great success. Cases of the sleeper will go smoothly, all plans will be realized.
  • The black plumage of the cocht threatens with the appearance of a serious competitor. The cunning opponent will do his best to disqualify the sleeper. Honesty and courage will help the dreamer.
  • Kochet with a golden sheen will bring joy. All unpleasant moments will be settled, and long-awaited wealth and happiness looms ahead.
  • The crimson color of the boom - what does this dream promise? Red cock means incontinence, anger of the sleeper. He should be careful - otherwise the upcoming conflict may bring property losses.

Kochet without a head

To dream of a rooster who runs around the yard without a head - for the upcoming fight. Sleep will make efforts to implement projects and plans, assert themselves at work and in personal life. There will be a serious test, and if the dreamer endures it, then he will receive well-deserved dividends. If he refuses to fight - problems can begin at work, in the family.

The wounded kochet will bring troubles that threaten negative consequences. And wrong, hasty actions can lead to the dreamer's loneliness. A wounded cock is a symbol of problems.

Cock pecked

If you had a dream - the rooster pecks the sleeper, what could such a vision mean? Pecking kochet is a harbinger of treason, betrayal by the closest circle. A friend can fail at the crucial moment. Or the expected help will not bring satisfaction. In any case, one should not expect much - orders will not be executed, and friends will not cope with the responsibility assigned to them.

If a koche painfully bites in a dream - one should not make hasty decisions in the near future. The interpretation of such a dream says that irreparable mistakes can appear in life. You should carefully consider the situation before you start to act.

If the rooster only conceived to peck at the dreamer and chase after him - this means that the sleeper is missing something. He may have forgotten about some important business or appointment. This is a dream reminder of something very significant in the life of the dreamer.

Dead cock

A dead cock means that it is time for the sleeper to take care of himself. Arrange a little vacation, forget about business. A short break in professional activities will only benefit. But there is another interpretation of sleep. A rooster, if he is dead, will bring deterioration of health, disease.

Rooster dishes — to cook them or to eat — means that the dreamer is soon threatened with parting from the object of sympathy. Or he will open the unpleasant secret of a loved one.

If the sleeper has killed the coaching — what will such a vision bring? To kill a rooster in a dream - to favorable news, joyful events. The started project or the planned business will bring unprecedented success. Possible promotion on the career ladder.

If in a dream someone turned his head to the roving - this is a reason to start listening to the advice of relatives.

The fatted, fat cock, which was slaughtered, promises the approach of illness or death in the dreamer's inner circle.

Fighting kochet

Why dream of a rooster who started a fight with other roosters or hens? If a kochet aggressively behaves and wants to fight - such a dream will bring quarrels and discord among relatives. Sleep is best not to intervene in the conflict, observing neutrality.

And if the coils started a fight with each other - this is a good sign. Enemies quarrel among themselves and leave the dreamer alone.

If the sleeper separates the fighting kochetov - it means that in real life he will have to play the role of a peacemaker. We'll have to restore good relations between conflicting colleagues or friends.

Limping after the cock cock - means loyal friends. The dream reminds that the sleeper has forgotten about old acquaintances.

Buy Coach

If in a dream the sleeper receives a koet as a gift - soon unexpected guests will descend to him. They will bring good news. If the dreamer himself gives a rooster - he is waiting for material support, a bonus. It may be small, but it will bring tangible benefits.

The purchase of a cochal promises in the near future a family quarrel or discord among friends. While selling it, it means meeting an influential person. He will patronize the dreamer and promote him up the career ladder. If the sleeper does not refuse to help, then soon he will be wealth and success.

Different situations with a rooster

In a dream, seeing a cochleader sitting on a tree is an auspicious sign. He will bring great profits from the successfully completed case. Or the upcoming cooperation will bring success and financial prosperity.

Attempting to catch a cochle means that in real life the dreamer will have to face a difficult, important matter. It should be brought to the end - then honor, respect or material reward will await the sleeper.

If the dreamer caught the rooster - he is expected to be grateful, respectful of his colleagues, recognition of the professionalism of the sleeper.

Pluck coaching - to financial loss. We'll have to spend a considerable amount on completely useless things. Try to limit yourself in expenses - otherwise disappointment in purchased items will inevitably come.

To wash a rooster in a dream - to an altercation with an official or bureaucratic red tape with documents. It is necessary to be patient and not run into a conflict - he will bring delays in action.

If it came to you that the cacket had laid an egg, pleasant surprises await. The dreamer can get good news or come to visit friends. It is possible that the sleeper will receive an inheritance.

Kochet took off to the fence - to release from trouble. All difficulties will be left behind, all problems will be resolved. Beginnings will bring deserved success.