Some believe that to be a bride in a dream – be it in real life. Others start from the fact that in the dream everything happens exactly the opposite, and try in the world of dreams wedding dress means you in reality try on mourning attire. They're both wrong in their assumptions: signs are interpreted where nezauryadnoe.Why does the bride dream? To be a bride in a dream

How to interpret sleep?

The complexity of interpreting any dream lies in the fact that it is necessary to distinguish between the projection of lived events, desires and fears on what is seen at night, and the true omens, which are also treated differently for each person.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was the bride in the main part of the dream? What other images should I pay attention to?
  • What was the bride (cheerful, unhappy, kind, angry, with a veil / without, what color is the dress, was the bridegroom)?
  • Does it bear the right sign or is it an intermediate step on the way to interpretation?
  • What does this image mean to me? Does it cause any feelings? What kind?
  • Were there any specific symbols in the dream that indicated a clue?
  • Which of the interpretations is closest to the real state of affairs?

Do not be fooled, answer honestly and truthfully. And, if fate grants you kindness for your favor - accept it with cordiality, but if it warns you from anything - listen to this wise judge and the troubles of the minutes of you as a terrible nightmare go into oblivion.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

If a girl dreams that she is going to marry your beloved, it should expect changes in the relationship with him. Favorable or not, a dream can not say. Snovidenie must show patience and kindness to the relatives and then the trouble will bypass the party.

When a woman is wondering what the daughter-daughter dreams about, she should not compare herself to her any less. Usually this comparison is not in favor of the mother, which results in similar dreams. A woman worries because she is getting older, while her child dissolves into a lovely flower. A dream interpreter recommends being less demanding of himself and pacifying his vices: the family needs a native person while he is fixated on himself.

If in the dream the bride and groom are strangers to the dreamer of the people, Freud is treated as a harbinger of new love relationships for girls and how subconscious fears about the infidelity of his lady for a guy. The girl should be granted to make changes in your life. Let at first it will be scary, her courage will be rewarded, and a strong relationship can develop into family ties. The guy also recommended not to do hasty conclusions and not to make hasty actions, which he might regret after.

Why does a bride-daughter for a man dream? A dream book promises a pleasure trip or an unexpected but long-awaited meeting with a person close to his heart. In any case, the fate of troubles dreamer does not promise: it is time to harvest the victories.

Sonnik Miller

According to Miller, being a bride in a dream is to get an inheritance in reality. To this, however, there is one note: a girl should try on a wedding dress with pleasure. If, on the other hand, it's unpleasant to marry a dreamer soon, she will suffer from her attachments. The legacy can be either in direct or figurative sense - money wealth or wise gifts from close relatives. In the second case, the dreamer will have to understand himself and his feelings in order to survive the difficult period and move further towards happiness and love.

If you had a kiss with the bride – that's a good sign. Miller this dream is interpreted as a reconciliation of friends and great health. If named looks tired and/or sick, the dreamer, it portends envy the success of their loved ones. He should reconsider his attitude to friendship.

The bride and groom in Miller's dream book mean a long and happy life with successes on all "fronts". The more a couple looks, the more good the dream promises.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

If the dream had a dream: a wedding, a bride and joy, then Tsvetkov treats this as a disappointment in business. It is interesting that this is practically the only dream book that gives such an explanation. Why does the bride on Cvetkov dream except for this unfavorable forecast? For men, this dream prophesies expectancy, hope. All of the above applies to business and money matters.

Dream Medea

The image of the bride in women's dreams is associated in girls with him. She sees in the world of dreams and fantasies for what he wants in the real world. Everything that happens to a bride, will happen with one that had a dream.

The bride in a wedding dress for a man symbolizes his concern with marriage. The very same image of the newlyweds personifies the dreaminess of the dreamer, his feminine principle. It's worth thinking about the hidden fears and anxieties that he tries not to notice. Consciousness signals to him: the feelings sealed deep inside do not disappear anywhere, they begin to slowly and imperceptibly corrode the soul, like acid.

Esoteric dream book

New things and expensive gifts - this explains why the dream of a bride, a dream book of esotericism. He also prophesies the benefit of the dreamer if the named man has dreamed, celibacy to a young unmarried girl, the danger to a spouse is to a married lady, tears and sadness to widows.

Erotic dream book

Girls bride dream to best offers, guys – a forced marriage or an unwanted pregnancy of his partner. In the first case, the allusion is rather to the option to become the mistress of an influential person. These relationships are full of passion, power and domination, but they won't bring happiness. Men after such a dream you must be careful and prudent, avoiding problems in which they blame themselves for their own distraction and stupidity.

National Dream Book

Ukrainian and Polish dream books agree on what the bride dreams about. In these collections, such a dream portends danger and misfortune. However, since fate sent an opportunity to learn about possible troubles, it will also favor the dreamer in trying to prevent these.

The Jewish dream book explains the presence of emeralds on a wedding dress - precious stones in this case mean the opponent's advantage. If the dreamer is not more sensible, his competitor will receive an unconditional victory.

According to the American dream book, the wedding and the bride dream of new beginnings. Success will accompany each idea, and chances and opportunities, albeit in limited numbers, will be presented as in the palm of your hand. The main thing is not to miss them!

On the eastern dream book the bride dreams of illness. This is an evil fate fate, which will have to take and pass.

Interpretation of modern (prefabricated) dream books

Because the bride can dream in different ways, we will consider what a certain dream can mean.

  • The bride in a white dress - symbolizes a maiden's innocence.
  • The bride in mourning attire - problems in marriage, fast divorce.
  • Narrowed without narrowed - the dreamer's plans are not specific.
  • The bride and groom are life changes, novelty.
  • The wedding veil is a sincere and caring friend.
  • The bride in the coffin - the dreamer expects a strong relationship based on respect and love.
  • Red wedding dress - dreams of bright sexual relations.
  • To catch the bride's bouquet in the dream – the coming radical changes on the personal front.
  • A lot of brides - fate is supportive of the dreamer, success and recognition await him.
  • Pregnant newlyweds - the creative beginning, symbolizes growing up and abundance.
  • The bride escapes from her wedding - disappointment and the collapse of hopes.
  • Dead narrowed - a warning, the dream book recommends to be cautious in business.
  • Wedding girlfriend - a fun event; can also predict the envy of the dreamer.
  • A beautiful wedding from the side is a good sign.
  • A frustrated wedding is a nuisance for the one to whom she dreamed.
  • In the dream was the date of the alleged wedding - fate tries to give a sign, which can decipher only the dreamer himself.
  • The bride had a dream - the hope of improving things.