If you are among lovers of horror films about vampires, then surely you never tormented by the question of what a dream bat. Seen in a dream is perceived solely as the impression of the recent view. Those who are not fond of this genre of cinema will be very curious to know the interpretation of the dream.

Superstitions associated with bats

Face it, what dreams bat. In the dream, the images can have a very different meaning. Remember some popular superstitions are associated with these animals. Bats have long been perceived by the people as a symbol of evil, the occult, witchcraft and black magic. Therefore, it is no wonder that what he saw in the dream animal does not Bode well and in the best case can be regarded as a symbol of impending danger. Even waking accidentally in the house bat been considered for its owners a harbinger of trouble.

What features are endowed with bats?

Animals whose usual habitat is the darkness of night, caves and darkness, has always represented the people blindness. Eternal satellites of the devil and vampires evoke fear and even thoughts of death. And if you are still not scared and still want to know what having bats in the house, then we will try to dot all the i and to find the conflicting interpretations in search of the truth.

Cultures of the peoples of the world

Of course, in the Orthodox, as well as in any other Christian religion, and in Judaism, bats were associated with idolatry and Satanism. However, not all the peoples of the world adhere to this judgment. For example, in China, the hieroglyph that translates as "the bat", in tune with the character for luck. So if we lived in China, then the question of what a dream bat, we'd say good luck. And if we were lucky enough to dream of five night animals, we, starting from Chinese mythology, should be sent five earthly blessings: good health, pure love, wealth, longevity and natural death.

Flock of bats

But the people of Byzantium attributed to our modern day heroes such qualities as alertness, sharpness of vision and insight. That's why dreamt of a flock of bats may be interpreted as a symbol of upcoming good luck in your business. The man who saw the night animals in a dream, reality can completely rely on their own intuition and vigilance.

Black animals

What dreams bat black? Animal that is not in the pack, not sleeping and not flown to your house, can be regarded as an unfavorable sign or warning, urging people to be cautious. Black bat symbolizes impending rough patch in your life, a series of troubles and misfortunes, ready literally to fall as snow on the head in December. May troubles be small but long. Lingering for a long time, they are able to develop into something more.

Gray bat

Plain gray creature seen in a dream also tells about impending dangers. However, trouble could befall not only on the person who saw the dream, but someone from his inner circle. This dream may be a precursor to domestic or industrial injury or accidental injury.

What a dream of a white bat: the interpretation of the dream

If you think that what he saw in the dream bat-white color may be a favorable sign, you are deeply mistaken. This dream is regarded as a message from the angels, who will soon take someone from relatives to heaven with him. In other words, such a dream means impending inevitable death of a loved one. Is it possible to defy fate and avoid such a turn of events? Yes, of course. Only it will have to exert maximum effort, forethought and caution, and listen to your own intuition.

Animals that live in the cave

We continue to study we are interested in the question: “what is the dream bat?” If you see the animal that lives in a cave, it is likely that someone from your inner circle may soon become seriously ill. If the inhabitant of the cave in a dream got the light, this vision indicates a warning. Look to your friends and colleagues. Maybe some of them are not sincere with you. If you distinguish a sham for the benefit from an honest desire to be friends, in the future will be able to protect themselves from trouble on the part of a hypocrite.

Catch a bat or repel its bat

If you dream you have managed to catch the animal, know that in reality you are quite able to bring the situation under control. You will cope with all the hardships, and that you will help loyal friends. To subdue the bat means to rise above everyday circumstances.

On the contrary, to reflect the attacks of the evil beast - means waiting for the fate of minor troubles, which also have to cope.

Animal in flight

The English interpretation dream interpretation flying creature in the night represents not who other, as a fierce enemy. But if a bat is seen in the middle of the day and its outline is quite visible, so the danger posed by the detractors, is likely to be minimal. For the love of such a dream will signal the emergence of a dangerous rival (rival), is able to separate it with the second half. If you are in love and will certainly want to know what dream bat, then, in addition to the alleged competitor on the love front, you may encounter other obstacles on the path to happiness.

Mouse tangled in hair

To dream dangerous cave-dwelling animal in many dream books – the most unfavorable light he could imagine. But if the animal is tangled in my hair and can't get out, then such a dream will mean (as in the case of bat white) is an ambulance the inevitable death of someone from relatives.

Modern dream books

Recent interpretations did not differ from the collective values of different eras and different peoples. People, who saw in a dream a bat, just doomed to be unhappy. What to do, not to force thoughts of impending troubles? Learn how to erase from the memory of bad dreams, in fact it is not so difficult. Just give yourself a set not to remember the bad. Otherwise you can always reassure yourself, write it off as seen on the impression recently viewed for the night of horror film.