In our country, potatoes - one of the most popular vegetables. We bake it on a fire, make tasty mashed potatoes from tubers, fry, dressing with garlic, stew with meat or mushrooms, cook “in uniforms” with herring and green onions. Have you ever thought about what a dream means in which we see this versatile vegetable? If not, then just now you will learn the most interesting thing about “potato” dreams.

Dream dream Hasse

What dreams of potatoes? If it is large, then you are lucky. In the near future, we should expect wealth that has fallen on his head. Things will go uphill. During this period, it is recommended to start new ambitious projects. When you see yourself in a dream eating potatoes, pay attention to your health. Possible exacerbation of chronic diseases. Nothing serious, but it’s worth taking care of yourself. Take a day out and wave to the country: fresh air and active recreation will only benefit.

What dreams of potatoes? Why dig potatoes in a dream?To dig potatoes in a dream - the current work brings trouble. You are dissatisfied with affairs, do not appreciate your place, so you can safely look for a new vacancy. Seeing yourself at the stove where the potatoes are boiled, and preparing dishes from it - for unexpected guests. You need to prepare for such a meeting, because people may be unpleasant to you. To sell potatoes in a dream - soon get rid of annoying employees, annoying neighbors or the same guests. In your life comes the band, full of calm and comfort.

Dream Miller

The treatment here is slightly different than in the previous version. If in your dreams - boiled potatoes, sleep promises dividends. Especially good when you eat it with your hands - this means a huge profit, the opening of promising prospects in work and business. Do not waste precious time. Cooking potatoes - find a long-awaited job. Do not miss the desired job. Carefully study the ads, and you will definitely see what you dreamed.

Dig potatoes - to be the focus of society, to be popular and respected. This is achieved solely due to your character traits. Adhere to the chosen strategy, and will be able to arrive for a long time to arrive from projects. If you dream that you plant tubers, wait for the fulfillment of desires. Moreover, if a potato is large in a dream, the most unrealizable dreams will be realized. At the same time, a night-time picture of a potato crop that has rotted away does not bode well. This is a messenger of disappointments, troubles and problems.

The Austrian psychiatrist in the explanation of "potato" dreams does not focus on their favorite human instincts: procreation and survival. His version of interpretation affects completely different areas of life. Freud was sure: potatoes dream of a successful breakthrough, promotion up the career ladder. Things will go up - you will live without denying yourself anything. At the same time, rotten tubers promise the arrival of a black line: troubles and diseases will fall on the whole family. To avoid collapse in business, try to complete important business ahead of schedule.

Of course, Freud was a smart, well-read and original man. Therefore, there is a feeling of confidence in the rightness of a scientist when you read his dream book, the interpretation of dreams. Potatoes, boiled by you for a meal, in his opinion, means the arrival of distant relatives. Prepare for the visit: arrange them a warm welcome with a lot of delicious dishes on the table. If you have dreamed that you are quickly digging the tubers on a potato field, get ready for problems at work. You will be reprimanded or deprived of bonuses.

Version of Vanga

Bulgarian clairvoyant had her own opinion on what the potato means. A dream in which you see a vegetable personifies important events in life that is about to happen. Be prepared to accept the gift of fate that is meant for you as a painful wait. Eating a potato dish - the bosses will notice you. Hard work and professional skill will secure a reputation at the highest level. Wait for praise, increase in salary or more high posts.

A new perspective in career also promises a dream in which you plant tubers. There will be an offer of an interesting case, for which you should immediately catch up, even if you doubt your own abilities. Only self-confidence and the desire for self-development will help to overcome the fluctuations and will direct you to the true path. Such dreams also promise changes in personal life - only for the better. If you are not legally married, then perhaps a marriage proposal will be made. Roll up a magnificent wedding - you deserve it.

Sonny Lofa and Longo

The interpretations of David Lofa are different from other versions. First, they are very detailed. Secondly, Loff argued that decoding even the same dream is always different. They depend on the person who saw them, his experiences and emotions. But there are general points in the explanations. In his opinion, dig potatoes in a dream - to the disclosure of secrets and secrets. You will find out what until now was unknown to you. For example, the causes of illness, separation or decline of affairs. Relish vegetables - a lack of vitamins in the body. You may be on a diet and you lack trace elements and nutrients.

Unlike Lofa, Longo had his own version of what dreams of potatoes. He was confident that the tubers - a symbol of hard work. You do not wait for glory and recognition to fall on your head, but to achieve everything yourself, often with sweat and blood. Planting potatoes - the plans will be implemented, there is a vegetable - success in professional activities, spud - the money will flow like a river. But to bury the tubers - to ungrateful, rough work.

Grishina's opinion

Nina Grigorievna is known as a PhD. Her dream book is called "noble". First published in the 90s of the last century, it was no longer published. It is interesting, but often Grishin is credited with plagiarism: they say her interpretations are an exact copy of the dream decoding presented by the Assyrian princess Bisma. Whatever it was, she has her own opinion on what dreams of potatoes. If you eat it - to boredom, dig it - expect illness, buy - profit is possible or an accidental find that will bring material benefits.

Grishina was sure that we see “potato dreams” on the eve of a turning point in life. For example, before a solid reward, a big win in the lottery, the marriage and so on. If in a dream the vegetable has rotted, it is a very unkind sign. Grishina calls him a harbinger of a terrible disease or even death. Try not to worry about this. Go to church, put a candle to friends and enemies for health, make a couple of good unselfish deeds from a pure heart - then fate will be supportive and will give another chance.

Modern dream book

In his transcripts, the root crop almost always promises changes for the better. For example, if you plant potatoes, you can expect a marriage proposal in the near future. And the second half will make it romantic and original. In a dream, buying potatoes - for unexpected, but very necessary acquisitions.

Boil potatoes in a dream - distant relatives will disturb your quiet idyll. They will descend into the house: they will have to suffer a little from the noise and din. A dream in which you scoop up tubers also shows a change in the pace of life. Only in this case, the safety will be at work. Immersed in paper and new projects, you will not have even half an hour for a lunch break. Take heart, this is temporary. Rotten potatoes - a symbol of negative changes. Enjoy joyful moments, until failure has overtaken you with interest. Remember that our life is a zebra: behind the dark strip always goes bright. Therefore, do not despair and adequately transfer all the tests sent to you.

Culinary dream book

What dreams of potatoes? There is a version here. For example, there are potato dishes - to an important event, which later will bring a lot of trouble and disappointment. Tune in that the outcome may be the opposite of your expectations. Digging or planting a root crop is a romantic acquaintance, an amazing date, the beginning of a new relationship. Peeling potatoes - to changes in life positions. If in dreams the potatoes bloom, get ready to improve things on the love front. When you see a dream in which you throw or throw tubers, it is a sign of quarrels and serious quarrels. Do not let the heat of passion. Keep a low profile and modest attitude.

As you can see, each potato “sleepy” specialist interprets in his own way. Listening to these transcripts is worth it: they can warn about the dangers and tune in the right way, advise and push on this or that step. The main thing depends on you specifically. Therefore, live relying only on your own thoughts, conclusions, arguments and desires.