Modern moms know that in order to ensure that the child does not freeze on the street during a walk, it is not necessary to wrap him in 100 clothes. For children who are actively moving, there will be enough three layers of clothing: thermal underwear, fleece and a membrane. As soon as it becomes warmer, the fleece layer can be removed. Thermal underwear can be used both natural and synthetic. The latter, of course, is desirable to be worn by adults, but not by children. For the younger generation, you should choose only the best quality and natural, the same as that produced by the trademark Joha. Thermal underwear of this brand from Denmark has unique properties and advantages. You can learn more about them in our article.

Brand History

The company Joha is the first in Scandinavia manufacturer of underwear and pajamas made of wool and cotton for children and babies. The company was founded in 1963 in Denmark, and today, like 50 years ago, it gives people an unsurpassed quality, excellent wool and exquisite design. The company Joha was the first among other manufacturers to create woolen thermal underwear for children and to this day remains one of the leaders in this industry.

Joha - thermal underwear for children: reviews

Joha stores operate in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, England, Russia and Japan. The firm pays much attention to the ecological compatibility of production. There is no doubt that the clothes of this brand are produced from the best wool, after all, in fact, the company's success begins with a farm where animals are grown in good conditions, which makes it possible to receive the best quality raw materials.

Features of thermal underwear Joha

The Joha brand is the first company in the world to be marked with the EU-Flower label. This means that in the production of clothes, dangerous dyes and chemical reagents causing allergies were not used. In the certificate of quality received by the company it is noted that the thermal underwear of this brand retains its color for a long time and has good wear resistance.

Joha - thermal underwear, which has unique thermal insulation properties. It is ideal for winter and summer. The thermoregulating properties of wool are based on the fact that in the thermal underwear it was cool in the heat and warm in a severe frost. And this is just what is needed for healthy growth and development of children. Joha - thermal underwear (baby), which performs two important functions: maintains the heat balance and removes moisture. And this problem is perfectly handled by wool.

One of the collections of the brand is made of untreated merino wool. The linen of this material simultaneously heats and absorbs moisture. This balance is achieved due to the structure of knitwear: 80% of air, 20% of wool. Wool fibers let moisture through, leaving the baby's skin dry. That's why it's so nice to put such underwear on your naked body. In the collections of the brand there are also other clothes, of mixed materials or wool in combination with cotton, which due to the increased comfort is ideal for young children.

Advantages of thermal underwear Joha

Thermal underwear brand Joha has some advantages over similar products of other brands. The following points can be singled out:

  1. The manufacturer took care not only about the comfort of the children, but also about the convenience of the parents. Thanks to the development of production he managed to get the clothes that you can wash and tumble dry. Marked on the label when washing things, their quality could keep at the initial level, even after repeated use.
  2. Joha - thermal underwear made of natural wool, the properties of which allow absorbing moisture and sweat, which means that the baby's skin will always be dry, even if it becomes hot for a walk.
  3. Studies have shown that children who sleep in woolen underwear wake up to 30% less frequently than their peers clothed in cotton.
  4. In the collection of the brand there is not only wool thermal underwear for children Joha, but also products of mixed fibers (wool with cotton or wool with silk), which is ideal for children with sensitive and Allergy-prone skin.

Thermal underwear for children Joha: types

Assortment of brand thermal underwear is quite high. Thanks to this, everyone can find for themselves a suitable model and size of clothing Joha.

Thermal underwear is divided into things for newborns, underwear for boys and girls from 2 to 16 years, clothes for sleep (pajamas and sleeping bags).

The composition of the tissue fibers can be as follows:

  • wool is an ideal thermoregulator that cares about the health and well-being of every child;
  • wool / cotton - 100% cotton inside and 100% merino wool outside. Specially designed thermal underwear for children with sensitive skin;
  • wool / silk - a unique combination of wool and silk makes the paint more vivid and provides extra comfort for the skin.
  • soft wool - soft and airy 100% merino wool for true connoisseurs of quality.

In addition to thermal underwear for children, the company Joha produces clothing for adults.

Children's underwear Joha: customer reviews

The feedback of buyers of underwear of the famous Danish brand is mostly positive. They note that Joha is a time-tested thermal underwear. It is soft, warm, comfortable, delicate, pleasantly touches the body. The company offers a wide choice of such linen, which is characterized by a diverse design. This stylish, modern, high-quality thermal underwear. Wool Joha perfectly removes moisture, leaving the baby's skin dry and warm.

Among the negative feedback from buyers, it can be noted only that high-quality thermal underwear is in a high price category. In addition, buyers noticed that it has not enough good wear resistance, it quickly produces pellets. In some children, wool causes allergic reactions to the skin.

How to wear thermal underwear Joha

There are several simple rules, observance of which will help to maximize the effect of using thermal underwear.

  1. Linen should strictly correspond to the size of the child and its growth. Better let it be a little cramped than free.
  2. Joha - baby thermal underwear, which is also called "second skin". She puts on only a naked, dry and clean body.
  3. Thermal underwear can not be worn on top of other clothes and buy it for growth. Otherwise, the effect of its application will be zero.