Everyone knows that there is no salvation from midges in nature in the summer. She flies clouds, clinging over open areas of the body, penetrates under clothes and painfully bites. Especially children suffer from it. That is why many are wondering whether there are natural means to combat this scourge. Indeed, many insect chemicals can, by themselves, in addition to bites, cause an allergic reaction.

We get rid of insects: blackflies vanillin

Maybe someone will be surprised, but there is such a tool, and it is very affordable and completely harmless. This is the usual vanillin. Just do not confuse it with vanilla sugar, which is also commercially available.

Indeed, both synthetic and natural blackfly vanillin helps perfectly. The main thing is to know how to properly prepare this miracle cure.

Alcohol solution from powdered vanilla

This vanillin is perfectly soluble in alcohol. To prepare the solution, you need to take a standard package of vanilla powder (1 g), pour it into a small container, pour 1 tablespoon of alcohol and mix well. In this form, vanillin from midges can be stored for very long. Before you go to nature, take 1 teaspoon of solution and dilute in 100 ml of water. For convenience, the resulting solution is poured into a bottle with a spray.

Aqueous solution of powdered vanilla

Unfortunately, vanillin is not soluble in water, and precipitates. Given that the water gets its smell, it will be impossible to use the sprayer, because it becomes clogged with insoluble powder particles. You wondered how to dissolve vanillin from midges? Of course, in this case there is a solution! All you need is to warm the water to +50 ° С. But remember, such liquid is not stored for a long time - you can use it for 1.5‒2 days.

Liquid Vanillin Solution

To simplify the procedure, buy liquid vanillin, which is usually produced in capsules. Then the question of how to dissolve vanillin from midges, will disappear by itself. For maximum effect, you should adhere to this proportion: 1 capsule is diluted in 100 ml of water. The method of application is the same as described above.

But if you want to get a truly killer remedy, it is better to use natural vanilla pods for preparing a solution. Those who are interested in how to make blackfly vanillin in this version should know that the solution can also be prepared with alcohol and water.

Vanilla syrup solution

Remember that the pulp and seeds have the greatest smell in the pod. That is why, after cutting it, one should scrape the entire inside of the seed pod.

Take a few vanilla pods (6-7 pcs.) And, preparing as above, place in a small bottle. Then fill them with pure alcohol (200 ml) and seal tightly. The solution should infuse in the dark for 21 days. After this period expires, you will have a dark brown liquid with a rich odor.

To get vanillin from black flies, you only need to properly dilute this tincture, namely, half a teaspoon of it mixed with 100 ml of water and pour the solution into a bottle with a spray bottle. Aromatic spray ready!

Aqueous solution of vanilla beans

It is better to make such a tincture in advance, approximately 2-3 months before the onset of summer.

For its preparation will require 10 vanilla pods. Cut them into small pieces, pour boiling water (3 l) and put in a water bath. It takes at least an hour to simmer After that, pour the resulting infusion into small bottles, seal it tightly, turn it upside down, wrap it with a warm blanket and keep it in this form until it cools completely.

In the future, store vanillin from midges need in a cool dark place.

In the period of occurrence of midges use this solution in the finished form. They can flavor the air in the room, add to the bath, just spray themselves and children. Babies, fragrant vanilla, will sleep peacefully all night under such protection.

By the way, if you decide to use blackfly vanillin in full, you can use two more recipes:

  • First, you can make a cream.  According to the degree of impact, it exceeds the above solutions and infusions. It is especially suitable for the delicate skin of babies. To do this, a pinch of powdered vanilla is added to an ordinary children's cream and stirred well. But when using this cream should be borne in mind that, due to its density, in the heat, it will cause sweating.
  • Secondly, you can use blackfly vanillin as an odorant for laundry, especially for children (bed and bed).  Add a standard bag of vanilla (1 g) in a bottle of rinse aid, shake well and pour this mixture into the compartment of the washing machine at the last rinse.

Using these uncomplicated recipes, you and your children will always be protected from insect bites. Camping will no longer be overshadowed by annoying midge, as you now have a truly effective means to fight them. The main thing is that at the right moment it is at your fingertips, and then you will not have to worry about your loved ones.