Fabio Cannavaro is a legendary Italian footballer who played most of his career for Parma. Now he is 43 years old, he finished playing five years ago and now he trains the Chinese club "Tianjin Songjiang". Fabio Cannavaro played in the position of the central defender, but could also go out as a right stopper.

Carier start

Fabio Cannavaro was born on September 13, 1973 in the Italian city of Naples. He started playing football at the academy of a tiny local team until in 1988 he was noticed by the representatives of Napoli, the largest club in the city and one of the strongest in the country. Cannavaro was in the "Napoli", where he spent three years in the youth academy, and in 1991 he signed a professional contract with the team. He did not immediately get a game practice - the debut athlete was able to only in 1993, playing three games in the season. However, even then it became clear that this is a huge talent, so in the season of 93/94 Fabio Cannavaro was already a player of the foundation of the club. In total for Napoli he played 68 matches, but in the summer of 1995 he had to change club registration - he moved to Parma, with which he connected an impressive part of his career.

The game for Parma

Italian defender and coach Fabio Cannavaro

Fabio Cannavaro, whose height is only 175 centimeters, which is extremely small for the central defender, in his youth seemed quite ridiculous. Nobody thought that he would grow from one of the strongest defenders in the history of football. However, thanks to "Parma" Fabio was able to reveal, since the first days he became a player of the basis, and soon and one of the key players on the field. For this club, he played seven seasons in 289 games, scoring six goals. Twice he was able to win the Italian Cup, and once - even the UEFA Cup, which for Parma was a huge success. However, in 2002, Fabio Cannavaro, whose photographs were already on the covers of all the world's publications for many years, took a step forward, moving to Milan's Inter, which paid him 23 million euros, which at that time was simply a prohibitive amount, especially for the defender.

Going to Inter

However, in "Inter" Cannavaro spent only two seasons, playing 74 games and scoring three goals. This period the footballer calls the worst in his career, very negatively comparing it to how he played in other clubs. As a result, the transfer to Juventus in the summer of 2004 surprised a lot, but for Fabio himself was a breath of fresh air - just what he needed.

Peak career in Juventus

In "Juventus" Cannavaro spent two incredible seasons, playing 94 games and scoring seven goals. These two years, "Old Lady" won the Italian Championship, and the merit of this defender was very high. Moreover, in 2006, the Italians won the World Cup, and Cannavaro received the Golden Ball for his performances at the club and national team - he was the last (and one of the few in all history) defender of modern times to receive this award. Naturally, he immediately wanted to see the best clubs in Europe, and in the summer of 2006 he moved to Madrid "Real".

Performances for Real

Last years

Returning to Juventus, Fabio played 33 more matches, after which he accepted an offer from the club from the UAE Al-Ahli, in which he played one more season. He played 16 matches, scored two goals and announced the end of the player's career.

Coaching activities

However, on this connection, Cannavaro and football did not end. He was appointed representative of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahli, and a year later he received a more serious position as a sports director. In the summer of 2013 he was promoted to assistant coach, and when he left - he decided to become the head coach. He was offered a position by the Chinese club Guangzhou Evergreen, where he spent one season, and then moved to the Arabian club Al-Nasr. There he stayed at the helm for only six months, then took a break for the rest of the season, so that in the summer of 2016, take another Chinese club, Tianjin Songjiang, under his command. At his helm, Cannavaro had 21 matches so far, of which 15 teams won, one tied and only five lost.

Personal life

What is the personal life of Fabio Cannavaro? Photos with the footballer's wife can be seen everywhere, since they have known for twenty-five years. A couple has two sons and one daughter.