Aching or shooting pain in the lumbar region, buttocks or legs is a common phenomenon that many people have to deal with. In some cases, the pain becomes so strong that it is extremely difficult to tolerate it. With such symptoms, there is every reason to suspect sciatica, which needs exceptionally qualified treatment.

The essence of the disease

The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest in the human body and is formed from five to six nerve roots. The diagnosis of "sciatica" is made when the nerve is squeezed.

Sciatica: medications and folk remedies

The result of such a pinch is a strong "shooting" pain, which gives in the back, the back of the thigh, the buttock and can go to the lower part of the leg. The feeling of pain can be defined as the main symptom of sciatica. But at the same time it is capable of having a different nature and causes.

Painful sensations in sciatica

For a clearer idea of ​​what looks like with such a disease as sciatica, symptoms and treatment, you need to pay attention to the causes of the appearance of pain:

- Influence of spinal stenosis and osteochondrosis. With such diseases, vertebra damage occurs, as a result of which sciatica develops. In addition, the patient feels stiffness in the muscles. A mildly aching aching pain can give periodically to the buttock, leg and waist.

- Intervertebral hernia. The popular treatment of sciatica in this case is not capable of completely neutralizing the problem, since the nerve is impaired by a bulging, disrupted disc, which is extremely difficult to reconstruct. In this condition, there is a violation of the blood supply to the pelvic organs and legs. The patient experiences pronounced "shooting" pain, in which it is very difficult to sleep, sit and walk. In the muscles of the legs, pelvis and lower back, spasms and tension are felt. Pain syndrome manifests itself more clearly in case of sudden movements and with a change in the position of the body. Even sneezing or coughing can cause painful sensations. If you do nothing, then the sensitivity of the pelvis and legs will be disturbed, perhaps even muscle atrophy will develop.

Reflex pain. Studying sciatica, symptoms and treatment of this disease, it is worth paying attention to the least dangerous and short-term pain syndrome. It is a consequence of the squeezing of the sciatic nerve due to edema, which can be defined as a result of impaired blood circulation and muscle spasm. Reflex pain appears after a long and uncomfortable lying in one position, hypothermia, and also intense physical activity. Discomfort is moderate and within a few days, usually passes (after the disappearance of edema).

The development of sciatica can be affected by degenerative diseases of the spine, pear-shaped muscle syndrome, spinal tumors, dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint and other diseases.


The methods of treatment of sciatica are diverse, and the most relevant variant can be determined only after correctly carried out diagnostic measures. Therefore, before you start to work on the disease, you need to visit a doctor who can determine what disease you have to deal with.

In this case, the reasons for the occurrence of pain and its nature should be taken into account. All the unpleasant sensations will be concentrated on one side, as one of the two sciatic nerves, as a rule, becomes inflamed. For a more accurate diagnosis, x-rays of the spine, abdominal cavity and ultrasound are assigned.

Key Treatment Principles

To obtain the fastest and most qualitative results, it is necessary to use various therapeutic techniques, and this should be done in a comprehensive manner.

If you pay attention to conservative treatment, then you can distinguish the following current methods:

- physiotherapy with the use of drugs;

- reflexotherapy, which in fact is acupuncture;

- Manual therapy and various massages.

Sciatica sciatica treatment is primarily aimed at eliminating the pain syndrome. The fulfillment of this task becomes possible due to the use of various ointments, tablets, and also injections blocking the pain. But you need to do this under the strict control of doctors.

With such a disease as sciatica, treatment with medicines also implies the use of drugs belonging to the group of analgesics, which have a strong analgesic effect.

Along with these medicines, hot papilla ointments and pain relievers can be used. The first type of ointments blocks the pain signal throughout the nerve, the second - regulates the tone of the muscle tissue and, as a result, relaxes them.

Physiotherapy, massage and exercise therapy

Treatment of sciatica sciatica also implies various physiotherapeutic procedures. It can be paraffin therapy, UHF and phonophoresis. Such therapy is aimed at increasing the volume of limb movements, strengthening the muscles that have been affected, and the elimination of pain.

It is worth knowing that there are certain contraindications to such treatment. We are talking about patients with tuberculosis, a tendency to bleeding, hypertension and dermatitis. Pregnant women and patients who have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor also should not undergo physiotherapy.

Among the most common methods of treating the sciatic nerve is a massage, the purpose of which is to eliminate stagnant phenomena in the affected muscles and then strengthen them. The most effective is a treatment regimen, which consists of several courses. Each of them has a duration of 10 days. It is important in the process of massaging to exclude any effect on the median line of the spine. But in manual therapy this area is exposed.

Treatment of sciatica with medicines

Like any other, the medical treatment of the sciatic nerve is designed primarily to remove pain. Various preparations can be used for this:

1. Non-steroidal group. This category includes Butadion, Aspirin, Nurofen, Indomethacin, etc. These medicines have some contraindications. Their use is not recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with gastric ulcer, gastritis and bronchial asthma. As for the side effect of such drugs, they can look like this: dizziness and headaches, blood thinning, liver failure, increased blood pressure, etc. This group of drugs neutralizes the focus of inflammation, thereby removing pain. But their effect does not always produce the desired effect.

2. In a disease such as sciatica, medication sometimes involves injecting novocaine directly into the area that is affected. Thus, you can stop the pain, which will greatly ease the patient's condition.

3. In some cases, drugs of the drug group are used. Their value is that they quickly eliminate pain. But there is always a risk of getting used to these drugs by the patient.

4. Studying sciatica, symptoms, treatment with medicines and peculiarities of using medicines, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of hormonal preparations of the steroid group. An example is "Prednisolone". The funds of this group are quite effective, but they have side effects: the patient's weight rises, immunity decreases, hormonal disorders and problems with the gastrointestinal tract are observed. Sometimes steroids can be used in the form of ointments and creams. In the event that there are no noticeable improvements, the injection can be made directly into the sciatic nerve. This is a rather painful procedure, but very effective.

When sciatica sciatica is treated, medication should be supplemented with physiotherapy and physiotherapy procedures. About this further.

Use of procedures

As mentioned above, it is necessary to work on the inflamed or injured sciatic nerve in a complex manner. Therefore, if with a problem such as sciatica, the medication treatment allowed to overcome the acute stage, then various procedures will help to come to a rapid completion of the process and fix a positive result.

This can be a massage, as mentioned above, and shock wave therapy, phonophoresis, the impact of Bernard's dynamic currents, etc. However, such procedures have a number of contraindications: they can not be used in pregnancy, oncology, tuberculosis, drug addiction and alcoholism, skin and chronic diseases, bleeding, in childhood, in the acute stage of the disease and any difficulties with health in the period of exacerbation.

Popular techniques

Initially, it should be noted that this approach will be effective if the main drugs are taken. When it is necessary to overcome sciatica, treatment with folk remedies at home will imply various ways of healing.

It is recommended to eat sauerkraut continuously throughout the whole therapy cycle. This will help to create a favorable environment for the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria. Lactic acid, which is contained in cabbage, improves the patient's condition in sciatica.

Pay attention to the compresses of beeswax. Wax itself must be melt in a water bath. The affected area must be grinded with hunterburn, propolis and burdock oil. After that, the melted wax with a wide brush should be applied layer by layer on the skin. The temperature is selected individually for each patient. When the wax compress is ready, cover it with a blanket or woolen shawl and wait until it cools down completely.

There are other ways to overcome sciatica. Treatment of drugs in this case does not exclude, but supplement it with infusion of pine buds. To do this, you need 2-3 tablespoons of kidneys, which must be poured with boiling water (0.5 liters). The container should be covered and left for 12 hours. The resulting infusion can be used either inward (half a cup three times a day) and in the form of compresses.

The compress of the rye dough is also topical. It is made very simply: the dough is made from rye flour (without yeast), after which it is left until it becomes acidic. Then on the gauze, which was previously folded, you need to apply a two-centimeter layer of the obtained "medicine" and put it on the sore spot. Leaves a compress for the whole night. The procedure is repeated for 10 days. To improve the effect, you can add 30 drops of turpentine, but do it better on the third or fourth approach.

When sciatica develops, treatment with folk remedies at home can include taking baths with pine shoots. To make a bath you will need to find 1 kg of pine shoots, pour them with boiling water, keeping a proportion of 1: 3, and boil with the lid closed for 10 minutes. The resulting broth should be infused for 4 hours. Ready infusion is filtered and added to the bath (proportion 1:15 liters). The most optimal temperature is 34 ° C. The procedure should last 15 minutes.

Compress from the root of horse radish also deserves attention. Its preparation involves the formation of a cake of potatoes and horseradish, which were previously shredded, as well as spoons of honey. The resulting cake is wrapped in gauze and fixed on the waist. After that, you need to wrap yourself in a blanket.

When you have to deal with such a problem as sciatica, medication medication, as you can see, is not the only way to neutralize the pain. But any alternative methods need to be coordinated with the attending physician.

Auxiliary means

Often, with a disease such as sciatica, resort and sanatorium treatment is prescribed. It, as a rule, includes various water procedures. It is a question of hydro massage, usual swimming and pearl baths.

When there is a question of efficiency, which can be provided by sciatica sciatica treatment, drug treatment should be supplemented with constant walking walks. If you walk quietly for an hour, then the question of re-infringement of the nerve is unlikely to ever rise again.

But sitting for a long time in one pose under sciatica is highly discouraged. If you have to sit because of the characteristics of the work process, then every 45 minutes you need to get up and do an easy workout. You can stand or be like. It is not superfluous to perform simple exercises that help to relieve tension from the muscles of the legs and back.


Any physical activity in sciatica should be controlled by a doctor. This principle is very important to remember. As for the common exercises, they look like this:

1. In the prone position on the floor, you need to bend your knees and keep them on the floor, setting them on the width of your shoulders. Hands should be pulled along the trunk. Straining the buttocks and back, you need to squeeze the spine and the lower back to the floor. This position will have to be fixed for 30 seconds, after which you can relax. The number of repetitions is 15.

2. In the supine position, arms are extended above the head, and the legs are bent at the knees and placed on the floor. Bent knees come to the chest, and the buttocks wrap around themselves. It is necessary to be in this position from 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

3. Resting your elbows on the floor, you need to pull your back, then relax. Exercise is carried out 10 times.

The code is worried about sciatica, medication treatment, as you can see, needs a competent supplement. But you can not ignore it.

The conclusion is simple: if you began to harass the sciatic nerve, you need to go to the doctor and not get involved in self-medication. Even people's methods should be used after the survey and recommendations of doctors. Do not be ill!

Very often, sciatica is a consequence of a violation of the energy connections of the spine itself or its parts. In this case, you need to restore these connections and the problem of sciatica will go away. Well, the spine is the main backbone of our energy system. In this case, not only the whole spine as a whole will be restored, but all the lost connections will also result in sciatica. Healers are very effective in this.

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