Russian rhythmic gymnastics has brought up a lot of world stars. Among them is Irina Chaschina, whose biography included both extravaganza and scandals. Multiple winner of competitions of different levels, the sportswoman continues to live with the sport and after the end of her career, still causing people only admiration.

Coming into artistic gymnastics

Chashchina Irina Viktorovna was born on April 24, 1982 in Omsk. The mother of the young girl has been associated with music all her life and decided to instill the same love for her daughter. However, from the side of grandfather and grandmother Ira, who often spent time with her granddaughter while her mother was working, there was agitation of a sport lifestyle. As a result of the general decision, the future world champion was given to the school for music, gymnastics, and swimming.

Irina Chaschina (artistic gymnastics): biography, personal life, sporting achievements

However, the direction of gymnastics young Ira was not to their liking, despite the allocation among the whole group because of personal data. The movements of the sportswoman were impressed by the coaches of the school of art form, who took up her formation as a professional. Elena Arajs became the first professional coach of the Russian woman. Irina Chaschina was very serious about her hobby for gymnastics, always speaking with maximum concentration, without a smile, for which she was awarded the title "Art Nesmeyany" among the fans. Four years later, at the age of 10, Vera Shtelbaums, the honored coach of Russia, decided to take under her wing Ira, which instilled in her the discipline necessary for a successful performance. As a result, the growth of the athlete was rapid, and at 12 she was noticed as part of the youth team.

The first starts in the Russian team

Having become a member of the national team, Irina Chashchina regularly went to gatherings in Moscow, as well as take part in international competitions. Even at the junior age, the sportswoman twice became the winner of the Russian championship, and also celebrated her success at the Spartakiad of the CIS.

In the summer of 1999 Irina Chaschina, artistic gymnastics for which already became a way of life, became part of the main team and moved to a new coach - Irina Alexandrovna Wiener. Under the leadership of the last athlete began training at the Olympic Training Center. In 2000 Irina Chaschina, a gymnast with a difficult career start, brought her first award on her professional level to her asset. In the World Cup final in Glasgow, the athlete won a bronze award, speaking with a rope, skipping ahead only her compatriots - Alina Kabaeva and Julia Barsukova.

In the same season after the departure of another legendary gymnast, Julia Barsukova, a Russian woman began to regularly get into all the biggest competitions, having secured the world ranking in second place after another famous athlete - Alina Kabaeva. And a year later, Irina Chaschina became the absolute winner of the World Games in the Japanese city of Akita, taking 4 gold medals in all personal competitions, and also was able to win one award of the highest dignity and three more silver at the European Championships in Geneva, becoming famous throughout the world.

Doping scandal and the return to sports

However, despite the successes, 2001 turned for the sportswoman and a real scandal. Together with the team leader, Alina Kabaeva, Irina Chashchina was caught using illegal drugs. The penalty for the use of doping was the disqualification of both athletes for one year and another year on probation, during which the gymnasts exercised increased control.

Returning to the national team by the fall of 2002, Chashchina began to train hard to regain her rank as one of the best gymnasts in the world, and in 2003, having performed at the World Championships in Budapest, she was able to achieve her goal. As a result of the competition, the Russian woman's account included one gold and silver medal, as well as two bronzes.

Sports successes in a career

Success at the world championship allowed Irina to appear in the Olympic list on the eve of the main start of the quadrennial in Athens. Irina Chaschina, a world-class gymnast who had high hopes for an excellent performance, did not disappoint her fans. Speaking in personal all-around, the Russian showed an excellent result, taking second place after her main rival, as well as compatriot Alina Kabaeva, losing only in one exercise - with clubs.

After the Olympic success, Irina Chashchina took part in the European Championships in Moscow, where she was once again equal - two gold medals, and also at the World Championship in Baku, where in exercises with a rope and maces the Russian woman brought two bronzes to the team's box. However, as it turned out, these competitions became the last gymnast for her in her career - a few months later Chaschina officially announced this.

Life after the completion of a career

After parting with rhythmic gymnastics Irina Chaschina, whose biography included many successes, engaged in versatile activities. For some time she took part in various television shows, including popular "Dancing on Ice" and "Circus with the Stars", and in 2008 took the post of Deputy Prefect of the Northern District of Moscow for Sport and Tourism, leaving him three years later at his own request.

In 2009, the debut of the sportswoman on the big screen took place - Irina Chaschina played one of the main roles in Vladimir Pasichnik's film "The Way". And 4 years later, the athlete returned to rhythmic gymnastics, opening her own school in Barnaul, thereby realizing her childhood dream. In parallel, the Russian woman continued active civilian activity, soon becoming vice-president of the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics of Russia.

Personal life of Irina

His personal life Chashina Irina, gymnast, who constantly traveled around the competition, equipped only after the end of sports career. In 2009, the sportswoman met Evgeny Arkhipov, head of the All-Russian rowing and canoeing federation, two years later they played a wedding. Before that, she twice rejected the offer of the hand and heart from the future spouse. The reason for Irina's unexpected answers was the intense schedule of the groom who interfered with the development of relations.