Inversion boots represent an unusual sports shoes, which is used when performing exercises in the upside down position on the horizontal bar or a special device. Such exercises are aimed at unloading the spine, back muscles, as well as stretching them. Periodic exercise of such exercises makes it possible to improve posture, reduce back pain, relax muscles after exercise.

Inversion boots: description, reviews

History of creation

This kind of simulator, like gravity inversion boots, appeared in the eighties of the last century. In fact, this is a simple device, fixed on the ankles and giving the opportunity to hang upside down on the crossbar without additional efforts.

Boots or bots have several main purposes:

  • serve as an aid in inversion therapy;
  • they help relieve tension from the ligaments and back muscles, promote relaxation and stretching of intervertebral discs;
  • oddly enough, have a beneficial effect on problem areas prone to cellulite.

In the latter case, the effect is ensured by the acceleration of current in the blood vessels and lymph nodes. This allows you to prevent stagnant fluid, affecting the formation of unpleasant "orange" peels.

Composition and device

Inversion boots are designed in such a way that special shoes compensate for the pressure created by gravity when hanging on the crossbar upside down. This allows you to protect the spine and other ligaments of a person performing similar exercises.

The design of the model includes durable genuine leather, plus the inner lining of soft and comfortable foam. In addition, the shoes are equipped with steel hooks that serve to hook and fix the legs on the crossbar, as well as special clasps.

All components are made of durable materials that maximize safety for the person performing the exercises. The boot itself reliably fixes the lower leg, and hooks-hooks guarantee safety when hanging. Some professional modifications are additionally equipped with self-tightening screws, providing additional insurance for the athlete.

Criterias of choice

If you are interested in the question of where to buy inversion shoes, feel free to contact the services of specialized and interactive stores. The main thing - pay attention to the reputation of the site and the characteristics of the product.

When choosing such shoes should consider the following points:

  • weight athlete and matching size shoes;
  • the dimensions of the working crossbar, including the height to the floor and the diameter of the pipe;
  • reliability, comfort and the presence of major components.

Order similar shoes can be on an individual project. As a rule, detailed instructions for use are attached to each pair. If it is missing, it is better to find another outlet.

All purchased models must have metal clamps or mount of heavy-duty plastic. In addition, they can be equipped with removable belts that serve to be attached not only to the shin, but also to the knee joint. This design is best suited for people with a large body mass.

Who does not fit inversion shoes?

Like any trainer, the shoes in question require medical advice before use. This is due to certain contraindications or restrictions on the use of gravity boots.

Below are the main aspects that exclude active exercises on the crossbar in the form of hanging upside down:

  • excessive body weight;
  • pregnancy;
  • eye diseases, especially glaucoma and retinal detachment;
  • hypertension;
  • problems with the arterial and vascular system;
  • spinal injuries and recent fractures;
  • arthritis and other types of joint inflammation in the active stage;
  • heart diseases;
  • obvious illnesses of neurological and mental nature.

If there are no contraindications, then inversion shoes will help not only to stabilize blood flow, heart work and muscle relaxation, but also to optimize metabolism, straightening posture and getting rid of migraines.

Recommendations for use

It is desirable to begin exercises with inexperienced users with an instructor. There are several recommendations on how to avoid unexpected “surprises” when using inversion shoes. These include:

  • permission to conduct classes from the doctor;
  • it is necessary to fix the simulator correctly and firmly, according to the instructions;
  • during the exercise, you should relax the muscles of the legs, to avoid overwork;
  • the first classes are not recommended to spend more than three minutes;
  • with positive dynamics, you can increase the duration of the complex.

Depending on the ultimate goal, the behavior and performance of the training should be adjusted. For example, if you need to stretch the spine, you need to relax as much as possible and stretch your arms down. If you plan to strengthen the abdominal press - it is necessary to stabilize the torso, preventing it from excessive rocking.

After completing the course of exercises, the beginner does not always succeed in quickly rising and stabilizing. In this case, a special strap will help. If it is not, you should grasp the legs with your hands and pull up to the crossbar.

Inversion boots: reviews

Consumers all over the world mostly positively evaluate the shoes in question. Among the advantages of a specific simulator, users note the following parameters:

  • real health benefits;
  • acceptable price;
  • the ability to use shoes for children and adults;
  • universality of adaptation which can be applied in gyms and in the open air;
  • reliability, practicality and quality of the product;
  • shoes do not leave scratches and traces of paint.

Some users compare the best inversion shoes with similar tables. The disadvantages of the latter elements are the need for a decent area for training and the lack of mobility of stationary simulators. If there are no medical contraindications, then shoes are the best option to relax different muscle groups if you can perform a whole set of exercises.

Training Examples

Those who decide to seriously engage in sports with the help of gravitational shoes will not be amiss the next set of exercises.

  1. Arms crossed, it is necessary to adopt a hanging position, gradually rotating the body from side to side.
  2. Reverse squats. Being in the starting position, you need to try to bring your chin to your knees.
  3. With straightened arms, we are trying to reach out to our toes, reducing the abdominal muscles.
  4. Reverse movement, looking like an attempt to reach the back of the head to the buttocks.
  5. Cross and diagonal twists.

This complex is mainly aimed at the development of the abdominals, gluteal and dorsal muscles.


Inversion boots, the price of which depends on the model, additional equipment and materials used, are an innovative sports simulator. With it you can not only relax the muscles, but also correct the press, get rid of cellulite. You can buy such shoes online or specialized stores from $ 50 per pair.