The most wonderful fabulous holiday is the New Year. That is why all the children are looking forward to it. And it is very important that the scenario of the New Year's party at school and kindergarten be interesting, amazing, modern. The holiday should be remembered by children for a long time.

How to make the new year's holiday original

Today, the topic of the existence of other intelligent beings in the Universe, except for people, is of concern to many. Therefore, the modern scenario of the New Year's party in the school echoes this burning topic.

Of course, you cannot do without Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden on a holiday. Still, the inclusion of alien characters in the script of the New Year's party at school can give it a completely different look: a more modern, creative, original one.

The scenario of a New Year's matinee in the school "Gifts from aliens." The beginning of the tale

The plot of the fabulous composition is based on the arrival of aliens on a holiday. It happens just at that moment when Santa Claus and Snow Maiden have already entered the hall. Here are their greetings and congratulatory poems. There comes a magical moment when a Christmas tree lights up.

First, the lights on it really light up. But suddenly something starts to buzz, the flashlights flash a few times, the lights go out, then it becomes light again. And before the guests appear aliens.

An interesting scenario of the New Year's party at school

Journey to the tales

Further, the scenario of the New Year's party for schoolchildren may become a kind of excursion on literary works. The newcomers explain the reason for their arrival - they need to collect exhibits for their museum of magical things. And Santa Claus asks the children if they want to help the brothers in mind.

Of course, the guys are happy to want to participate in the collection of magic items. But for this they will need to go on a journey through fairy tales. On the road, they will meet different characters, guess their riddles, carry out their tasks and for this they will get boots, walkers, carpet-plane, self-dressing tablecloth and many other things as a reward.

Holiday option for preschool children "Gifts from aliens"

If you are preparing a script for the Christmas party for preschoolers, then you can start it the same way as described above. But here a simplified version is recommended.

It is best to build a plot on the fact that the children show their concert to the newcomers. And to beat this moment you need to request aliens: “On our planet Trimbombom children do not even know that there is such a wonderful holiday New Year! And they so want to see and hear how the earthlings celebrate it ... "

Santa Claus proposes to record the matinee on video so that the aliens can show the recording later to their babies. They agree and ask the children to show them their numbers: sing, dance, play and tell poems prepared for the holiday. Aliens have fun playing with the kids, teaching them their entertainment.

At the very end of the matinee, they give children "space" gifts and persuade Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to fly with them. It is very necessary in order to spend a holiday on a distant planet Trimbombom! Santa Claus says goodbye to the little ones and tells them: “We will congratulate the little trimbombs on the New Year and return to Earth. And next year we will visit your kindergarten again! ”

Christmas parties, the scenarios of which are based on the plots, where unexpected characters appear, are usually perceived by kids with great interest.

Why on holidays are representatives of "evil spirits"?

Often negative fairytale characters are also on children's Christmas parties. Scenarios of such holidays are usually prepared for children of primary school age, because very young preschoolers may be afraid of Leshy, Baba Yaga, Kikimor, Watery. Here, too, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are obligatory participants of the holiday.

In preparing the modern script of the New Year's party, you should take into account the psychology of younger students. They already realize that Baba Yaga and all other fairy-tale heroes do not exist in nature. But the tales themselves play an instructive and educative role for them.

Humor and irony in the scenarios of scenarios of children's events

It is imperative to make the tale humorous, so that the children have fun, the evil beings will be ridiculed, and the good will triumph. Let as many negative characters as possible gather for the holidays, but they should be not so much evil as ridiculous and even silly. This will make more interesting children's Christmas party. Scenarios of such events are interesting to develop, performances are rehearsed with pleasure by the participants of the composition, and the New Year itself goes off with a bang.

You can, on the contrary, imagine evil spirits "advanced", with iPhones and tablets. Let the fabulous characters deftly use the technique, talking with other characters. This will make the stream of modernity in the script of the New Year's party. Elementary classes usually correctly perceive such humor.

Baba Yaga and the Mayan tribe visiting schoolchildren

The leading script begins with the words of the New Year's party. Primary school is all in the assembly in the assembly hall, everyone is waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus. The facilitator worries that Moroz is late, and decides to send him an email. He is typing a message on a laptop.

In order to get a very interesting scenario of a New Year's party, some intrigue is simply necessary in this place. And she appears as Baba Yaga:

- No, you look at them!

The wind howls in the field

And they are at the New Year

Santa Claus waiting fools!

Letters are sent to all ends,

Like, kids were waiting here -

Bunnys, bears and monkeys.

And do not know that

What grandfather stuck there ... Then,

Somehow he will come to you.

In the summer will be the New Year.

-You, Madame Baba Yaga, confuse something. There is no New Year in the summer!

- That you are ignorant and ignorant! New Year in the summer does not happen ... It even happens! Here, look ...

She knocks on the keys of the laptop and ... Swing open the doors of the hall! A group of Mayan Indians appears:

-Hello, guys! We came to you on the plane from the States of Chiapas, Guatemala, Campeche, Belize, Yucatan, Honduras, Quintana Roo, El Salvador and Dawasco. We have a really New year is celebrated in summer on July 16. When we learned that you celebrate in the winter, I was very surprised and decided in that whatever was to watch this amazing event.

Yeah! Fled! Right now we are here and let's start before you rasplachivat dance to and songs to sing. You showed up uninvited – you have the holiday to begin.

Indians accept the offer of Baba Yaga. Only they agree to take turns with the hosts. Therefore, it turns out a mixed concert: the Indians present their numbers to the viewers, then the schoolchildren themselves.

Amazing and unusual Santa Claus with Snow Maiden

Then the Mayan representatives call together with the owners of Santa Claus. An Indian appears in the appropriate costume. This is already quite funny. After all, instead of a fur coat, the character has palm leaves, and on bare feet there are felt boots. A huge white beard, a staff and a red hat with fur are the required attributes of the costume.

Snow Maiden can also be in a "mixed" suit. Let her have a regular fur coat, but you can decorate her hair with feathers and paint her face with paints.

You can offer an alternative. Let the real Santa Claus with her granddaughter appear in almost five minutes in the hall. You can even arrange a humorous competition, which of them are “real”. Children should also take part in contests, helping "their" Santa Claus.

Features of teenage holidays

For thirteen-year-old schoolchildren it is more difficult to prepare a script for the New Year's party. Grade 6 - the age when a teenager considers himself quite adult. The boys no longer believe in Santa Clauses, Snow Maidens, Baba Yaga and other evil spirits. To some extent, they are even offended by the fact that it is necessary to drive round dances around the Christmas tree, to answer the questions “dressed in a red fur coat, uncle”, to address him with the words “Grandfather Frost”.

Therefore, the whole scenario needs to be built so unusual and fun that the children feel: they are not considered to be kids, they are spoken to as adults, Santa Claus is an invention, but very funny, and the New Year is, in general, a cool holiday.

Scenario of the New Year's holiday for sixties

Teenagers really like it when something unusual and unusual happens on the matinee. For example, in a Santa Claus costume, a high school girl from them will appear to them, rather low. Let the boots on her be a couple of sizes larger and from time to time she will lose them.

But the Snow Maiden will then need to dress up a guy - tall and large. Sneakers instead of shoes will look very comical, and black hair, knocked out from under the white braid of a wig, will delight all teenagers.

The Snow Maiden, a young man, of course, does not learn the words well and will use the cheat sheets that will be hidden everywhere: in the sleeves, pockets, purse, even under a wig. It would be ridiculous for her (he) to solicit a hint from the audience, to scratch the back of the head (again, under the wig, pushing it to one side), to make up “thinking” faces.

For example, begins the poem Grandfather Frost. He leaves the last line for the Snow Maiden. But that (that) is all the time confused and says nonsense.

-The past year was a glorious year,

But time does not wait in a hurry.

Sheet last torn calendar ...

-And young people now will light it up.

Santa Claus (shaking his head reproachfully):

- Meet us New Year's Eve!

-All sing and have fun,

They lead a friendly dance,

Because today is a holiday.

What kind of holiday?

Options for New Year scenarios can be mass. The main thing in them is humor and creativity, since in our time it is not interesting for anyone to spend holidays as usual - neither the audience, nor the artists themselves.