In 7 years, a child usually attends the school. So he need some relaxation and distraction from daily lessons. Interesting and challenging puzzles for a child of 7 years will help to positively adjust and inspire the child. Therefore, it is necessary to include imagination and come up with an exciting adventure for your tired of notebooks and books of Chad.

Interesting puzzles for a child of 7 years

Why do we need puzzles for a child of 7 years

The seven-year-olds it is very important to communicate with parents. Therefore, any activities would they like. As your daughter or son will understand that they need to be important and the attention the favorite in this world of men. In addition to the close communication, puzzles for a child of 7 years will also help:

  • to develop logical thinking
  • to think outside the box
  • to include fantasy in full measure
  • to develop the ability to achieve this goal
  • be more diligent.

All these factors are very important for a child who has entered a new period in life and the ceaseless school.

How to make a real feast with riddles

To the set tasks were easily and quickly resolved, we need to figure out how to convey them to his son or daughter. Even the most mundane of puzzles for a child of 7 years, embodied in the form of a game, will be received with great interest. For example, you can think of the following entertainment options:

  1. For each guessed riddle to give the child a voucher, made out of colored paper. At the end count the number of collected coupons and give a consolation prize or a prize winner.
  2. Fold in the box of accessories and items that correspond to the answers to the questions. When the question was asked, the child should find in the container object, which is suitable for the correct answer. And next you can put the box where will be various accessories (wigs, horns, masks) that you will need to wear if the answer is wrong. At the end participants are awarded prizes.

Interesting puzzles about animals for children 7 years

Of course, both boys and girls love cats, dogs, elephants and rhinos. So puzzles about animals for children 7 years – this is a great option. For example, they can be.

Instead of a nose – trunk,

The zoo is a huge beast walks.

In the hollow she lives

For the winter nuts in the house hides,

In the Park from branch to branch jumps.

He is not afraid nor winter, neither frost,

He catches a fish from the pond under the ice.

White coat warms it.

In the North and the petting zoo.

In winter it is white in the woods, wears,

And in the spring their coat changes.

The little scaredy-cat who's that, baby?

He is afraid of a rabbit, bird,

In the woods makes all of the fear he a coward.

And in the night howling at the moon.

Who is it, tell someone, okay?

On the back of the house is,

Since suitable anyone, just hiding in it.

Cunning, redhead, miracles,

Her lush tail is .... (Fox).

Purrs at the window,

Soft, fluffy ... (the cat).

Guarding the house and other people will not let me.

Only their masters on the threshold, which he knows.

Call me those

Who knows soap.

Although I'm a clean freak,

Only in the mud of a Nickel.

Slowly it creeps,

The house on the back carries.

And so people are sometimes called,

Which are very long going.

He seems angry when growl

And in the winter he sucks his paw in the den sleeping.

Loves nectar, prefers a chill.

The entire winter resting, gaining strength.

On the field, grazing and weed pinches

Then milk us fresh treats.

A small seemingly innocuous,

And a nose like a bite, immediately hurt and offended.

Small, and over the ear is singing.

Riddles based on logic and attentiveness

Sometimes children need to ask questions to answer are need to think. Therefore, logic riddles for kids 7 years is a very relevant and interesting. For example, they could be next.

The birch grows five cherries on the tree grows four cherries. How many grows cherries on two trees?

(Not at all, the birches and the trees don't grow cherries)

Are there questions that can be answered “Yes”?

If the room sits four cats, two dogs, and there are two sofas in the room legs?

(8, cats and dogs have paws, not legs)

Red t-shirt was soaked in the Black sea. What will be the t-shirt after that?

This is a child my mother but not my sister. Who is it?

At school on the Playground five slides. Two of them painted, how many slides?

(Five colored will not be lost)

Which is easier, one kilogram of potatoes or one kilogram of carrots?

Who walks, sitting in the chair?

In what month 25 days?

How many cups of yogurt you can drink on an empty stomach?

(One. The rest will not on empty stomach)

Were two moms and two daughters in the Park. How many are there?

(Three. Mother, grandmother and granddaughter)

You are overtaken by a runner who was second in the relay. What do you now take?

What are the most similar half of the pineapple?

(In the second half pineapple)

Fun and playful puzzles for kids 7 years

If you want to cheer up beloved child, riddles for kids 7 years funny will be very useful. For example, they can be.

Who chews on the Christmas tree cones

Well, of course, is.... (Will say monkey, but it is protein)

One dumpling is cooked five minutes. How many will cook three dumpling?

Why the man turns his head, if he needs to watch that back?

(Because there are no eyes on the back or the back of the head)

The Hippo climbed a tree, four paws, and tears, using only three. How did this happen?

(No, hippos do not climb trees)

Short puzzles for 7 year olds.

Sometimes the child is restless and inattentive, so unwilling to listen to a long mystery. In this case, the help puzzles for kids 7 years short.

First yellow fields veiled,

Then turns white and goes away.

Red tail cheats

Cunning and deftly bares his teeth.

In the sky bridge, so it will not go. (Rainbow)

In the morning, lost from the sky, at night, the way we light. (Star)

Motivation for children

Every task, even in game form, should be encouraged. This will help to encourage the child to participate further in such events. Not necessarily to buy something expensive, you can just give a candy or a small toy. The point is that boys and girls understood that this activity is not only fun, but also promises a reward.