Even mosquitoes know that mosquitoes are extremely harmful insects. They not only bite a person, which is already unpleasant, but their bites also cause severe itching, which, by the way, can be troubling not one day. And sometimes the strongest allergic reaction becomes a consequence. Why mosquito bites itch and what to do to cope with this problem - this is what I want to understand right now.

I wonder why mosquito bites itch?

Why does a mosquito have human blood?

You need to begin to understand the main thing. But still, before delving into the theory of why mosquito bites itch, you need to say that in fact this insect does not bite. It only drinks human blood. To bite, or rather bite, the skin of an insect is needed in order to achieve its goal.

The blood is obligatory first of all to females. Thus, the amino acids that are in its composition, give individuals the power and opportunity to lay up to one hundred eggs of offspring at a time. A hungry female egg will also be able to postpone, but only one. That is why, following instinct, mosquitoes go in search of their victims, carriers of such valuable and useful blood for them.

How is the victim determined

Why is it a mosquito bite? We will deal with this a little later. Now I want to understand how these insects find people. So, in human blood contains a certain proportion of such substances as isoleucine. That is what females need to reproduce offspring. This substance, by the way, is larger in large animals. And it is their first preferred mosquitoes. But if there is no alternative, they agree on a lower quality - human blood. They find their victims by the heat emitted by the body, by sharp movements, and also by smells (first of all by the aroma of sweat).

About the mosquito bite process

It's time to figure out why mosquito bites itch. But to understand this, you need to know the whole process of action of an insect. So, the female does not immediately sits down on the man. She some time looks after itself the best place for a bite. After landing, it can also slightly move around the body, choosing the soft phase, that is the place that will be easier to pierce with their proboscis. Then with the help of this occurs on puncture of the skin. At the same time through the proboscis into the wound saliva of the mosquito. This prevents the blood clotting, giving the female the opportunity to feast on this human biological fluid enough to meet their needs.

About unpleasant sensations

But why mosquito bites itch? This question is often asked by people to each other. The fact is that the insect's saliva contains proteins that, when released into the human body, cause itching, swelling of the bite site and other unpleasant sensations. Histamine, which is also injected under the skin, triggers immune processes that often cause an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. It causes the above itching, swelling and redness.

Interesting feature

So, we understood why mosquito bites itch. This is due to the special composition of the insect's saliva. But it must also be said that the more a person mosquitoes bite, the sooner the body adapts to this. That is, those people who are more likely to bite mosquitoes, less often have various unpleasant sensations, such as itching or swelling. That's because the body gets used to the females' saliva proteins and no longer reacts to them as alien elements.

On the dangers of mosquito bites

Why is it a mosquito bite? Because at the moment of contact with a man, an insect injects a little of its saliva under his skin. And this is fraught with negative consequences. After all, as has been said above, mosquitoes also feed on the blood of animals, including rat. These animals, in turn, can be carriers of a variety of infections. That is, it turns out that a mosquito can easily become the so-called disease transmitter from animals to humans. This is the main danger. Doctors say that mosquitoes can carry infections such as encephalitis, malaria, certain types of fevers, as well as elephant disease.

What to do? How to escape?

Knowing why a mosquito bite itches, you can try to protect themselves from the attack of these nasty insects. Thus, modern scientists have invented many different ways. It's different sprays, ointments, creams and lotions, after which around the human body is formed something like a shield. To pierce his insects for certain reasons can't.

How to remove discomfort

We now know why mosquitoes bite and why their bites itch. But you also need to tell about how you can relieve discomfort in case this insect has already bitten.

  1. To prevent swelling and itching, ice or cold can be applied to the bite site.
  2. You can relieve itching with a concentrated solution of soda and water.
  3. You can also treat the bite site with a solution of boric acid or lemon.
  4. Vodka, vinegar or cologne help to cope with the itch.

Well and most importantly, what you need to remember: you can not comb the bite, because the discomfort from this will only increase.