For what and at what dose is prescribed "Inosine pranobex"? Instructions for use of this immune-boosting drug is described in detail in this article. You can find out whether the drug analogs, side effects and contraindications. Reviews by real patients there are also.

The composition and form of issue

"Inosine pranobex" is an immunostimulating drug characterized by an antiviral effect. The drug is prescribed for various diseases with obvious signs of immunodeficiency. It is a complex of inosine and salt 4-acetamidobenzoic acid. The second component significantly improves the passage through the membrane of blood corpuscles and other components.

Pharmacological industry produces the drug under two trade names: "the Doctor" and "Isoprinosine". Tablets 500 mg are Packed in blisters and cardboard boxes. Capsules are different oblong shape and white color.

Pharmacological characteristics

"Inosine pranobex" it has strong antiviral effect. The drug increases in the cells of the biomechanism of the synthesis of the so-called interferon functional activity of macrophages, T - and b-lymphocytes. By binding to the ribosomes of infected virus cells, components of the drug slow down the synthesis of viral RNA, that is, the reproduction of bacteria inside the cells.

After taking the drug inside the maximum concentration in one hour. Pharmacological action begins approximately 30 minutes and lasts for six hours. Inosine is metabolized, with subsequent production of uric acid, the remaining components are excreted by the kidneys.

Indications for use

In what diseases is prescribed "Inosine pranobex?" Instruction for this drug States that it is usually included in conservative therapy in patients with weakened immune protection for the following pathologies:

  • Viral hepatitis.
  • Varicella.
  • Diseases caused by Epstein-Barr viruses, measles, mumps, human papillomas.
  • Encephalitis.


When should I refuse to take Inosine Pranobex? The drug is not recommended for treatment in the following cases:

  • Idiosyncrasy constituent components.
  • Chronic renal failure.
  • Diseases of autoimmune nature.
  • Cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Urolithiasis.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Not to mention that with caution the tool should be taken for people suffering from gout and high uric acid in the blood. Otherwise, this condition is called hyperuricemia.

Possible side effects

Failure to comply with dosage of the medicinal product or in case of individual intolerance of its constituent substances, does not exclude the appearance of side effects. Many patients complain of severe headaches, loss of appetite, constantly pursuing the feeling of nausea, joint pains and allergic reactions.

Clinical tests reveal a slight increase of uric acid in the blood. With continuous treatment, patients are shown the control of these parameters. If a long time side effects do not disappear, the use of the drug should be discontinued. A doctor must recommend an alternative. More analogues of this medicine provided later in this article.

Instructions for use

The drug is "Inosine pranobex" taken orally, approximately the same intervals. The acute need for medicine can be crushed and grind in little water. As a rule, the course of treatment is not more than 14 days. After this time usually take a break for 10 days, and after that repeat the therapy.

For the treatment of influenza, respiratory viral infections and herpes adults appoint 2 capsules three times a day at regular intervals of time. Children the dosage is calculated depending on the body weight (50 mg/kg body weight). Therapy does not usually exceed 10 days.

For the treatment of mumps daily dose of the drug is 70 mg per 1 kg of patient's weight. It should be separated by approximately 3-4 hours.

For the treatment of measles dosage is calculated as follows: 100 mg/kg of body weight. The course of therapy is 14 days.

To fight with other pathologies, the dosage and course of treatment is calculated individually for both adults and for young patients.

Drug interactions

Does with other drugs to take "Inosine pranobex"? The group of drugs drugs ("Cyclosporine", "Antilimfolin") reduces efficiency discussed in this article medication. With simultaneous use with inhibitors of xanthine oxidase and diuretics may increase uric acid in the blood.

Today in the pharmaceutical markets of our country are more than 10 brands of analogues of the drug "Imunofan in cancer", "Viruscan", "Madiana", "Doctor" and others. The drug comes in three dosage forms (tablets, solution, syrup). All of them are well-proven as an effective immunostimulant and antiviral drugs.

How much is "Inosine pranobex"? Analogues of this medicine can be more expensive in the article of the drug, and cheaper. It should be noted that the price of the "pranobex" varies from 500 to 700 rubles (pack of 20 tablets).

Storage conditions

The drug is recommended to be stored in a dry place, protected from sunlight, where the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

The implementation period is five years.

"Inosine pranobex": testimonials of real patients

People's opinions about the drug there are ambiguous. Many talk about the high efficiency of the drug in combating diseases of viral nature. In addition, he is an excellent immunostimulant.

For best therapeutic effect, the medication should be taken together with other drugs. It is necessary to consult the doctor and undergo a complete examination, the results of which a specialist will be able to find suitable medicine.

As for the negative comments, they are mostly associated with side effects. If the dosage is calculated incorrectly, may cause allergic reactions or deterioration of General health. To avoid such a problem, to take the medicine should be strictly on prescription.