Infrared heaters with a thermostat for giving are very convenient to use, because you can install such equipment inside and outside the premises. If you want to achieve a quick heating at home, then you should be more careful when choosing such a device.

It is important to consider whether you will live in the house permanently or only come from time to time. Especially convenient will be infrared heaters that have a thermostat, because with the help of this addition a certain temperature will be maintained in the automatic mode, which saves energy.

The principle of operation of the infrared heater

Infrared heaters with thermostat for giving ceiling and wall

Infrared heaters with or without thermostat work on the same principle. Infrared radiation heats the surface, not the air itself. The difference between these two devices consists only in equipment. If the device has a thermostat, it will independently regulate its work, turning off and on to maintain the required temperature level. That is why such equipment can be left in the house, even if you plan to be away for a long time.

Main types of infrared heaters

Infrared heaters with a thermostat for giving can be classified into several varieties, depending on the place of installation. They may be:

Depending on the design, the heaters can be panel, film or have the appearance of lamps. The first variety is represented by flat devices of small thickness. Most often they have a rectangular shape. If you buy a heater in the form of a lamp, it will have a spiral heating element, which may have different designs and sizes.

Film infrared heaters with a thermostat for giving have the appearance of a polymer film on which the heating elements are applied in a thin layer. Install such equipment can be on the ceiling and walls.

Heater Classification

Subdivide the described device should also by the type of heating element, which is:

Aggregates are also classified by production material. The basis of the heater can be quartz, halogen, carbon, ceramics. If we are talking about a quartz heater, then it is based on a tungsten filament. The halogen heater has the form of tubes with an inert gas. If you have carbon heaters before you, then they use ultrathin plates or carbon fiber as a radiation source.

Ceiling Heater Reviews

Ceiling infrared heaters with thermostat to give are stationary. They may be in the form of lamps or panels that resemble fluorescent lamps. On sale can be found and film ceiling heaters. According to buyers, the main condition for the operation of such devices is the height of the ceiling. It should be sufficient to ensure the minimum distance to the heater. This value is 2.3 m. Customers often choose such devices in order to save space.

In addition, ceiling infrared devices allow you to immediately heat the entire area of ​​the room. Such units are also suitable for those ceilings that have been trimmed with combustible materials such as lining, plastic panels or PVC film. If we take into account that access to such units is difficult, then it is especially necessary to single out the rationality of bundling them with thermostats. Consumers like to control devices using the remote control.

Reviews of wall heaters

Wall mounted infrared heaters with thermostat to give you can compare from the ceiling. However, some models have quite impressive power and characterized by a large mass. They can also be called stationary. Buyers appreciate that such devices can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Sometimes these devices are made in the form of embossed patterns, paintings or photographs, which additionally allows you to decorate the interior. The thermostat in this case can be remote or integrated. Additionally, this part can also be classified according to the type of control - the node can be electronic or mechanical. The latter, according to consumers, is more durable.

Reviews the technical characteristics of the wall heater Ballu BIH-L-2.0

If you are interested in infrared heaters with a thermostat to give, it is recommended to read the reviews about them before purchasing the product. As an example, you can consider the model mentioned above, for which you have to pay 2700 rubles. This device is universal, because it has brackets for attachment to any surface.

Use it, according to users, it is possible to heat half-open or closed rooms. The equipment operates in one heating mode and has a quartz heating element. Buyers often choose this equipment because of its low cost and the presence of a mechanical thermostat, which is famous for its long service life.

It is necessary to install this device to a height of 1.8 m, which indicates that it can even be positioned in an ordinary apartment. Maximum power, according to buyers, is quite high and is 2000 watts. The recommended heating area is 25 m 2. The kit includes a thermostat, the equipment weighs only 3.5 kg, which indicates the possibility of installing it even on a plasterboard wall.

Reviews about the main features of the model

Such wall-mounted infrared heaters with thermostat for giving are popular with consumers, because they can be installed at a maximum height of 4.5 m. Excessive heating of the case is excluded, the manufacturer has taken care of the perforation.

Buyers emphasize that the case is made of durable steel that is not subject to deformation. For uniform heating in the design there is a reflector with fins. To protect against accidental touching, the device has a steel protective grill in the form of a grill, this completely eliminates the possibility of burns.

Reviews of ceiling heaters "Peony"

Infrared heaters "Peony" with a thermostat for giving today are quite popular. This is due to many positive features. Consumers like that Peony Ceramic heaters have a white marble plate with a ceramic coating that looks advantageous compared to metal. It also performs a functional role, because it has an increased emissivity.

Customers are attracted to transparent glass heaters of the Termoglass class, they are a combination of high performance and excellent decorative properties. Such ceiling infrared heaters with thermostat for gardening can be a real decoration of the interior. Buyers especially emphasize that in such devices the functions of the radiating plates and the heating element are connected in one piece, which is represented by a monoplate. In the process of operation, it has proven itself well. That is why the manufacturer was able to abandon the heaters.

Features infrared gas heater Ballu BIGH-4

You may also be interested in infrared gas heaters with a thermostat for the garden. Among others, the model mentioned above should be highlighted. It is a directional heating device that has an efficiency of 100%. The equipment does not require a power supply and is suitable for local heating of individual zones.

Thermal radiation can be compared to sunlight, which is almost not absorbed by the air. It is transmitted to dense objects. Such floor infrared heaters with a thermostat for giving work almost silently, they do not mix dust and air and do not overheat it. Power can be adjusted in the range of 3 to 4.5 kW. Ceramic panel is pre-tested in the factory. The panel is reliably protected by a stainless steel grill. If the flame goes out, the device will be reliably protected from gas leakage, because the equipment has a special valve that is controlled by a sensitive thermocouple.

Model Reviews

Almost everywhere you can buy such infrared heaters with a thermostat to give (St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities). For example, you can purchase a Ballu model for 3000 rub. This price consumers consider affordable for such a quality product. Buyers also like the fact that the case is made of heat-resistant material, which is covered with special enamel. It preserves the appearance of the element and protects against corrosion.

Included is a split leg, which can be easily disassembled into 2 parts and put the device in a compact package. That is why buyers often take such equipment with them to the country or rest on fishing.

In the scope of delivery includes a gas hose with a reducer, the first of which is 1.5 m, which, in the opinion of the buyers, simplifies operation. To adjust the power you will be able to smoothly enough of the power supply depend on the unit. The ceramic panel has a high quality, it does not deform if the appliance accidentally fall water. The equipment you will be able to prepare fast enough, that this is the opinion of the majority of consumers.


Infrared heaters are widely used today. They are used not only in everyday life, but also at construction sites, as well as industry. Such equipment today almost does not do without a thermostat, which can be electronic or mechanical.

The first has a rather complicated device and has the form of an electronic device with a display. The sensor sends a signal when the temperature decreases or rises, while the controller in automatic mode can turn off or turn on the heater, saving energy and allowing the equipment to be left unattended.