Information security of automated systems is a profession (and specialty) that delivers many problems and questions to graduates and applicants. Mostly regarding further employment. And this is understandable - very few people can give any specific definition of this profession. It can be said to be vague. And so many doubt whether to come here. But now we will try to understand who can work after the end of the direction “Information Security of Automated Systems”. Universities, as a rule, promise entrants “golden mountains”, but are not able to give a specific definition of the profession. Therefore it is necessary to carefully study the possible alternatives for work.Information security of automated systems: what kind of profession, whom to work?

The main task of the graduate of this profession is to ensure the integrated information security of automated systems. But often, such employees are arranged to work with the most ordinary engineers. And it suits them.

Often this career is chosen by men. They are more suitable for the work of an engineer. Only here no “golden mountains” can be seen here. Of course, if we are talking about Russia. Finding a decent job will be very difficult. Only in some enterprises, engineers are paid a good salary. Plus, this job does not have a stable work schedule and no voltage.

If you think about the question: “Information security of automated systems - what kind of profession and whom to work after graduating from a university?”, Then you can really work as an engineer. Only for this, immediately prepare yourself for the fact that you have to work a lot in tension. And in the constant.

Means of communication

But it is not necessary to choose such a career. Many graduates who entered the “Information security of automated systems, often go to work in different communication services. And very often, employers are Internet service providers.

To be honest, here you can meet graduates of our today's specialty at different workplaces - from an ordinary operator-consultant to an installer. And just the second profession is the most popular. Especially among men.

What to do here? Monitor the performance of the equipment on the main server, eliminate failures and problems on the line. Also connect subscribers to the Internet and configure it. In general, if you studied well in the direction “Information Security of Automated Systems”, then there will be no problems with responsibilities. The work schedule here, however, is not particularly pleasant - you can at any time be “summoned” from a legal holiday or be torn away from a day off. But the salary of installers and operators in the communication services is very good. Sometimes you can come to terms with such a schedule, if it is adequately paid.

You have completed the “Information Security of Automated Systems” direction. Who will work on the release, if you do not really like the perspective of the installer or engineer? In truth, such graduates can be found anywhere. But often they appear in. schools.

Why exactly here? The thing is that our profession today gives a lot of knowledge about computers and technology. And therefore, such an employee can easily fulfill the role of a computer science teacher. This is a completely normal and familiar phenomenon. Only here the prospect of working at a school as an ordinary teacher does not attract young specialists very much. And they can be understood - the responsibility is huge, the work schedule is stressful, the full workload of the day (and not only the worker), and the wages are scanty. Plus, few people want to study for 5-6 years in high school, then to get a job for a penny. But for the first time you can be a computer science teacher at school. For example, if you really need a job, or need at least some experience.

Plus, if you graduated from the “Information Security of Automated Systems” direction, you can always find an elite lyceum or educational institution, where you, as “computer science”, will pay decently. There are such places, but very few. If you manage to get there, you will most likely not want to change jobs. After all, the main indicator in employment is nothing else than the wages you will receive.

Sales Manager

Information security of automated systems is a specialty that allows you to work in many places. For example, students and graduates of this direction are often arranged as a sales manager. But you can go to this position without a diploma.

As a rule, “informationists” sell appliances and electronics. Especially, computers and accessories. After all, these graduates are aware of the "hardware" of the PC quite a lot. Enough to convince the buyer to purchase a particular product.

But this is not the best career. After all, no growth you will not see. The maximum that “shines” is to become a senior manager. The difference here is small. Therefore, you can work as a seller until you find a more suitable job. Especially if you have just graduated, but there are no other vacancies for your own life.

Security system

Information security of automated systems - what kind of profession is this? With it, you can be an ordinary manager or engineer! But there is another very interesting place, which is often chosen by graduates. This is a security service. In other words, the work of the guard.

But not at all like the supermarket or the store. We are talking about working in special services that install and connect security equipment. This is exactly what you have to do. Plus, sometimes just keep order through the cameras, sitting in the office. In case of violations, either call the usual guard and call him, or take some action yourself. Usually, the first scenario is chosen.

As a rule, the work schedule here is quite loyal, and the income is very good. Therefore, many people try not to ensure the information security of automated systems, but simply to monitor the security of an enterprise. This is considered a prestigious profession, which, as a rule, many aspire to. But the competition here is very big. Therefore, you have to try pretty hard to arrange for such a “cushy” place.

But the female half of graduates, as a rule, have more problems with employment. After all, those who have chosen the direction “Information Security of Automated Systems” will have to pretty much try to find a job. Everywhere already or there are employees, or men are needed.

Therefore, many are arranged to work with the most ordinary operators. Depending on the activities of the company, they will either have to provide advice or sell goods and services. Plus, many operators are obliged to call customers (including potential ones) in order to alert them about promotions and bonuses.

In fact, this is quite a normal place of work for a young girl. But not for men. After all, earnings here are average, and the work schedule is rather stressful. But there is no physical exertion. So, graduates can meet in such even the most prestigious places of work.

Own business

Information security of automated systems - what is this profession in which it is so difficult to find an answer to the question of employment? In order not to break their heads, many simply open their own businesses. And this is quite a popular way to build a career.

To be honest, an individual entrepreneur graduate of our direction can do anything. But only there are the most popular destinations. For example, the opening of its own computer help service or a specialized store of machinery and components. The competition here is quite high, but there are many tricks that can make you a worthy businessman.

In general, individual entrepreneurs meet in the form of graduates of different directions. The main thing - to come up with a decent idea and implement it. Your income, of course, will depend only on your own success. Therefore, if you want to work on the result, then this direction will suit you perfectly.


To be honest, often people who can not find a job for a long time, get a job as a writer. That is, they just start writing texts and books based on their knowledge. And information security of automated systems here is considered a very popular topic.

Thus, you can begin to write under the order informational texts of this direction. Or specialized literature and manuals. True, writing is more a vocation, not a profession. And therefore, as long as you are not popular, it is better to combine this area with some more familiar place of work. A literary activity associated with a side job.

System Administrator

This is such a multi-faceted for career building our information security of automated systems. Colleges, by the way, like many universities, help such graduates to become the most real system administrators. To be honest, many applicants and students are very fond of this profession.

You will have to connect equipment, monitor it and tune it. Plus, on your shoulders will be responsible for the performance of computers. And even a schoolboy can cope with this task now. The system administrator's salary ranges from medium to high, and the work schedule is very loyal. Often free. This allows you to work somewhere else.

The main thing - to find a decent job. Sometimes, of course, you have to stay in the office for a long time and work on computers. But in general, such a workload is extremely rare.


Fortunately, graduates of information security of automated systems have many more alternative approaches to building a career. Just think about it at the time of admission to university or college. After all, you have to develop some additional skills.

What is it about? For example, you can easily make a bias on programming and become a programmer. Or seriously do modeling - become a 3D designer. In the end, learn how to handle multimedia files and become the creator of games. In general, everything related to computers may be your profession. The main thing is to find your own vocation. Now you know what information security of automated systems is, who it is to work on for release, as well as possible difficulties that you may encounter during employment.