Information security of automated systems is a profession (and specialty), which delivers graduates and applicants a lot of problems and questions. Mainly for further employment. And this is understandable - very few people can give any specific definition of this profession. It may be said to be vague. And so many doubt whether to come here. But now we will try to understand who can work after the end of the "Information Security of Automated Systems". Higher education institutions, as a rule, promise "gold mountains" to entrants, but they are not able to give a concrete definition of the profession. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study possible alternatives for work.Information security of automated systems: what kind of profession, whom to work with?

The main task of the graduate of this profession is the comprehensive provision of information security of automated systems. But often such employees are arranged to work by the most ordinary engineers. And it suits them.

Often, this career is chosen by men. They are more suited to the work of an engineer. Only here you can not see any "golden mountains". Of course, if it comes to Russia. It will be very difficult to find a decent job. Only at some enterprises engineers are paid a good salary. In addition, this work does not have a stable working schedule and lack of tension.

If you are thinking about the question: "Information security of automated systems - what kind of profession and who to work after graduation?", You can really work as an engineer. Only for this purpose at once prepare itself for that it is necessary to work much in a strain. And in the constant.

Means of communication

But it is not necessary to choose such a career. Many graduates who have enrolled in the direction "Information Security of Automated Systems, often go to work in different communication services. And very often employers are Internet providers.

To be honest, here you can meet the graduates of our today's specialty at different workplaces - from the usual operator-consultant to the installer. And just the second profession is the most popular. Especially among men.

What to do here? Monitor the health of the equipment on the main server, and fix failures and failures on the line. Also connect subscribers to the Internet and customize it. In general, if you studied well in the direction of "Information Security of Automated Systems," then there will be no problems with duties here. The working schedule here, however, is not particularly pleasant - you can at any time "call" from a legal leave or tear off the weekend. But the salary of the installers and operators in the communication services is very good. Sometimes you can put up with such a schedule, if it is adequately paid.

You have completed the direction "Information Security of Automated Systems". Who will work for the release, if you do not like the prospect of a fitter or an engineer? In truth, such graduates can be found anywhere. But often they appear in the. schools.

Why here? The thing is that our today's profession gives a lot of knowledge about computers and technology. And therefore, such an employee can easily perform the role of an informatics teacher. This is quite normal and familiar phenomenon. Only here is the prospect of working in the school as the most ordinary teacher does not really attract young specialists. And they can be understood - the responsibility is huge, the working schedule is tense, the full workload of the day (and not only the worker), and wages are scanty. Plus, few people want to study for 5-6 years at the university, then to get a job for a penny. But for the first time you can be a computer science teacher at school. For example, if you really need work, or you need at least some experience.

Plus, if you graduated from the "Information security of automated systems", you can always find an elite lyceum or an educational institution where you, as an "informatics", will be paid with dignity. There are such places, but very few. If you manage to get there, then most likely, you will not want to change your job. After all, the main indicator for employment - this is nothing like the salary that you will receive.

Sales Manager

Information security of automated systems is a specialty that allows working in many places. For example, students and graduates of this direction are very often arranged as a sales manager. But you can work for this position without a diploma.

As a rule, "informationalists" sell equipment and electronics. Especially, computers and accessories. After all, these alumni know a lot about the hardware of the PC. It is enough to convince the buyer to buy this or that product.

But this is not the best career. After all, you will not see any growth. The maximum that "shines" is to become a senior manager. The difference here is not great. Therefore, you can work as a salesman until you find a more suitable job. Especially if you are just graduating, and there are no other vacancies to ensure your own life.

Security system

Information security of automated systems - what kind of profession is this? With it you can be a regular manager or an engineer! But there is another very interesting place, which is often chosen by graduates. These are security services. In other words, the work of the guard.

But not at all like in a supermarket or a store. It is about working in special services that install and connect security equipment. This is exactly what you will have to do. Plus, sometimes, just watch the order through the cameras, sitting in the office. In case of violations - either call the usual security guard and call him, or take some action yourself. Usually the first scenario is chosen.

As a rule, the working schedule here is quite loyal, and the income is very good. Therefore, many people try not to provide information security of automated systems, but simply to monitor the security of an enterprise. This is considered a prestigious profession, to which, as a rule, many aspire. But the competition here is very large. Therefore, we will have to try hard to arrange for such a "warm" place.

But the female half of graduates, as a rule, is experiencing more problems with employment. After all, those who chose the direction "Information security of automated systems" will have to try hard to find a job. Everywhere already or there are employees, or men are needed.

Therefore, many are arranged to work by the most common operators. Depending on the activities of the company will have to either provide advice or sell goods and services. In addition, many operators are obliged to ring up customers (including potential customers) with a view to informing them about their promotions and bonuses.

In fact, this is quite a normal place of work for a young girl. But not for a man. After all, the earnings are average, and the working schedule is rather tense. But there is no full physical load. So graduates can meet here in such, not even the most prestigious places of work.

Own business

Information security of automated systems - what kind of profession is it in which it is so difficult to find an answer to the question of employment? In order not to rack your brains, many simply open their business. And it's a pretty popular way of building a career.

To be honest, an individual entrepreneur-graduate of our school can do anything. But only there are the most popular destinations. For example, opening your own computer help service or a specialized hardware store and accessories. The competition here is quite high, but there are a lot of tricks that can make you a worthy businessman.

In general, individual entrepreneurs are found in the form of graduates of different directions. The main thing is to come up with a worthy idea and realize it. Your income, of course, will depend only on your own success. Therefore, if you want to work on the result, then this direction suits you perfectly.


To be honest, often people who can not find a job for a long time, arrange to work as writers. That is, they just start writing texts and books based on the knowledge they have gained. And the information security of automated systems here is considered a very popular topic.

Thus, it is possible to begin to write information orders for this direction under the order. Or specialized literature and methodologies. True, writing is a vocation rather than a profession. And so, while you are not popular, it is better to combine this direction with some more familiar place of work. A writer's work associated with sub-work.

System Administrator

This is our multi-faceted career development, our information security of automated systems. Colleges, by the way, like many universities, help such graduates become the most real system administrators. To be honest, many applicants and students are very fond of this profession.

You will have to connect the equipment, monitor it and configure it. Plus, on your shoulders will be the responsibility for the efficiency of computers. And even a schoolboy can cope with this task. The salary of the system administrator varies from medium to high, and the work schedule is very loyal. Often free. This allows you to work somewhere else.

The main thing is to find a worthy place of work. Sometimes, of course, you will have to stay in the office for a long time and work for computers. But in general, such workload is extremely rare.


Fortunately, graduates of information security of automated systems have a lot of alternative approaches to building a career. Only think about this need during admission to college or college. After all, you will have to develop some additional skills.

What are we talking about? For example, you can easily make a bias on programming and become a programmer. Or seriously engage in modeling - will become a 3D-designer. In the end, learn how to process multimedia files and become the creator of games. In general, everything that is only connected with computers can be your profession. The main thing is to find your own vocation. Now you know what is the information security of automated systems, who to work on the release, and also the possible difficulties that you may encounter when finding a job.