Victoria is one of the most beautiful names that came to us from ancient Rome and rooted in modern European and, in particular, Russian culture. That it means, with what mythical characters his story is connected and about other features of this name - this article.

Victoria's name: meaning for girl, secret

Meaning, origin and etymology

First find out what is the meaning of the name Victoria.

What does the name Victoria, is well known from the Latin language, in which this word meant victory. It originates from the Proto-Indo-European root “wicked”, by which a certain action of force was transmitted, an effort leading to the desired result. There are no additional, ambiguous, ambivalent or symbolic-allegorical interpretations of this name, therefore it is rather simple in its understanding. Victory in everything, victory in life, the winner - this is the meaning of the name Victoria for a girl. For a portfolio, this is, of course, an ideal option - a fairly expressive, clearly sounding, inspiring and respecting name. In addition, it is not very frequent, which is also nice.

Mythological connotations

As for the mythical component, the connection of this name with the heritage of antiquity is quite obvious and indicated in the legends. The ancient Romans, for example, worshiped the goddess, who bore the name of Victoria. For a girl, this fact acquires not only that she can call herself the namesake of the great goddess, whose altar was located in the curia of the Roman Senate, but also that the image of this divine maiden can become a personal archetype, patronizing and determining character and style. life in accordance with the ancient Roman saying "come, saw, conquered." In the Greek pantheon, there was a similar goddess named Nick, so if to proceed from semantics, Nick could be an alternative form of Victoria.


Active, but stubborn, possessing talent, but not without laziness - these are the main features of those who bears the name of Victoria. The inner component of the personality is also important for the girl. Being, as a rule, phlegmatic, and even melancholic special, she feels some insecurity in herself and needs support. Thus, the sharpness of the name is balanced. Victoria is prone to rational actions, not wasting time on empty thoughts. To make an important decision, it takes time to think about the options, calculate alternatives and weigh each step. The desire to assert itself can sometimes be expressed in unusual, extravagant, and sometimes even strange forms. Therefore, inadvertent behavior can sometimes be expected from Victoria. Victoria's character naturally leads to the fact that she has not very many friends. However, her feelings are deep, and the owner of this name is often extremely committed and reliable person.

The value of the name Victoria for the girl and the fate that it foreshadows for her is filled with drama. Vika always has secrets, her eyes are fixed inward, especially in childhood. Being an introvert, often self-contained, Vika rarely achieves social status and social status at the expense of charisma. Her achievements are almost always the fruit of her efforts, tireless work, competently calculated strategies of applying forces to get results. All this is determined by the program or matrix, which imposes the name "Victoria". After all, victory is always preceded by war, battle, litigation. And the harder and bigger the war, the sweeter the taste of victory.

Mind and mental organization

For Victoria, in addition to the phlegmatic nature indicated above and focusing on her inner world, there are sharp mood swings. Periods of excitability can quickly be replaced by moments of oppression and vice versa. Often, Victoria is acutely worried about everything in her personal life. Therefore, stress and passions - this is the usual everyday life for those who bears the name of Victoria. Value for the girl with this name also has a fair distribution of rewards and punishments. Feeling around him any dishonesty, Vika can go berserk. It is therefore not surprising that it combines a demanding and at times tough boss and a soft, sophisticated romantic.

The name's meaning for the girl Victoria and her secret lie in the harmonious combination of subtle intuitive scent, which allows an unmistakable guessing of the interlocutor's mood and attitude to himself, with a clear measured pace of life, pre-planned by the course of affairs and pronounced life pragmatism.

Marriage and family

Marriage is a very important and often problematic area for those who are named Victoria. The meaning of this name for a girl is that since childhood she, first of all, is very demanding of members of the opposite sex, which makes her constantly doubt her choice. And secondly, she very sensitively and sharply reacts to all sorts of troubles and difficulties in relationships. Victoria is characterized by extreme jealousy, so she almost never forgives betrayal for nothing. Therefore, as the personification of victory, Victoria's forgiveness can only be won, as well as, in general, her own.

In the field of career, Victoria prefers to engage in the first place that brings her moral satisfaction and pleasure. Most often she is not inclined to conduct business battles and make her way up the career ladder, walking over her head. This makes Victoria a rather modest employee, who does not sacrifice her own sincerity and humanity, nor other people to her ambitions. At the same time, Vika is a first-class specialist who, with proper motivation, can make a brilliant career, bypassing all the obstacles emanating from competitors. But, as a rule, external support and belief in her strength are important to her from anyone. Left unattended and disoriented in the business space by everyone, Vika is inclined to submit to her fear and return to the previous level in order to feel calm and protected. Thus, the owners of this name contain a huge career potential, which often remains outdated due to unfavorable circumstances or personal disinterest of the girl in business implementation.