Each nation has not only its own history, but also its own tradition of terminology, which in due course acquires a special specificity and structure. One of the most beautiful and euphonious examples is the name Lilia. Its meaning goes back to the name of a magnificent flower, symbolizing beauty and innocence. It is not surprising that it was established in the cultural traditions of many peoples. The mystery of the name of Lilia will be revealed in this article.

Name Lily: meaning, origin and mystery

Meaning of the name

As mentioned above, the name of the female lily is traditionally associated with a beautiful white flower. The name of this plant goes back to the Latin word "lilyum". It turns out that this name can be translated as "comparable in beauty with the lily bud." One of the most ancient naming, glorifying the beauty of a woman, is Lilia. The origin of the name associated with the name of flowers in different cultures is not uncommon, but it was the lily that became the symbol of purity and innocence. In European languages, it meant royalty, revival, purity and immortality.

Some researchers believe that the name we are considering is one of the forms of the name Lilith. So called Adam's first wife. From the Hebrew Lilith is translated as "spirit", "air" or "night silence". There is also the assumption that this name is a romanized form of the biblical name of Sausanne (or Susanna). The literal translation of this word is "white lily". This epithet was often called the Virgin in the sacred biblical texts.

Origin of the name

The name Lilia in Orthodoxy is of particular importance, because it symbolizes the Virgin Mary. The straight stem of the flower speaks of the sharpness of her mind, the leaves of the plant that have been lowered - about modesty, the fragrance denotes a divine belonging, and the snow-white color is pure purity. In the old days, they called the newborn heiress so that she grew up beautiful, like a flower, and sinless, like the Virgin. In those days people believed that the name-talisman could save the child from evil spirits and intrigues of real ill-wishers. The girl, named Lilia, fell under the patronage of the Virgin and thereby acquired a reliable protection.

Name Day Lilies

  • August 24 is the day of the commemoration of Saint Susanna (Lilia) of Rome.
  • June 19 is the day of veneration of Saint Susanna (Lilia) of Salerna.

Childhood Lilies

What is the nature of Lilia? The origin of the name obliges its owner to be always impeccable and perfect. However, in real life, everything is not so simple. Lily really grows very sweet and gentle girl. She is very inquisitive since birth, she grasps everything on the fly and is in constant creative search. However, spoiled by universal attention and admiration, Lilia can grow spoiled and selfish. This can be avoided if the girl's parents try to instill in her important spiritual qualities: generosity, kindness, compassion and sincerity.

The Nature of Lilies

Having matured, a woman with this name is using her charm with might and main. The character of the name Lilia reveals his owner as a very bright and extraordinary person. Men will especially admire her, everyone will want to see her as her companion. Over the years, Lily's pride will begin to undergo various tests, and she will learn to be resourceful, resourceful and flexible. A woman will achieve her by any means, using all her charm.

The formula for Lily's success is very simple. The owner of this name is driven by interest in everything around, and an extraordinary mind and a good memory allow you to quickly understand what is happening. Life, family, money, work does not matter to her decisive importance. Lilia always strives to imbue with new impressions and knowledge. She must necessarily become successful, otherwise she will begin to envy other people's achievements. The woman is very sensitive and quickly offended. She is temperamental and appreciates stability, therefore she has many habits that can not be avoided for many years. Lilies are very important to find yourself and be realized in the chosen field.

Professional achievements

A woman named Lilia can become an excellent inventor, if she works in a team. She needs a mentor capable of directing her talent in the right direction, and a man charging everyone with his thirst for action and fighting temper. A girl can become a wonderful employee of a scientific and technical library, because she is able to help anyone find the necessary background information. Interests Lilies are vast, knowledge is great, it is able to make a career in any field of activity. A woman can become a wonderful artist, a progressive designer or a science fiction writer. An inexhaustible fantasy gives her the name Lilia. Its meaning can affect the views of its owner. Women's views are so unusual that not everyone will be able to appreciate them. But if Lilia finds an application for her abilities, then she will have great success.

Personal life of Lilies

The owner of this name does not like to farm. Her husband will have to take household problems on himself, but he will be so fascinated by his wife that family responsibilities will not be a burden to him. Lilia is an ideal assistant for members of her family engaged in studies or scientific activities. Sometimes in the nature of this woman may appear power, and then she will direct all her abilities to advance through the ranks.

In communication, Lily is very selective and seeks to maintain relations only with the right people. Her parents are best from childhood to teach the baby to show compassion and sympathy for others. Lily is constantly cunning, and people in time can stop trusting her. In this case, a woman with the years of risk of remaining alone. Therefore, the owner of this name must learn to give warmth, true love and kindness to people. She quickly learns, and the skills vaccinated from childhood will remain with her forever.

Health Lilies

Since childhood, the owner of this name is distinguished by strong health. Lily does not like to go in for sports, but always looks fresh and cheerful. With age, she is likely to have problems with the kidneys, which she can prevent with the necessary preventive procedures.

Compatibility of the name Lilia

A woman with this name will be happy in marriage with Trofim, Rostislav, Robert, Nicholas, Makar, Leonid, Lion, Cyril, Egor, Dmitry, Gleb, Valery, Boris, Artem. Lilia's relations with Yaroslav, Yury, Philip, Stepan, Oleg, Platon, Ivan, Denis, Herman, Georgi, Vladimir, Arthur, Anton may not work out.

Name Analogs

In many countries of the world, this name is common for a girl. Lily in different languages ​​sounds differently, but it means the same thing. Most often this name is found in Russia, Spain, Germany, England (Lily), Poland, Serbia (Lilya, Lilka), Italy (Gilola, Jillia), Norway (Lilly), Sweden, Scotland (Liles, Lilias, Lillias) Iceland (Lily).


Many famous writers, musicians, statesmen and scientists bore the name Lilia. The meaning of this name gave its owners a special charm. Many know the Brazilian actress Cabral Lilia, famous Russian artist Lebedeva Lilia. Lilya Brik (Russian writer, Vladimir Mayakovsky's muse), Lilia Ignatova (sportswoman from Bulgaria), Lilia Skala (American actress), Liliya Tolmacheva (Soviet actress), Liliya Gritsenko (actress, opera singer), Lilia Gildeeva ( Russian TV presenter and journalist), Liliya Shaulukhova (singer) and many others.

Horoscope named Lilia

  • The stone-talisman is jasper.
  • Sign of the Zodiac - Virgo.
  • The planet-protector is Mercury.
  • The happy color is brown.
  • An animal-patron is a doe.
  • The plant is a lily.

Ancient, mysterious and very beautiful is the name of Lily. The meaning of this name gives its owner a sharp mind and a rare charm. The girl named Lilia will grow up as a bright thinking woman, capable of making the world around him more interesting and richer.