A very rare and very beautiful name, denoting the good news, good news. It comes from the word "gospel", which is the name of the sacred biblical text about Jesus Christ. However, in life, the owner of this name, as a rule, is far from the realities of the spiritual world. Below we will consider in detail what the name of Evangeline, its significance for the child and various aspects of the influence on the life of an adult woman conceals in itself. In addition, we learn some forms of it, common in other countries.

Evangeline's name: meaning, origin

The meaning of the name of Evangeline for the child

Since childhood, young Evangeline shows signs of a serious nature. At times, it becomes simply unbearable, so the parents, choosing for their daughter the name of Evangeline, the meaning of which promised, as they thought, a sweet, complaisant child, come to the conclusion that they were mistaken in their calculations. The girl will be capricious and willful, and besides, in any controversial matter she will try to persuade everyone to her side and subordinate her point of view. Therefore, we will have to get used to the fact that every more or less serious business will be fraught with tension in the relationship between Evangelina and the rest of the household, right down to conflicts. On the other hand, the girl will grow sober, assiduous, taking into account the existing rules. In regard to trifles, she will willingly obey the parents and, when necessary, ask permission. It does not have to wait for unexpected pranks and pampering. Another feature, characteristic of those who bear the name of Evangeline, is the importance they attach to heavy physical exertion. If in brief, they carefully avoid them, because they are very difficult to tolerate. This inability to do physical labor is one of the weak points of Evangelina.

As a positive feature of the given name, or rather the person who is endowed with them, one can note its close relationship with the sciences. The girl learns incredibly fast and learns new information. In addition, it is easy for them to give and like such skills that require exposure and concentration, like embroidery, painting, music. But for sports, dances and other active leisure activities Evangeline does not gravitate, as well as to heavy physical labor.

Despite their wilfulness and a difficult nature, those who bear the name of Evangeline, the value attached primarily to family ties, which are very cherished. The girl has a special connection with her mother, in which she resembles something. Unfortunately, it is this attachment that in some unthinkable way leads to the fact that most often the conflict situations in the Evangelina family arise precisely with the mother.

The life of the evangelist (the meaning of the name of Evangelina) and her fate in terms of personal relationships are not easy from the earliest years. The fact is that the puberty begins at a relatively early age and passes quite intensively. Evangeline clearly stands out against the background of peers who have not yet completely left the childhood. She is the first among girlfriends to resort to cosmetics, adjust her wardrobe and style, in order to make herself more attractive to boys. Having entered into a relationship with the person of the opposite sex, manifests itself as a sensual, impulsive, emotionally charged nature. A partner is trustful and usually focuses on a serious relationship, which he tries to build and maintain with all his might. Because of this, she often gives out wishful thinking and makes many mistakes, which leads to suffering and disappointment.

The feminine name of Evangelin, the meaning of which we have considered above, in the family life inclines its possessor to the establishment of dictate, which fully corresponds to this semantics. A woman with this name shows incredible energy, just to gain the upper hand and to establish the principle of her independence. When her ambitions are fully realized, she is ready to transfer the burden of everyday leadership to her husband in order to relieve herself of the burden of everyday responsibility. In this sense, it shows complaisance and compliance, if, of course, her husband turns out to be a man as strong and independent. But when it comes to something really serious, Evangeline can again remind her of her rights and engage in a fight if something is at odds with her wishes. But, by and large, the family life of Evangelina is harmonious and measured. She is able to leave her expressive nature at work (where she shows it in full force) and become a good-natured guardian of family comfort.

As for professional realization, it is not just one of the parties, it is a special element in which Evangelina lives. The meaning of the name, character and destiny, which this name identifies, allow it to break through to the very top and take the lead. Often, however, Evangeline is illegible in the media, believing that not entirely noble methods are justified by the nobility of goals. If necessary, a woman with this name can walk through the heads and give up something important, just to win a decisive battle. To concede in the career sphere is not in the character of Evangelina. This makes her a strong and dangerous player, but, unfortunately, often a bad example to follow.

First of all, he appreciates the possibility of communication and intellectual growth. Therefore, the sphere of activity tries to find one where it is possible to realize these qualities to the maximum.

Name History

Now a few words about how and when this rather rare name appeared. Concerning many others, it is quite new and, one may even say, specific. From the Greek language it can be translated as "glad tidings", or as "evangelist" - this is the literal meaning of the name of Evangelina. What the name means in a broader sense is easy to understand if we recall the eponymous genre of Christian literature, several examples of which are included in the biblical canon. From this point of view Evangeline will mean a woman dedicated to the gospel, or living according to the gospel. It is interesting to note that such distinctly traceable religious associations have no reinforcement from the church tradition, within which there is not one more or less known and widely revered saint with this name.

Famous people named Evangeline

The first one to note is the well-known predictor Vanga. Few know, but Vanga is Vangelia, a local version of the name of Evangelina. Of the more modern, you can recall Evangelina Lily, an actress from Canada, who gained fame due to her role in the television series Lost. Another famous person with this name is the wife of the famous football player Martin Dimekilis Evangelina Anderson. She comes from Argentina, and is known to the world as a model.

Different forms of the name of Evangelina

The specifics of origin and significance make this name quite rare in the world. Mostly it occurs in European countries and in countries with a predominantly Christian population. And in some of them this name exists both in female and in male forms. And in Serbia, for example, exclusively in the male - Vanjel. Among other forms, you can find such: Evangelina, Evangeline, Evangelia and similar consonant variants.