Arsene is the name, popular in the Caucasus, predominantly Muslim regions. For example, choosing how to name your baby, have you watched the various boys ' names. Hope you liked, and you decided to stay on it. In this case, you should familiarize yourself with what need to expect from your child in the future. Sonorous and clear, this name is associated with courage and strength possessed by its bearer. Whether so it actually?

The name Arsene: importance and characteristics

The origin of the name Arsene

It is not known where the name Arsen. The origin of the name has traditionally been associated, however, with the Greek word "arsenikos", which translates as "male". If you follow this etymology, it will be related to the name Arseny. The last option in the course of the Christians. While the "Arsene" is the name, mostly common in Islamic regions.


The name Arsen, meaning "male", really makes its bearer a man, which clearly manifested all masculine traits. Since childhood, Arsene is famous for its fighting qualities, courage and fearlessness. He is not afraid of the risks he is willing to go ahead until the very end. Downside, not very pleasant for parents and others, is that Arsene often creates a reputation as flighty, quarrelsome and aggressive child. From it periodically, you have to expect trouble, and not always harmless pranks.

Personal life

Amorous and fervor is what first shows Arsene. The meaning of the name, the character of this man are such that he chooses his girls, fully embodies the archetype of the female. This means that in the opposite sex, he appreciates the softness, inner beauty, femininity and intelligence. Beautiful dummy he absolutely abhorrent. But, even finding himself a girlfriend for the soul, Arsene cools to it as fast as it falls. But because his personal life is a series of bright but short novels. Falls in love with a young man with all the force of his impulsive nature. It is important that his fiancee could keep him interest in you. Otherwise, only he will feel the boredom and stagnation of the senses, he will easily be addicted to another girl, not having to put the point in previous relationships. So it affects the behavior of the name Arsen. Importance it attaches only to the internal sense, without assuming any formal obligations. And because of him, it would be correct to say that it is true, yet in love. And then it is not able to stop any moral and ethical considerations.

The name Arsene, the value of which is incomparably great personal life, in a natural way and affects the family. As a rule, the sooner Arsene gets married. And is usually quickly divorced. For a person with this name is normally several times to marry where he belongs just as to some formalities. Nevertheless, he tries to sign with a girl's feelings which is more or less certain. But, if you still fall in love with another, will not be torturing yourself and just get divorced.

As for the children, then Arsene just loves them. Takes an active part in their education and takes care of all their material content. Things like the comfort of home, his little cares, and he shows no interest in this area, leaving all the worries of a home to his wife. Arsene does not show also much interest to the parents of his beloved. So the relationship is quite smooth – no scandals, but without family attachment. Really he only likes his own mother, which for him means very much.

A taste for exciting companies and meetings with friends – this is another trait that characterizes the name Arsen. Nationality and traditions of the people here also play a role (after all, most Arsen is a native of the Caucasus), but the guy itself is very appreciate a similar pastime. He has many friends, and he pays them enough time and attention, so the wife needs to respect that. In addition, Arsene usually likes animals, and his family is always a place for dog, cat and anyone else.

Famous people

In Russia, the most famous person with this name is a politician Arsen Kanokov, who is President of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic