Anita is a name that is rarely seen among Russian women. The names of the girls who are being sorted by parents to name their daughter are, of course, kept, but more often than not, it gives way to the name Anna, whose abbreviation and type is considered. However, below we will talk about this name as an independent representative of the onomasticon.

The name Anita: meaning of name and characteristics

Anita: the origin of the name and meaning

First of all, we turn to the etymology of the name in order to make a first impression of its meaning. As already mentioned, the name of Anita is often seen as a variation of the name Anna. Etymologically, this is true. So, if the latter comes from the Hebrew word meaning "grace," then Anita is a very ancient Germanized form of the Hebrew name. So ancient that it has long been an independent name, although it retained its former importance.


Anita, the meaning of whose name comes down to the notion of grace and grace, is by no means such an evil person as may seem at first glance. In fact, the girl from the first days of life demonstrates such qualities as selfishness and obstinacy. The baby is very stubborn and, in addition, likes to be in the spotlight, "star." At about three years Anita begins to surprise others with her unparalleled independence. The girl likes to choose what to do, what to wear, when to go to bed and what to eat. Her stubbornness and desire for freedom often leads to conflicts with parents and educators. So with this child is not at all easy. A small star requires attention, and to achieve the desired, it can manipulate people.

Anita, whose meaning is largely determined by the girl's temperament, also affects her health. Compared to other people, the baby is particularly vulnerable to infections. So parents should take special care of their daughter's health. As a preventive measure, it would be nice to strengthen the immunity of a girl with the help of proper diet, hardening and regular sports activities. In addition, periodic examinations at the doctor will not be superfluous.

Sport and recreation - this is another characteristic weakness for women with the name Anita. The meaning of the name implies a special love for music. However, while doing a lot of both, Anita rarely achieves serious success in anything, as she gets used to spraying and often changes her preferences and hobbies.

A woman named Anita is by nature a dictator and often seeks to subordinate everyone to her will. She does not forgive her offenders. Moreover, it is capable of brutal revenge.

Personal relationships

In love, as in life, Anita likes to "star." This means that she surrounds herself with numerous fans and enjoys their attention. However, he does not allow himself to many, preferring to always keep his distance. Among his boyfriends he looks for the most worthy ones and only allows them to get closer to himself. He also has a tendency to "collectively" his partners. In any case, in a relationship in the first place puts itself, their feelings and their pleasure. If she starts something not to arrange in a partner, she without a shadow of regret and without a single hint of suffering will break off relations.

Anita - not one of those girls who want to get married as soon as possible. Few names of girls differ in this feature. Especially in her youth, she prefers not to burden herself with obligations and is completely satisfied with free relations. In an official marriage, Anita enters, most often, closer to thirty years. The husband chooses a strong, charismatic, but at the same time complaisant and calm. Otherwise, the family can not avoid conflicts. The healthiest and most cozy atmosphere in the house will be obtained if Anita's husband is a phlegmatic.

In the house the girl shows herself as loving beauty, order and comfort. She is not very inclined to farm, but she always supports the necessary minimum. However, the duties of the house are trying to share with the husband, since he is an advocate of equality.

Career growth for Anita is a very important sphere of life, which allows her to feel her importance and social weight. She is sociable and knows how to influence people, she often uses this in her work. Before Anita, the doors of many professions are open and whatever she chooses, she will push her way upward aggressively, purposefully, and sometimes aggressively. Do not bother to walk "on the head", if necessary, and coolly, severely straightened out with their competitors and enemies.