Anita is the name, which is not often seen among Russian women. The names of the girls who plucked the parents to call his daughter, he, of course, contain, but most often it gives place to the name of Anna, a reduction and a variation which is considered. However, below we will talk about this name as an independent representative of the onomasticon.

The name Anita: meaning of name and characteristics

Anita: the origin of the name and the value

First and foremost, we refer to the etymology of the name to make a first impression about its meaning. As already mentioned, Anita is often seen as a variation of the name Anna. Etymologically this is true. So, if the latter comes from the Hebrew word meaning "grace", then Anita is a very ancient Germanized form of the Jewish name. So ancient that for a long time became a separate name, though retained the old value.


Anita, the value of which is reduced to the concept of mercy and grace, is not so unctuous person, as it may seem at first glance. In fact, the girl with the first days of life demonstrates the qualities of selfishness and obstinacy. Baby is very stubborn and, moreover, loves to be the center of attention, to show off. About three years Anita starts to amaze others with their unprecedented autonomy. The girl likes to choose what to do with herself, what to wear, when to sleep and what to eat. Her stubbornness and desire for freedom often leads to conflicts with parents and caregivers. But because this child has is not easy. Little star demands attention, and in order to achieve the desired, it can manipulate people.

Anita, the value of which largely determines the temperament of the girls, also reflected on her health. Compared to other people, the baby is particularly vulnerable to infections. So parents must pay special attention to the condition of his daughter. As prophylaxis it would be good to strengthen the immune system girls with the right diet, training and regular sports activities. Besides the periodic medical examination as not to be redundant.

Sport and active recreation is another characteristic weakness for women named Anita. The value of the name implies a special love for music. However, doing a lot of that, and another, Anita seldom reaches serious success in any one thing because it accustomed to be sprayed and often change their preferences and Hobbies.

Woman with name Anita is by nature a dictator, and often seeks to bend all to his will. The offenders, it does not forgive. Moreover, able to revenge.

Personal relationships

In love, as in life, Anita loves to show off. This means that she surrounds herself many fans and enjoys their attention. However, a permit is not many, preferring always to keep a distance. Among their suitors looking for the most worthy and only allows them to approach closer. Has a tendency to kind of "collecting" their partners. In any case, the relationship in the first place puts yourself, your feelings and your pleasure. If it will not hold a partner, it is without a shadow of regret, no hint of suffering will break relations.

Anita – not one of those girls who are very keen to get married. A few names girls differ in this feature. Especially in the young girl prefers not to burden themselves with the obligations and completely satisfied free relationship. In a formal marriage Anita enters, most often, closer to thirty years. Husband chooses a strong, charismatic, but at the same time flexible and relaxed. Otherwise, the family is not to avoid conflict. The most healthy and comfortable atmosphere in the house will happen if a spouse Anita will be rational.

A girl in the house manifests itself as a lover of beauty, order and comfort. She's not very inclined to farming, but the required minimum is always supported. However, the chores, tries to share with her husband, as a supporter of equality.

Career growth for Anita – this is a very important area of life, which allows her to feel their importance and social weight. She is sociable and knows how to influence people in his work often uses it. Before Anita opened the door to many professions and whichever of them she chose, the road to the top will afford to break energetic, motivated, and sometimes aggressive. Did not disdain to go "over the heads" if necessary, and in cold blood, violantly fights with their competitors and enemies.