The name Alexander, whose origin will surely interest many, is well known in Russia. The peak of his popularity came in the 90s of the last century, when almost every third boy was called Sasha. But what does the name Alexander mean? Will it bring happiness to its owner, because, as you know, the meaning of the name reflects the nature and fate of its carrier.

Name Alexander: origin and meaning

Meaning and origin of the name

What is remarkable name Alexander? The origin of this name has its roots deep in history, its sources were discovered in ancient Greece. It came to us from Byzantium long before the establishment of Christianity. Originally it was written in the letter as “Olgsandr” and meant “the son of a druid” or “similar to Lega”. It is worth noting that, according to scientific theory, earlier heavenly beings, who, like gods, were superior to man, were called legami. But what does the name Alexander mean according to the Greek theory? This name has two roots: “alex”, meaning to protect, and “andros”, which is translated as “man”. If you put these two values ​​together, it becomes clear that the name Alexander, whose origin was designated as Greek, means “male defender”, or “protecting people”. But does its owner justify this value?

How does little Alexander grow up? “What is the name of the child?” - such words can often be heard from the elderly. And this is true, because the value of the name fully characterizes the character of the boy. He grows brave, confident, proud and perseverant. Since childhood, Alexander is a champion of justice, always trying to protect the weaker, will go to the “attack”, even if the enemy is older than himself. The mystery of the name Alexander originates in childhood and consists in his excessive attachment to his mother. In some cases, the boy tries not to show it, fearing that peers will begin to tease him with his mama's son.

The name Alexander, the origin of which has historical roots, unfortunately, does not reward its owner good health. He is prone to colds, and if the parents let it go, it can recover almost all “childhood” diseases. If Sasha will play sports, it may grow sturdy and strong man. However, in addition to colds, weak point, Alexander is the stomach, therefore, special attention should be given to the parents of his food.

Alexander learns, as a rule, not too well, but not because of a lack of knowledge, but because science simply does not attract him. He can reach certain heights in education only because of his personal ambitions in order to prove to others that he is able to overcome any obstacles. Alexander does not make any pressure in his direction, so compulsory schooling for him is a living hell. Alexander can reveal his essence in various theatrical circles, because the boy is quite gifted, has an artistic nature. If the parents devote enough time to the child and can develop talent, then in the future Alexander may become a famous actor, entertainer, or a television or radio worker.

The nature and fate of the name Alexander

The owner of this name is a cheerful, easy-to-communicate person. Sasha gets to know each other quickly, but rarely to whom he truly becomes attached. Another mystery of the name Alexander consists precisely in some of his secrecy and estrangement, he can reveal his soul only to the person in whom he will be completely sure. Sasha knows his own worth and will go long and hard to reach his intended goal, even if someone assures that this is beyond his power. Alexander is not devoid of lust for power and some vanity, vanity. He has a flexible mind, a good sense of humor. Alexander is very rarely found in a bad mood, most often with a positive guy charging and being next to him.

By the nature of Alexander can be attributed to introverts, because he is very immersed in himself. However, Sasha very much appreciates friendship, however, she prefers to be friends with men, treats women lightly. By the nature of Alexander is strict enough, but no one can blame him for injustice. Despite this, he does not tolerate criticism and can often suddenly flare up, because it is very difficult for him to admit that he is wrong among many people. However, if you find “the right approach” to Sasha and don’t touch the “forbidden topic”, then he can become the most faithful and devoted friend. Sometimes it seems that Alexander is not emotional enough, but it is not. In most cases, Sasha is simply afraid of doing something wrong and “losing face”. Alexander is not averse to a drink, while quickly losing control of himself.

Love and family

In love Alexander is quite hazardous, women can change often, sometimes courting two ladies at the same time. However, despite its volatility, the wife chooses very carefully considering not only appearance but also character and reputation. Companion Alexander will feel like a Queen, which is kind and the ruler of all, but to make the decision, because this prerogative Alexander leaves for themselves. Nature has given man enough difficult character – he is stubborn, haughty, domineering, not always faithful to his wife. However, it can be generous, he's crazy about his children, what the companion of his life and suffering.

Name Compatibility

Relations with Anna, Varvara, Veronika, Elizaveta, Zoya, Lyubov, Natalia, Oksana, Polina, Maria, Lyudmila can be successful.

Not too successful alliance with Zinaida, Svetlana, Elena, Catherine.