The sonorous name Aigul, very common in the east, is associated with tenderness and childlike spontaneity. But is it really like that? About what secrets this name holds in us, we will describe in detail in this article.

Name Aigul: meaning, character and fate

Origin of name

This name is derived from the ancient Turkic language. The meaning of the name Aigul is as follows: “ah” means the moon or a month, and “gul” means a flower. Accordingly, the translation of the name into Russian gives us a "moon flower". There is a real plant of the same name that grows, for example, in Asia. And in Kyrgyzstan there is also the mountain Aygultash, with which the following legend is connected. The beautiful daughter of one of the noble inhabitants was in love with a simple man named Ulan, about whom fame walked, as about a brave and courageous warrior. They were about to get married, but the young bride did not wait for her lover from the military campaign. Heartbroken, she decided to commit suicide and rushed down a steep cliff. And on the ground, sprinkled with unhappy blood, beautiful flowers soon grew, which received her name - Aigul. The meaning of the name, the character that it imposes, is in close connection with this romantic image, instilling Aigul from his childhood, such qualities as all-consuming passion, self-denial love and boundless devotion.


Aigul in life is a living embodiment of the image of his name - she is gentle, fragile and overflowed with bright colors of feelings and emotions. The name Aigul, the meaning of which is so vividly manifested in her life, makes the girl kind of romantic, feminine and refined. She lives in her inner world with a fabulous atmosphere, and therefore often gains the reputation of being a strange person among her more pragmatic-minded environment. Very rarely is a person who is really able to understand Aigul, the meaning of the name, character and fate of which is so far from this rational world that among all the others it gains the glory of a person not from this world. That is why she is very attached to really close people. And first of all, of course, to the mother.

Personal life

The meaning of the name Aigul and her fate in her personal life depend on the degree of her awareness and wisdom. Being by nature endowed with mystery and attractiveness, as well as masterfully mastering the art of coquetry, Aigul does not remain without attention from the very sex since childhood. This often makes her spoiled and frivolous, unable to appreciate the feelings of others. She can easily fall in love with the ears of her favorite guy just for fun, and then playfully break his heart. For her, this is a kind of fighting trophies that make up her collection in the name of female pride. She does not start a really close relationship right away, entrusting herself to the hands of a well-tested and past-tested boyfriend. In short, the name Aigul, the meaning of which likens a girl to a flower, makes her very attractive on the one hand and a very dangerous person on the other. In addition, the girl is distinguished by love for herself and attention to her own person. She prudently monitors the state of their health and appearance. He attaches great importance to beauty, elegance in clothes and good manners.

As for the family, while Aigul is ripe for this step, she will usually have time to go through the fire, water and copper pipes in the field of romantic relationships. This gives her experience, which, undoubtedly, will help her to correctly build the line of her family life. What principles she will be guided by in this, it is difficult to formulate even to herself. Aigul feels the situation more likely with his heart, intuitively. Her experience and mistakes are quite bright in terms of the amorous adventures of youth make her a wise wife and housewife. The role of the head of the family is inferior to the spouse, on whom he entrusts all the responsibilities for the material support of the family, since this is absolutely not her “trick”. In this regard, she will take as husband only a strong man with whom she can feel secure in every sense. With the same romantic as herself, she will not be able to live - such is the meaning of the name Aigul. Its compatibility is best traced with men named Artem, Mikhail, Danil, Kirill, Nikita, Egor, Azat.

Being by nature an introvert with a great inclination to periodic melancholia, Aigul is usually completely devoid of ambition and taste for career realization. She is more interested in the work associated with the withdrawal into herself, with the realization of her creative potential, and therefore she rarely occupies administrative positions. But Aigul will come out as an excellent artist or stage worker, as she has by nature stage talent, excellent hearing and a charming voice. The meaning of the name Aigul here manifests itself in the hollow power - the girl seeks to literally flourish in the business in which she is engaged, but for this she needs an inner meaning and a constant source of inspiration. If she had to do some interesting work that would not bring her moral and emotional satisfaction, Aigul would soon wither and become disheartened.

Famous people

As for the personalities from the world of celebrities, the first thing to do is recall the Kazakhstan singer, actress and TV presenter Aigul Imanbaeva. Another singer and actress, but of Tatar origin, is the famous Aigul Minshakirova.

Name Forms

In addition to the voiced above, there are other forms that have the name Aigul. Their value does not change, they simply play the role of diminutive or reduced versions. For example, Aigul is often called Aya, Aygusha or Gulya. In the latter case, it is important not to confuse it with any other name, since the root “ghoul” in Asian countries plays a word-building role in many names.