In order to fully cover this topic, let's first understand what a birthday is and what day of the angel. Name – this is the day of memory of Orthodox Saint whose name is given to a person at baptism. And angel's day is the day when the baptized person, and in some cases it may not coincide with the day of memory of the namesake Saint, but this day is also often called the birthday party. Before answering the question of when the birthdays of Xenia on the Church calendar, first take a look at some special Orthodox rules.

Birthday Ksenia

Name day and baptism

A very old Orthodox tradition was to name the child according to the Orthodox calendar (calendar) that includes the name of the Saint who becomes his guardian angel through life. Considering the theme of "Birthday Ksenia" dwell on one very important aspect.

It is best to choose a baby name that day when he was born. However, here's a little tip for parents. First: in the day when the child was born, you need to go to Church and enjoy a special divine service to him birth was sanctified by prayer to God and all the saints. Second: on the eighth day bring the baby to the temple, again to make special prayers to him and choose the name of the patron Saint. And third, on the fortieth day the baby also bring to Church, to priest performed the rite of Churching. Only now, after this training, the child is ready for baptism.

Birthday Ksenia

And here we finally come to the main question. The name day of the Xenia on the 6th of February (January 24 old style). It has two patron saints. Is Xenia of Petersburg and Xenia Milas. Delve a little into the history of the lives of these saints, as God's great mercy they have received the gift to help people and to heal them from ailments. On this day the Orthodox Church especially honors their memory.

Holy Blessed Xenia. Orthodox names

Xenia was born in the first half of the XVIII century, during the reign of Elizabeth. After the untimely death of the young husband Andrew (she was only 26 years old) she has doomed herself to the exploit of foolishness for Christ's sake. She suddenly realized that he died completely unprepared for the Kingdom of Heaven, no Christian preparation and prayers of repentance. And then she wanted a deed of life to beg God for forgiveness and to atone for earthly sins of the servant of God Andrew. Xenia gave away all his possessions to the destitute and the poor, and even his house signed friend Paraskeva Antonova. Then put on the uniform and began to call himself Andrey Fedorovich – the name of the husband. From this moment on, she assured everyone that died Xenia – his wife.

Xenia began to wander the streets of St. Petersburg, meekly enduring human mockery and ridicule. But over time people got used to it. More time passed and they began to notice that she's taking alms only from good people, but again gives to the poor. At night she went out in the field and constantly prayed. The grace of God visited her, and she received the gift of clairvoyance: the people to whom it came or did not take the alms, things were going better, and the sick healed. Was a great honor to serve her. 71 year Holy Holy fool Ksenia slept a righteous sleep. Her body was buried in the cemetery in Smolensk.

In June 1988, the Blessed Xenia was canonized by the Pomestny Cathedral of the ROC.

The Monk Xenia (in the world of Eusebius)

Revealing in detail the topic "Birthday Xenia", it is necessary to know the history and the St. Xenia, who lived in the V century and was the only daughter of a wealthy Roman nobleman. Having an extraordinary love for God, she wanted to become a nun, and when she wanted to marry, she ran away from home along with two maids in the city Miles in Caesarea. There they met with the Abbot of the local monastery by Andrew, and the girl begged him to take them. In Milassa the nun Xenia has bought land and built the Church of St. Stephen. Then there was founded a convent.

After some time, the Bishop of the city Paul consecrated her a Deaconess. St. Xenia was for the poor a great benefactor, for sinners – a guide, and for the grief – Comforter. She had a deep humility, accounting himself most sinful of all, and attracted to the salvation of many souls. The day of death and all the people saw over the monastery of the sign in the form of a bright crown with a cross inside it, which was accompanied by her Holy body to the moment of burial. Patients to touch the relics of the Saint, received healing.

Now the name-day Ksenia celebrates the entire Russian Orthodox people, believing that the saint will hear their prayers and clap to God for the salvation of their souls.