History of the icon “Holy virgin” is lost in those early centuries, when on the shores of the Bosphorus, towering walls of the strong bulwark of Orthodoxy — Constantinople. To this day scientists are unable to decide when the dark autumn night stretched over the Blachernae Church the saving intercession of the virgin. And this has its own symbolism. This event remained beyond the time. For many centuries the people keep this timeless cover.

The legendary temple on the banks of the Bosphorus

The icon of the Holy virgin: a history of icons and prayer

Icon “Holy virgin” presents us with an event that happened in the X century. In Constantinople, it was the name of Constantinople for opulent palaces and massive fortifications, was one of the most revered temples of the Byzantine Blachernae. He towered over the waters of the Bosphorus. In its sacristy was kept many priceless relics of the Orthodox Church. But other than that every Friday in the Church was a miracle. Was it a special cover that covered the altar with the mosaic image of the blessed virgin. Once a week he was up in the air and opened to all present the image of the virgin. The next day, he is also a wonderful way down and occupied their old place until next Friday.

Siege of the Saracens of Constantinople

The historical period was very difficult for Byzantium. It was rocked by constant wars. Once again the hordes of the Saracens approached Constantinople. The situation was critical, and the inhabitants of the city and all the higher clergy gathered under the vaults of the Cathedral for the vigil to ask for help from the Heavenly Queen. Among those who came for prayer was a Holy fool named Andrew, along with his constant companion of Epiphanius. The inhabitants of the city knew Andrew and honored him for his deep piety and intelligence, hidden under the mask outside distractions.

The tradition says that during the service was to him and his companion a great vision. Vanished into thin air, the roof of the temple, and all was illuminated with unearthly light. And they beheld the blessed virgin with the Holy prophets and apostles, the procession from the Royal doors over the heads of the worshipers.

The effulgence emanating from the face of the virgin, was the unearthly light that illuminated the temple. He kneeled down, and prayed to the most Holy Son for all who gathered in the temple, and for the entire Orthodox world. Then, lifting up her coat, spread it over the worshipers. Was honored Andrew and Epiphanius to see the cover of suddenly became so big, he covered the whole Orthodox world.

Deliverance, sent down by the Virgin

That very night the Saracens, terrified, fled from the confines of the Byzantine Empire. This event occurred on 14 October. Only a year remained unknown. Some researchers believe that this is the 910, but documentary evidence that there is. Icon “Holy virgin” depicts the moment when the Queen of Heaven stretched out above your temple cover. We had a lot of cases, when Reese saved Constantinople from its enemies. So, during the invasion of the Scythians, lowered her into the waters of the Gulf, and rising of a sudden storm scattered and sank an enemy rook. The virgin saved the city from the wicked Hagarites, in the year 866 of the pagan hordes from the Russian of Prince Askold.

Celebration of icons in Russia

But, despite the fact that the miracle occurred in the Byzantine Empire, to celebrate this holiday started in Russia. Here for the first time, the icon “Holy virgin” is celebrated on 1 October (article style). In Vladimir, the capital of the Vladimir-Suzdal land in the twelfth century was ruled by the Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky. Being constantly in campaigns and battles, he dreamed about the world. Its main relic was the icon of “Holy virgin”.

Prayer in front of her helped the Prince to gain strength and confidence in the intercession of the Queen of Heaven. The Prince never ceased to pray over his lands has always been invisibly stretched out her Cover. It was he who established in Russia the feast. On his command at the confluence of the Klyazma and the Nerl was built the wondrous Church of the intercession, in which was kept the icon image of “Holy virgin”. Many other temples Pokrovsky appeared in Holy Russia.

In fact, the capital city of Vladimir Andrey Bogolyubsky built of white stone Cathedral of the assumption. Among the sacred images of his was the icon of “Holy virgin”. Photo of the Cathedral are presented in this article. Chapter of the Cathedral, with domes like helmets of soldiers standing guard over the great city. Many miracles revealed the image of “Holy virgin”. Icon, the value of which is the claim of divine assistance, granted through the intercession of the Queen of Heaven, has always supported and saved the Russians in hard times.

Intercession Cathedral in Moscow

In Moscow on red square stands the wondrous beauty of St. Basil's Cathedral. It was founded during the reign of Ivan the terrible to commemorate the capture of Kazan. Victory on the banks of the Volga Russian troops won on the day of this festival. Returning from a trip, the king celebrated an akathist to the icon of “Holy virgin” and in the memory of the glorious events ordered to build a temple. Now it is commonly known as St. Basil's Cathedral — Moscow Holy fool who lived in the XVI century. The temple houses an ancient and revered icon of “Holy virgin”. Prayer in front of her many times saved Russia from enemies.

Icon features icons from different schools

The emergence in Russia of icons dedicated to the miracle that occurred in the Blachernae Church, refers to the XII century ― the days preceding the invasion of the Tatars, but the earliest extant date from the XIII century. In the XIV century have distinctively developed two basic versions (types) of the image. Moscow recension of the image of “Holy virgin” — the icon, the value of which is that she's portraying in every detail the scene that occurred in the Blachernae Church, demonstrates not only the Queen of Heaven stretches out her coat, but the saints around Her. Thus support of all the forces of heaven. The Pokrov mother of God holds in his hands herself.

The other recension, it is called "Novgorod", characterized by the fact that in the hands of the Mother of God raised up in prayer impulse. The cover in this case, the angels hold. It argued that in this case depicts a miracle that occurred in the temple every Friday, when the cover itself up, revealing the image of the virgin.

People's Feast of Intercession

This holiday was celebrated in autumn on the first day of October. In the villages it was time to end the field work and the beginning of the autumn wedding season. These days, the brides and grooms special honor enjoyed the icon “the Holy virgin”. Prayer in front of her helped in future family life. There was even a belief among the brides — whose spark will be the first in front of the icon, the one and get married before the others. Years passed, but in our day, girls pray in front of her for the gift of a good groom, and married — on family happiness and health of children. Generally, it is considered that special protection icon that is delivered by women.

Existed also in the villages believed that the last sheaf compressed "poginuli" — should store, and in the feast of the Intercession to stand in the yard and give to the cattle. It was a pledge from winter starvation and other ills. Of course, there are echoes of pagan times, but if you look carefully in folk customs, you can find them very, very much. They have long been part of our culture.

Icons made by embroidery

Icon “intercession of the Theotokos”, a photo which concludes the paper, is not very usual way, this beading. Often in the manufacture of icons in a similar way prefer it to this story. The embroidery is a traditional women's art. And not surprisingly, embroiderers liked to portray in their works their intercessor and Protectress. Now this folk craft is widely developing, and can often be seen beaded embroidered icon of great beauty.

Hard to count as for nine centuries created different versions of the scene of this icon. None of the icon painting workshop was not spared a similar theme. And this is logical. Holy mother of God is our protection, hope and cover. It is something without which can not live in Russia.