One of the brightest and most colorful images of the Blessed Virgin is the icon "Undying color". The Virgin is always depicted on it among flowers and plants. And it is not surprising that this image enjoys love not only among Orthodox believers, but also among people who do not identify with religion. The Green Party initiated the construction of a chapel in honor of this image in Moscow on the territory of the Alekseevsky Monastery. On their initiative, the icon "Undying color", a photo of which before you, became a symbol of the struggle for the ecology of Russia.

The image from the chapel of the Alekseevsky Monastery

Icon of the Undying Color: Meaning, Prayer

The choice for the construction of the chapel of the Alekseevsky Monastery is completely justified. The fact is that here in ancient times the most venerated icon of the Virgin "The Unfading Color" was kept in the Orthodox world. However, even during the reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, she was lost. Now it is difficult to say exactly what caused the monastery to lose such an important shrine. But since then, in the multitude there have been confirmations of the miracles manifested in this remarkable way.

At the present time another icon "Undying color" is represented in the chapel, but according to the worshipers, it also works wonders. And this should not be surprising. The fact is that "Undying color" - an icon, meaning, prayer and even iconographic style of which are filled with a special content. They go beyond the traditional image of the Mother of God. The mere image of the Virgin Mary and the Child, surrounded by flowers, carries a powerful positive charge.

Miraculous icon from Voronezh

Among the existing icons of this type, a miraculous icon from the city of Voronezh, which was kept in the Nativity-Bogoroditskaya church, is widely known in Orthodox circles. Its history is noteworthy. During the years of the revolution, it disappeared. Information about it was preserved only in archival documents of that period.

But at the beginning of the 2000s, when they began to return everything that had been illegally taken away to the faithful, the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God was returned to the parishioners. However, this holiday was a wonderful phenomenon of the very icon, which was considered irretrievably lost. Now it can be seen in Voronezh in the left border of the Intercession Church. Already in our days there is a lot of evidence of her miracle work.

Icon of the Virgin from Saratov

Another icon of the Mother of God "Undying color", which can not be ignored, is in Saratov. It is stored in a temple, built and consecrated in honor of another well-known icon of the Mother of God - "Quench my sorrows". This icon is remarkable in that it was written by a Greek master on the holy Mount Athos in the Andreevsky monastery. The exact dating of the creation of the image could not be established, according to researchers, it was written no later than the middle of the XIX century.

Arzamas image, lost and recreated again

In the Intercession Women's Monastery near Arzamas before the revolution, there was also the icon of the Mother of God, "The Unfading Color", revered by everyone. But in the fire of the revolution the monastery was badly damaged, but the shrine itself was irretrievably lost. Remained only memories of the miracles sent down through her by the Queen of Heaven. In 2010, one of the businessmen Ardatov initiated the reconstruction of the image on the basis of preserved photographs and testimonies of old parishioners who remember the icon. Specialists were invited, with their help the image was restored.

Favorite image of the Monk Seraphim of Sarov

Another icon, famous for its miracles, "Undying color" is in the city of Kadom. Here once settled the Merciful-Bogorodsky monastery. Today it is not yet restored and lies in ruins, but in its territory there is a temple in which the icon "Undying color", brought from Georgia, is located.

During the long years of God-fighting, it was kept in a private house, only during the church revival was transferred to the temple. This icon is remarkable, above all, by the fact that once it was with the holy St. Seraphim of Sarov and enjoyed his special love. A characteristic feature of the iconography of the image is the belt figure of John the Baptist, portrayed above the head of the Savior.

In 2006, in the village of Ivankovichi in the Kiev region, the temple of the icon "The Everlasting Color" was built. It is remarkable that during its construction, despite the scale of the work carried out, not a single tree was damaged from growing around. This is also a kind of miracle. In the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery (as well as a number of other museums) there are several similar miraculous images.

Help, sent through the icon

The icon "Undying color" helps, first of all, when solving all sorts of family problems. Usually it's the cases, the year in marital relations comes discord, and help is needed to strengthen them. Also, in the event of conflicts and between all other households, prayers are offered in front of her image. It has been repeatedly noted that the Mother of God helped young girls in search of a worthy companion.

It is widely believed that when praying, help is given not only to the soul, but also to the body of the worshiper, helping to preserve beauty and youth. Very important help icon "Undying color", the meaning of which is very wide, it provides people who have experienced strong life dramas. Her support is invaluable in cases where people suffer from loneliness and mental breakdown as a result of their grief. In such cases, prayer before the image inspires new strength in man, helps to survive a difficult period in life, get rid of anxieties and gloomy thoughts.

Numerous evidences of gracious help

At the present time, there is a lot of evidence of those who personally prayed for help to the Blessed Virgin before her miraculous image. The prayer of the icon "Undying color" helped many unmarried women find their chosen one and arrange a family happiness. The survivors of emotional suffering talk about the gift of spiritual balance, about the gracious help in gaining strength for later life, in getting rid of anxieties and gloomy thoughts.

A wonderful phenomenon of the icon in the village of Chernovka

The Russian Orthodox Church knows many examples of miraculous phenomena of the icons of the Most Holy Theotokos. Usually this happens at times when people especially need Her holy help. Often such phenomena occur at critical moments in history. But even today, there are cases of miraculous phenomena of the icons of the Mother of God. One of them occurred recently in the Samara region.

In the spring of 2012, in the village of Chernovka, Sergievsky district, an icon appeared on the window of an elderly woman miraculously. It is noteworthy that it happened on April 16, that is, on the day of the celebration in honor of the image of "The Unfading Color". On this day the mistress of the house decided to remove from the window an oilcloth that covered it in winter from cold winds. Imagine her astonishment when she saw in the window, freed from the protective layer, the face of the Most Holy Theotokos and Her Child. From it emanated a quiet glow. Before the bewildered gaze of the woman was the icon "Undying color".

Still not fully understanding the significance of what happened, the woman burst into tears with joy. But this miracle did not end there. Since then every evening with the onset of darkness the wonderful image disappears and appears again in the morning. Every time this happens very slowly and gradually. The image can not be taken and carried away. He seems to live in the window of the house. The mistress says that many times the church attendants came to her, and just curious people. Many tried to convict her of deception. But, no matter how hard they tried, they left the house every time in embarrassed silence. And in the window everything was still quietly lit icon "Undying color". Photo icons, unfortunately, never appeared in print, although among the visitors there were many representatives of the press.

A fertile spring in the Yeisk District

Since ancient times, on the outskirts of a small village in the Yeisk district, a miraculous source was beating from the earth. He became famous because so many sufferers received healing from his fertile waters. He healed many of the hopeless patients. And no one could say for sure when his glory began, who first knew his strength. A wooden church was built above the source and consecrated in honor of Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Many of those who came to the source remembered later that they clearly saw in his waters the outlines of the Mother of God and the Son, surrounded by flowers. According to their descriptions, the icon "Undying color" was recreated exactly. The significance of such a miracle for the suffering was enormous. Their faith from what they saw was immensely strengthened and prayers became blessed, and this brought healing. After the revolution, the church was destroyed, the spring was flooded with earth. And only in 2008 during construction works it was accidentally dug up. And again he brings healing to people, and again the prayer of the icon "Undying color" resounds over him.

It should be remembered and the image that is currently located in the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the Kherson region. This is another wonderful icon "Undying color". Its meaning is that it is myrrh-streaming. Not only from all over Ukraine, but from other states the worshipers come to her to worship and ask for the deliverance from the troubles of life in prayers.

History of the creation of the holy image

The history of creating the icon is noteworthy. In Greece, on Mount Kefalonia, a miracle happens every year, witnessed by many pilgrims. According to the tradition that has developed over many centuries, on the day of the Annunciation, white flowers are brought to the festive service, in memory of the flower that was in the hands of the archangel Gabriel at that great hour. These flowers are carefully folded into the Kyoto icons under the glass and stored there without water until the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin, that is, for five months. And every year on the same day dry stems of flowers are filled with life-giving force, fresh white buds appear on them. The appearance of these flowers inspired the Athonite icon painters to create the image of the "Undying color".

The power of the icon in our faith

Many pilgrims come to the monastery on Mount Athos to bring their wonderful prayers to the miraculous icon and receive in return healing for illnesses and deliverance from ills. But sometimes people forget that the Lord brings healing and deliverance, and the "Unfading color" is an icon. The meaning of prayer will have only if there is a deep faith. "According to your faith you will be!" - Jesus Christ commanded his disciples. The icon "Undying color" helps only those who keep these words in their hearts.

In their sermons, the priests of Athos monasteries say poetically that the stems of flowers in the icon of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos are like the souls of people. Like flowers, the withering away of moisture and vital juices wither, so human souls, devoid of blessed communion with God, steeped in sins, wither away in moral desolation. And just as those white buds touched by the whiff of God's lips, are able to be reborn, to be filled with fragrance.

Nothing is so capable of affecting a person and the world around him, like a prayer, lifted up to God from the depths of our heart, full of faith. Holy Fathers teach us that words that lack confidence in the all-encompassing mercy of God will never gain a beneficial power. They will always remain just an empty and useless set of sounds.