The first information about the miraculous icon

The first information about this miraculous icon refers to the beginning of the XII century. It is known that she was kept in a chapel, near the legendary city of Kitezh, in the Gorodetsky Monastery. This continued until the hordes of Batu passed through the Russian lands. Gorodets, and with it the monastery, were completely looted and burnt. The miraculous image disappeared without a trace. Those who were fortunate enough to survive the invasion of the Tatars believed that it was hopelessly lost, but after some time, what happened is now called the first of its famous miracles.

By the will of the Creator, having escaped the fire of fires, the image was again revealed to the Russian land. The legends present several versions of this event to us, and the names of various historical persons who were honored to be the first to take the newly acquired shrine in their hands, are called in them, but one thing is certain: the Queen of Heaven, by the miraculous image, attested to its everlasting help and support to all those who with deep faith rely on her.

The acquisition of the image by Prince Vasily

In connection with this event, most often mentioned Prince Vasily Kostromskaya. It is said that one day during the hunt he saw the image of the Mother of God in the branches of the tree. With great honor and accompanied by the clergy, the find was moved to Kostroma and placed in the city church. There were those who immediately recognized in this icon an image that was considered dead in the fire of a fire.

Icon of Our Lady of Fedorovskaya

Soon there was another miracle, which served as an occasion to call the icon as it is accepted today. One day the amazed inhabitants of Kostroma witnessed how some wonderful warrior in the image of the holy Great Martyr Fyodor Stratelite traveled through the city carrying the newly acquired icon in his hands. It was from this time on that she began to be called - the icon of the Mother of God Fedorovskaya.

New disasters and miracles

Then the church legend narrates about the new calamities that befell the inhabitants of Kostroma, and about the new manifestations of miracle forces. So, it is mentioned that soon after the icon was found, the wooden temple where it was located burned down, but when inconsolable townspeople began to rake away the still smoking ashes, they suddenly found a completely uninjured image. And this was not the last time that the icon of the Mother of God Fedorovskaya miraculously remained untouched by fire.

In those days, buildings in Russia were built most often of wood, because the fires were not uncommon. After some time flared and the newly rebuilt Cathedral Church. When the townspeople rushed to save from the fire his Shrine, then suddenly saw the icon, slowly rising from the fire, hung in the air and were ready forever to dissolve in the sky. It became clear that the Queen of Heaven leaves them for the sins committed by the people. All fell on his knees and tearfully repented before the Shrine. Only after that icon, drifted in the air, fell on the town square.

Salvation of Kostroma from the Tatars

It is difficult to list all the miracles revealed by the Virgin through this miraculous image of her. Suffice it to recall how in 1260, when the hordes of Tatars again came to the city, the icon saved Kostroma from imminent death. Carried out on the hands of the defenders of the city from the temple, she blinded the enemies with a powerful radiance emanating from her. Frantic with terror, the enemies rushed to flee and did not return. At the behest of Prince Vasily the icon was installed in the Assumption Cathedral of Kostroma and decorated with a precious rhizome. There she stayed until 1929. The Akathist Fedorov Icon of the Mother of God was composed.

The erection of the reign of Mikhail Fedorovich

But the most striking event in Russian history, in which the icon of the Mother of God Fedorovskaya played the most important role, was the accession to the reign of the founder of the Romanov dynasty, Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. It is known for certain that the embassy of the Zemsky Sobor, which had come from Moscow to Kostroma, intended to announce to the young Mikhail about the great mission entrusted to him, brought with it two icons - the Virgin of Vladimir and the icon of the Moscow miracle workers.

Residents of Kostroma, meeting the embassy with the Fedorov Icon, went to the nearby Ipatievsky Monastery, where he was at that time, along with his mother, the nun Matryona, the future sovereign. It is known how obstinately the mother and son resisted the acceptance of the royal scepter, and only by the will of the Queen of Heaven, sealed on the miraculous icon, their consent was received.

It was in front of Fedorov's icon that the nun Matryona fell on his knees, blessing Mikhail Fedorovich's son for the kingdom. It happened in a memorable 1613 year. He put an end to the difficult period in the history of the country - the Time of Troubles. From this year began the three hundred-year count of reign of the reigning house of the Romanovs.

Icon preserved by God's providence

In the twentieth century, with all its turmoil and troubles, God's Providence was saved Fedorovskaya icon of the Mother of God. What helps people the Holy virgin? What I ask of her in fervent prayer. Here and saved your most pure image, heeding the pleas of many Orthodox Christians who suffered in the era of atheistic Communist persecution.

Now this wonderworking image is kept in the Kostroma cathedral, and in Saint Petersburg the restored and restored to life temple of the Fedorov Icon of the Mother of God opens its doors every day. It is located in the center of the city, not far from Nevsky Prospekt, and is always full of people. Here one comes to pray before one of the lists of the icon, also the glorified miracles. As the Gospel says, everyone gets by faith. The Fedorov icon of the Mother of God is also truly believing.

What helps it and what it is customary to ask?

To the Most Holy Theotokos before her this image can be treated with any requests - the Lady of Heaven will hear them, and if her will will - will help. But most often the prayer of the Fedorov Icon of the Mother of God is elevated by women during pregnancy and during childbirth. It is especially necessary to ask for her help in cases where for some reason the birth can be difficult. As in all cases of life, there is no more reliable support and protection than the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God and her help, shown through miraculous icons, one of which bears the name of Fedorovskaya.