To achieve financial independence and realize long – held dream- that aspires to be a modern man. However, to start your own business is not easy, especially in a small provincial town. There is always a risk of lack of demand and loss of the invested capital. In this article you will learn how to open a business in a small town and how to develop it.

Business in a small town

In order to create an efficient and prosperous business, you need to scan the basic needs of the population and level of prosperity in your region. It is obvious that the expensive boutique brand clothing is doomed to failure with an average earnings of 15 thousand rubles. But the chain of stores Fix Price will be in high demand. That is why the idea for a business in a small town should be based on your personal observations and common approach to the issue.

Walk the streets, read the local newspaper or Internet pages, ask around among friends, what they lack in their city. Gradually you will develop a complete picture of what is best to do and what activities to promote.

The idea for a business in a small town

The main criteria of choice of occupation

Once you decide the direction you should identify the main criteria by which it is advisable to build future business. First, ask yourself the question: how much money you are willing to invest in the development of the business? Perhaps for beginners this item is the most important, as it depends on the speed of business development. For example, with an initial capital of 50 thousand rubles, you can count only on a small removable stand on the edge of town. But 5 thousand dollars will allow them to rent a larger room and to open a retail outlet with more or less broad range.

Secondly, evaluate their capabilities. In what area do you understand best? What is your education and skill level? You might be ready to offer plumbing services or unable to access STO for vehicle maintenance.

Also, decide whether you want to develop your business independently or enlist the support of relatives or friends. This item is quite important, as in the first stage will have fussed with the tax service, rental issues, delivery of goods, and so on.

The most profitable business ideas for small towns

What kind of business is most profitable and prosperous? Perhaps to answer this question, a dream of many. But oddly enough, the most profitable ideas are the most obvious. In your city is not enough food shops? Clear the room and arrange delivery from distribution centers. As a rule, in small towns there are small and large-scale production of dairy products, cereals, breads, and much more.

If people feel the need for cheap but fashionable clothes, and therefore forced to go shopping in a larger town, take this into account. Today there are many clothing suppliers from China or directly from the factories of Russia. This product is inexpensive, if you order wholesale quantities. And mark can do 100 and even 200 %. It is worth considering the number of customers and their needs in choosing clothes. Rent a small space in the market or in the basement of a residential building will cost 20-30 thousand rubles per month.

In many provinces there is no dentists. So it is beneficial to open such a business in a small town. It is absolutely not necessary to have medical education, because you can always find a highly qualified workforce among the population. Enough to equip a working place and distribute advertising about the services in the city.

Every resident of a small town, dreaming about the amenities of the metropolis. So why not open a pizza delivery service and sushi? You don't have to rent a restaurant, a suit and the usual clean kitchen with the necessary equipment and a skilled chef. You will be surprised how actively will start to receive orders from the young people, especially before the holidays.

Internet help

Small towns, unfortunately, are not known for services distributed through the Internet. It is time to correct this situation and implement the latest technological achievements in the province! To distribute the same pizza or sushi through online orders. It is not necessary to create a personal website. Find clients in any social network through groups and communities. Because at the moment the Internet is even the most remote villages. Through the world wide web, you can also sell clothing and other goods. In this case you can save considerably on the rent.

Place ads on the provision of services of an electrician, locksmith, master of ceremonies, designer holidays and a helper around the house. Any suggestion always creates demand. This simple rule should not be forgotten.

Cooperate with nearby villages

The idea for a business in a small town is always associated with the opportunities offered by the modern Russian village. Because only there you can find the most natural products – milk, cheese, fresh meat, fish and the most delicious honey. However, the villagers are always complaining about the inability to quick implement of its product. But on this you can earn good money.

If you have a car, you can deliver the most fresh products from the villages to market your small city. Rental market of the tray does not exceed 150 rubles per day, and make a mark on the product up to 100 %. What is not the best idea for a business?

Can I start a business if there is no initial capital?

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to invest seed capital in business development. However, the exit from this situation is. Today I earn pretty good money the organizers of joint purchases. In other words, you offer people any goods under the order prepaid. You do not need to invest a penny of their money. Agree, this is a great idea for a business in a small town. The only thing that is required is to inform about their services to potential clients. This can be done both through local Newspapers and via the Internet.

Business in a small town: pros and cons

Ideas own business in a small village are endless. The main thing is to include fantasy. However, business development in such circumstances, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

For example, there is always the risk of failure, and that no one is immune. But you need to understand that even a large Corporation once risked investing their money in the project. Many famous businesspeople had to overcome the lack of understanding of others and unpleasant moments. However, perseverance and work helped earn them millions of dollars.

Business ideas for small towns have advantages over projects for large cities due to the low competition. After all, your store or service can be unique in its kind. And then you as the monopoly will have its own audience, which just do not have the choice to turn to anyone else.

The legal side of the question

Before you start a business, you need to settle legal issues, namely to register at the tax office as a sole proprietorship and pay taxes to the state. The inspector will advise you about what you need to submit declarations and how to properly maintain records. If you doubt your abilities, you can hire a permanent or free-lance accountant who will help you to cope with all the paperwork. Remember that the business must be legitimate, so it is better to arrange everything in advance.

Motivation for business development

The engine of progress in the construction of their craft is a strong motivation. You have to understand what you are working for what you want to achieve in the future and why your idea for a business in a small town has a right to exist. Big house, new car, prosperity in the family – all this and more should motivate and encourage to create their own business. Don't be afraid to start something new. After all, just acting, you will be able to get closer to my dream and to complete financial independence. The main thing – not to despair and to realize their business ideas for small towns, options, and examples of which you can find in this article.