The smallest town in the world (in area and population) is located in Croatia and is called the Hum. This status, he officially received from the representatives of Guinness Book of records in 2001. Then there was officially reported a total of 13 residents. As of today, the Hum can be called a typical medieval town, part of the buildings which have survived to the present day in its original form.Hum: the smallest city in the world

Short story

The history of this village has almost one thousand years. The beginning of its existence was laid in 1040, when a castle appeared on the ruins of a destroyed ancient defensive Roman fortress. Immediately around it grew several residential buildings. If we talk about the first written mentions of him, then they date back to the twelfth century. Then Hum was considered an important local cultural, administrative, economic and defense center. At the same time, the peak of its development. As of the sixteenth century, more than 300 people lived here.

For all time of its existence, the smallest town in the world has been in power in Italy, France, Austria and Yugoslavia. Moreover, it was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. The most difficult period in its history came in 1612, when the Hum was burnt completely. In the nineteenth century by the construction of the Church of the assumption of Mary completed the formation of its present appearance.

general description

Speaking about which is the smallest city in the world, we should focus on the fact that it acquired its current shape in the Middle Ages. Hum is located at the very top of the hill. It is surrounded by an ancient fortress wall, which is well preserved to this day. No local buildings have ever gone beyond. Here there are only one gate through which it is possible to get inside. They were built in 1562 and slightly updated over time. Space in the city is enough only for twenty small houses, located on two stone-lined streets, and a cemetery.

Modern attributes

As noted above, the Hum is the smallest city in the world by population. As of today it is officially registered only 25 inhabitants. Despite its small size, there are all the necessary attributes of a modern city, which include two churches, post office, Central square, Museum, shop, wine, Souvenirs and local handicraft. The owners of two houses rent their homes to tourists to rent.


Art lovers is the smallest town in the world can please their original frescos, most of which were established in the late twelfth century. They are in the Church of the Holy Jerolim and mainly devoted to the fragments of the cycle of the passion of Christ. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that in a single whole harmoniously combined influences of Byzantine and Romanesque arts.

Another local attraction are the iron city gates. They are bound with copper and decorated with twelve antique medallions, each of which is a symbol of one month of the year and depicts characteristic agricultural works. It should be noted and the inscription on them that invites people who arrived with good intentions, and threatens those with a bad conscience.

Separate words deserves the ceremony of the election of the mayor, which is held annually in mid-June. The right to run for mayor have only men, who are residents of not only the huma, but the 33 surrounding villages. Their voices voters vote by applying chipping to Mace one of the candidates. This whole process is accompanied by cheerful dances and music. Many tourists visit the smallest town in the world solely for the sake of participation in this event. Whatever it was, the mayor here is very symbolic. Usually the local mayor is the main work, and choose it only for the fact that he participated in various official ceremonies and helped to settle disputes between local residents.

Interesting Facts

According to an old legend, Hum arose from the joke of giants. The belief says that when they built several cities in the valley of the river Mirna, they decided to have fun and lay down the castle from the few remaining stones.

The smallest city in the world consists of only two streets, so getting lost in it is unrealistic.

Absolutely all the inhabitants of Hum are currently relatives.

In addition to the officially registered here 25 people, other people live in the city, but they leave for work in other places. The townspeople themselves exist mainly at the expense of tourists.

Hume produces a unique home-made drink called brandy called Khumska Biska. It is a tincture of various herbs with healing properties, made according to a Celtic recipe, which is 2 thousand years old. Fortress of alcohol is 38 degrees. Local residents claim that it is good for Khumsk to drink not only to the sick, but also to completely healthy people.