Chrysoprase is a stone whose properties are well known to traditional healers, magicians and astrologers. Possessing supernatural power and ability to heal people, it is widely used to create talismans and amulets. In addition, this stone is very beautiful. Its color range ranges from a delicate greenish shade to a rich emerald green. Because of this, chrysoprase is often confused with emerald. In fact, the mineral is just one of the varieties of quartz-chalcedony.

A bit of history

In times immemorial, people discovered the unusual miraculous influence that chrysoprase (stone) had on their lives and health. Properties, the sign of the zodiac, under the patronage of the mineral, its features and influence were studied by the inhabitants of ancient Hellas. The Greeks cut out mineral print, cameos and gems of amazing beauty. Also on its hard surface portraits of mythical heroes and famous people were depicted. The stone was then considered a talisman of warriors, for this very reason the famous commander Alexander the Great wore a nugget as a talisman. He believed that the mineral gives courage and improves endurance, and also grows turbid if his army is in danger.

Chrysoprase (stone): magical properties, zodiac sign, meaning, photoIn the Middle Ages, chrysoprase was the most popular of all existing nuggets. The stone, whose magical properties were known to every mortal, became a symbol of power and luxury. Its cost was measured in astronomical numbers. The mineral was encrusted with caskets, decorated with snuff boxes and weapons, rings and bracelets were made of it. To this day, for example, mosaics of chrysoprase in the chapel of St. Wenceslas in Prague and the Palace of Sanssouci in Potsdam, have been preserved.

Stone types

It is interesting, but nickel is responsible for the deep green color of chrysoprase; the more it is in stone, the more intense the color. At the same time, monochromatic nuggets are often used in jewelry, their heterogeneous “comrades” are more popular in applied and decorative art. By the way, minerals differ not only in color, they also have different physical properties:

  1. Bright green stone, reaching a beautiful emerald color.  He is the most valuable. The mineral is not completely transparent, but the beam of light freely penetrates the five-centimeter layer.
  2. Nugget apple shade.  Not all samples of this variety transmit light, therefore they are referred to the first grade of raw material that is used by jewelers.
  3. Spotted stone.  Its color palette is not uniform, so the cost is the smallest. The nugget is even often considered a fake.

Despite this, it looks very nice as a mineral of juicy grass color, and spotted chrysoprase (stone). Properties (photos of products from chrysoprase can be seen above) lie in its ability to demonstrate visually the beauty of the mineral. Take a look at any geological encyclopedia: illustrations depicting a nugget simply enchant. It also describes in detail its features and use in industry.

Mining sites

Chrysoprase - a stone whose properties will benefit in any life situation. It can become not only your personal amulet - the decoration in the house will bring happiness to all family members. Unfortunately, in nature, the mineral is quite rare. The largest deposits were discovered once in Australia. And nowadays, the green continent remains the largest supplier of nuggets on the world market.

In addition, emerald chalcedony is actively mined in the US states: Arizona, Oregon and California. In Kazakhstan, the main deposits are concentrated in the Saryku-Bolda region. As for Russia, in our country there are two known fields: Cheremshanskoe and Pstan in the Karaganda region. Poland, India and Madagascar also own stocks of chrysoprase on their territories. Geologists say that the transparent specimens of the mineral are subjected to special cutting, becoming very similar to emeralds. But most often the nugget is treated with a cabochon, after which it resembles a no less beautiful jade.

The magical properties of the stone

Since ancient times, people worshiped chrysoprase (stone). The properties, the horoscope of the zodiacal signs with which he patronized, the connection between the constellations and the influence of the stone on the fate of a person was described by the Greeks. For them, he was a symbol of good luck and success, prosperity and wealth. The mineral that people wore as a pendant on their chests helped to increase their wealth and avoid bankruptcy and material damage. Therefore, such jewelry was often ordered by businessmen and merchants. Nowadays, it will be a wonderful talisman for all entrepreneurs, businessmen, bankers and other employees who are actively involved in the financial sector.

Chrysoprase - a stone whose properties favorably affect friendship. If you are single, be sure to wear a ring with a mineral. Believe me, very soon you will find faithful and reliable comrades. In addition, this decoration will be protected from evil spirits, the evil eye and the black envy, as well as protect from the wrong deeds and fatal life mistakes. The emerald nugget is the perfect talisman for all inventors and innovators, it contributes to the birth of unique ideas and discoveries. Interestingly, in ancient times it was believed that chrysoprase helps criminals and those sentenced to death to avoid the well-deserved punishment.

Other mineral features

Of course, chrysoprase is a stone, whose properties and value are valued and revered in our day. In the modern world you can meet a lot of ill-wishers: a nugget is able to protect against the negative impact of enemies. If at the same time he will be in a silver frame, the action will increase several times. Envious people will become unarmed: a mineral like a boomerang will bring back any evil to them.

Chrysoprase will give the owner a great mood and positive thinking. Even the most sullen and depressive carrier of the stone will become an optimist. At the same time, good and good people will begin to flow into his society, capable of helping in the most difficult situations.

If your child is afraid to perform on stage, fasten a decorative pin inlaid with chrysoprase on his shirt collar, the talisman will reward him with eloquence, oratorical talent, will give confidence. In the case when someone from home goes on a journey, the amulet will help to avoid the difficulties and dangers associated with a long journey.

Interesting Facts

In order for chrysoprase to work in full force, there is one condition: the carrier must be a brave and courageous person. Only the one who shows the will to win, initiative and fearlessness, is able to make maximum use of the abilities of the magic stone. A passive person who hopes to reach certain heights with the help of an emerald nugget will be disappointed. In addition, the mineral reaches the highest power in the bracelet: this particular decoration is recommended to be worn by people who completely rely on chrysoprase (stone). The magical properties will also be stronger when you combine the mineral with silver or rose quartz.

In the Holy Scriptures, the green mineral is called the tenth foundation of the wall of Heavenly Jerusalem. They are often decorated with church utensils: Christians consider it a stone of hope and goodness. The clouding of the talisman warns the owner about the danger that threatens him or his relatives. At the same time, to return the nugget bright colors, it should be wrapped in a damp soft cloth for several hours.

Medicinal properties

There is no better talisman for people suffering from ophthalmic diseases. Chrysoprase helps to strengthen the vision, gives a clean and deep look. The ancient people believed that it helps to restore the work of the heart, to restore its former strength and even youth. He was recommended to wear to relieve muscle tension. Nugget also helps with depression and neurosis, insomnia and nightmares. Meteor-dependent people must wear an amulet during magnetic storms - it can regulate the state of the body.

People with colds also use chrysoprase (stone). The properties of the mineral are actively manifested in combination with water. The crystal is immersed in it for the whole night, after which they drink the liquid and immediately get rid of all manifestations of the virus. In short, the nugget can improve the work of all body systems, stabilize and speed up the metabolism, positively affect the endocrine glands. But there is one contraindication: prolonged exposure to the stone contributes to the development of gallstone disease. Therefore, those who are at risk, from the mineral should be abandoned.

Astrology Chrysoprase

The stone helps everyone without exception, but for those born under a certain star, it can become a truly miraculous talisman. Astrologers claim that chrysoprase (stone) helps Taurus very much: a zodiac sign absorbs properties from a mineral like a sponge. A practical Zodiac Bull seeking financial stability gains the desired material well-being. The nugget also gives him confidence and decisiveness, saves enemies from the intrigues, various hindrances and troubles in undertakings.

Suitable stone and restless Capricorn. He will save them from unnecessary anxiety, set up a positive wave, protect from dark evil energy. Aquarius is another favorite of chrysoprase. With it, they will gain a lot of creative victories, love adventures and make a huge number of friendly relations. With Aries, Lions, Libra and Scorpios, the nugget is not particularly "friendly." But at the same time you can wear it: it does not harm these signs of the zodiac, as it relates to absolutely non-aggressive minerals.