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Pressure relief valve for water, air

Why does the heating system need a relief valve? Principle of operation and valve arrangement. Which valve is applicable in a particular system with a particular type of boiler? Rules for installing a safety valve. Where are the air pressure relief valves installed?

Turbojet engine yesterday and today

The turbojet engine is one of the most important mechanisms that were invented in the twentieth century. Let's talk about what accompanied this discovery, what are the models of this device today and whether it is possible to make it yourself.

Shar Pei dogs: description, nature

Sharpei - a very funny dog ​​with small folds on his body. But in reality this breed is the real heroes who fearlessly survived the famine, medieval Chinese wars and communist repressions in the 40s of last century.

Hand mixer

A hand mixer has long celebrated its centenary. The device is simple, produced by almost all leading manufacturers of household appliances. There are differences, advantages, additional functions, attachments, etc. The article will help determine which parameters to choose and what to look for?

Vlasyoney in dogs: symptoms and treatment, photo

Vlasyoney in dogs is one of the most common problems that the owners face. This parasite reproduces very quickly. Its presence on the animal's skin can lead to serious health problems in the dog. Having seen what wounds can provoke withers in dogs, a photo of these affected skin areas, we understand that the problem should be tackled immediately without delaying treatment.

Air temperature sensor for car and more

Long gone are the times when the temperature of the ambient air was measured only with an alcohol or mercury thermometer. Today there is a wide variety of temperature sensors. With their help, the temperature of the air in the rooms and on the street is measured. Such sensors are included in electronic control circuits of climate control systems and engine control systems.

Types of feeders for poultry

To ensure that poultry can easily and timely access to feed, use special feeders. They can be purchased in specialized stores or without much effort to make your own hand from available tools.

Growing Ficus Benjamin

How to properly trim the ficus of Benjamin? Crown formation is possible in several ways. But it is necessary to act carefully, that the plant does not stop in development and does not die.

Rack jack

The jack is a mobile or portable mechanism designed to lift heavy loads. These devices are divided into five main varieties that exist on the market. Everyone can get a jack rack, pneumatic, hydraulic, cone-shaped, helical.

Vodka Finland: manufacturer, types, reviews

Vodka "Finland", which we will test in this article, refers to the distillates of "Premium-class". But on the shelves of bakeries, she does not in vain occupy the most honorable place. Yes, many reviews claim that the highest price segment to which vodka belongs is quite justified. And this can be understood by learning how this alcohol is made and from which unique raw materials. In this article we will pay attention to the manufacturer.

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