Relief valve excessive water pressure, air

What in the heating system need a relief valve excess pressure? The principle of operation and structure of valve. What kind of valve is applicable in your specific system with a specific type of pot? Rules for installation of safety valves. Install the pressure relief valves of the air?

Turbojet engine yesterday and today

A turbojet engine is one of the most important mechanisms, which was invented in the twentieth century. Talk that accompanied this discovery, what are the models of this device today, and is it possible to make it yourself.

How to make a DIY aquarium and accessories?

The reasons of designing by hands your hands Stages of production: selection of tools and materials, the choice of adhesive and Assembly of the aquarium. Additional fixtures to the aquarium.

Dog breed Shar-Pei: description, character

Pei looks very funny dog with small folds on the body. But in reality this breed are the real heroes who bravely survived the famine, medieval Chinese war and of Communist repression in the 40-ies of the last century.

Riddles about birds for children: about migratory birds, about pet birds

The article provides a didactic material for children: riddles about birds, home, urban, forest, field. All the riddles about birds in rhyme. Ideas for the holidays based on riddles about domestic birds – geese. Stresses the importance of a child's upbringing in the culture of the native people through folklore.

Hand mixer

Hand mixer has long celebrated its centenary. The device is simple, let him almost all the leading manufacturers of household appliances. There are differences, benefits, extra features, nozzles, etc. Article will help to decide on what parameters to choose and what to pay attention?

Vlasiei in dogs: symptoms and treatment photo

Vlasiei in dogs is one of the most common problems faced by owners. This parasite reproduces very quickly. His presence on the skin of the animal can lead to serious health problems in dogs. Seeing how wounds can trigger vlasiei in dogs, photos of these affected areas, we understand that the need to fight immediately, not delaying treatment.

The air temperature sensor for car and not only

Long gone are the days when the ambient temperature was measured only alcohol or mercury thermometer. Today there is a wide variety of temperature sensors. With their help, measured the air temperature in the premises and on the street. Such sensors are included in the electronic control circuit climate systems and engine management systems of cars.

Patchwork jeans with his hands

Patchwork of jeans is a long known technique is the manufacture of blankets, quilts and other items made of pieces of fabric. Read more about this in our article.

Types of feeders for poultry

To poultry, and are provided with timely access to the feed, using a special feeder. They can be purchased in specialized stores or easily make your own hands available improvised means.

Grown ficus Benjamin

How to trim a ficus benjamina? The crown formation is possible in several ways. But we must act carefully so the plant is not stopped in development and not dead.

Angel Elena says what are the dates?

How many beautiful female names is in the world! And each represents something, carries its own meaning. Each name has a special energy force that assists or prevents a person throughout life.

How to stretch leather shoes at home size?

It often happens that the purchased shoes do not meet the requirements of comfort due to the fact that is too narrow. Condition of overcoming this problem is the quality of raw material which will resist the treatment.

The Jack rack

The Jack is a mobile or portable mechanism designed for lifting heavy loads. These devices are divided into five main varieties available on the market. Anyone can buy the Jack rack and pinion, pneumatic, hydraulic, conical, helical.

Stroller Verdi 3 in 1 (photos & reviews)

The choice of strollers – the task is not so simple. So it is always important to know what buyers think about each of the models. Now our attention will be presented baby stroller 3 in 1 under the name "Verdi".

Beautiful cake with berries recipe

Cake with berries – the highlight of any holiday table. But in preparing desserts with fresh and frozen berries there are some nuances. Proposed to understand the issues of preparation and formulation.

Vodka Finland: manufacturer, types, reviews

Vodka "Finlandia", which we will test in this article, refers to distillates of "Premium". But on the shelves of alcohool she knowingly takes the place of honor. Yes, many reviews claim that the higher price segment to which it belongs, vodka, is justified. And this is understandable, knowing how the alcohol is made from a unique material. In this article we will pay attention to the manufacturer.