An attractive figure attracts every woman, because nature has not been able to reward everyone with the ideal body. Performing effective exercises for the legs and buttocks, the girls at home will be able to cope with excess fat. Accordingly, beautiful shapes and outlines will appear.

It is necessary to train regularly

In order to achieve your goal, you need regular training. But they do not have to be daily, because the muscles need to be restored. If the loads are excessive, progress will begin to slow down, all this will lead to overtraining. In a week there will be enough and three classes, especially it is necessary to approach to observance of technics. Missing even the most inconspicuous detail, you can not achieve good results.Walking on the buttocks

The importance of warm-up and stretching

Before you begin to perform exercises for the legs and buttocks, you need to warm up. To do this, you must do rotational movements of the head, shoulders, elbows and knees. In addition, you need to make a few inclines in the sides. Due to this, it is possible to prepare the body for stresses, reducing the likelihood of injuries.

After doing the exercises, you should stretch the muscles that worked during the training process. Due to this, blood supply can be improved. As a result, the pain in the muscle fibers, which will necessarily appear the next day, will not be so strong.

Do not forget about proper nutrition

Proper nutrition will help to develop muscles and reduce fat folds. Take food is necessary for an hour and a half before the training process and within half an hour after the classes are over. The diet should include:

  • meat products;
  • cottage cheese;
  • oatmeal;
  • vegetable salads seasoned with olive oil;
  • fruit.

The body has one peculiarity: if the feeling of hunger lasts long enough, it will start storing fat. Accordingly, it is necessary to eat often, but a little. It is worth trying to refuse baking and sweets.

Funny, but useful exercise

Not all women like to visit gyms and fitness centers. Some of them are just too lazy to start playing sports. For such women, there is one exercise that can be done at home. It does not require much effort. Yes, and the time it takes relatively little. It's about walking on the buttocks.

It sounds funny enough, and it may seem that walking on the buttocks is impossible, that this is some kind of trick. However, walking on this part of the body is very real. Many experts say that by doing this exercise, you can say goodbye not only to cellulite, you can also cure some diseases.

How useful is this movement

What effect does walking on the buttocks have? The benefits of this exercise are enormous. And it is not only in losing weight. Walking on the buttocks will help:

  1. Get rid of cellulite. This is due to the heating and massage of subcutaneous fat.
  2. Improve digestion, cure constipation.
  3. Prophylaxis and cure hemorrhoids.
  4. Strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, the press and thighs.
  5. Improve circulation in the pelvic area.
  6. Relieve menstrual pain.
  7. Rid of the swelling of the lower limbs of the body.
  8. Prophylaxis of scoliosis if walking on the buttocks will be performed with a flat back.

If you regularly perform this exercise for 15 minutes, then in a few weeks you will see a loss of fat in the region of the hips and abdomen.

Proper exercise will increase efficiency

How correctly to perform such an exercise, as walking on the buttocks? First of all, you will need to prepare for the training process.

  1. The surface of the floor must be fluffy. This will help increase the load by increasing the drag force. An excellent option would be the presence of a normal home carpet.
  2. Clothes should be athletic. It is best to wear pants that will cover the legs to the knees. Due to this precautionary measure, it is possible to avoid injury or irritation of the skin. The costume should be chosen such that it will not restrict the movements.
  3. It is not necessary to be trained, enough socks or Czechs. And it's better to stay barefoot at all.

Technique of doing the exercise

Now we should discuss the question of how to perform the exercise "walking on the buttocks."

  1. You should sit on the floor with your legs stretched out.
  2. The back should be flat. Hands should be bent at the elbows, pressing to the sides.
  3. The legs need to be slightly diluted, so that the feet are located on the width of the shoulders.
  4. Tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks, while taking the right leg about 5 cm forward. Elbows should not be detached from the body.
  5. It is necessary to transfer weight to the right side, making a second step forward with the left limb. It is necessary to watch, that the back while performing the exercise "walking on the buttocks" remained straight.
  6. Moving in the above described way around the room should be within five minutes. The load needs to be increased gradually by about two minutes a day.

Useful recommendations to be aware of

What you should know if you are interested in such an exercise as walking on the buttocks:

  1. In order to achieve the maximum possible effect, before beginning the exercise on the skin should be applied anti-cellulite cream. It does not hurt and turn into a food film - due to this it will be possible to get rid of cellulite.
  2. In order to increase the load on the muscle fibers, you must take a 5-liter bottle of water, performing the exercise walking on the buttocks.
  3. Do not use this type of training in the first few days of menstruation.
  4. Do not take too wide a step. They should be small, but correct.
  5. If you have just started to practice, then it is best to limit yourself to two lessons per week. The number of trainings should be increased gradually, as well as the number of approaches.

What should I expect from the exercise? Reviews of those who experienced it

What is the result of the "walking on the buttocks" exercise? Reviews about it are only the most positive, it effectively helps to cope with folds under the buttocks. As some girls say, this could not be achieved either with the help of proper nutrition, or through the performance of other types of training.

Of course, walking on the buttocks may look fun. The results, according to the girls, will not be long in coming. After a month of regular exercise, you can feel that the muscle fibers have become more elastic and firm. Hardly anyone will be dissatisfied with this effect.

As the testimonies testify, the exercise can help after pregnancy, when there are many folds, and the skin becomes more flabby. This is especially noticeable in the abdomen and buttocks. When doing the exercise "walking on the buttocks" calories are burned quickly enough, so after a month of regular training you can see the result. On the hips, buttocks and abdomen, excess fat is lost, and the muscles come to tone.

Do some exercises

However, if you want a truly remarkable option, then you should not limit yourself to doing just one exercise. There are many types of trainings that, combined with walking, will simply lead to a delightful effect. In addition, one should not forget about proper nutrition. Pay attention to the massage. All this in a complex will help to achieve the set goal.


In this review, a fairly effective exercise was planned. If you start regularly walking on the buttocks, giving it a certain amount of time, you will not have much time to wait. And do not forget about all those recommendations that were described above. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve truly stunning successes. And if you set a goal, then you have to achieve it without regretting yourself.