Almost all people on our planet are interested in the question of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, many are trying to find an answer to it by resorting to various unconventional methods of divination, one of which is palmistry. Lines of wealth, located on the palms, speak of financial well-being, fame, creative successes and successes in business. And how do you know the future depending on the location of the traits responsible for the viability of a person? Let's talk about this in our article.

Palmistry: lines of Wealth

A few words about the science of fortune telling

Palmistry comes from the Greek word meaning “fortune-telling or divination by hand”.

Palmistry determines the fate and character of a person by the hills and lines on the palm, as well as by the appearance of the hands.

People studying this science believe that certain features of the palms, on which fate and character are clearly displayed, are subject to one or another planet. Human essence corresponds to seven main space objects: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, Mars and the Sun.

The fingers are also under the influence of celestial bodies. Large, for example, refers to Venus, medium - to Saturn, Index - to Jupiter, nameless - to the Sun, and little finger - to Mercury.

Also important is the symbolism relating to a particular planet. Venus means love, Saturn - power, Jupiter - talents and gifts, Mercury - career, and the Sun (Apollo) - success, talents and gifts.

We will pay maximum attention to the latter.

Where are the lines of wealth?

According to palmistry, the lines of Wealth are located in the lower part of the palm. But they are not always permanent. The main line can start from the line of Life, and from the hill of the moon (below the little finger), as well as from the gap between them and go to the finger of the sun (to the nameless one).

The palmists claim that the line of Wealth lies on the knoll of the ring finger, no matter where it comes from.

What will the welfare trait tell?

People with a clear, delineated, clean line of wealth are under the auspices of the following celestial bodies:

- Jupiter - these are the people who love art only for the sake of profit and vanity;

- The sun - people with many talents;

- Venus - people chasing the elegant.

As palmistry indicates, the lines of Wealth can predict the future. So, for example, if they originate from the line of Life, it means that a person is born a real artist.

If the line of wealth comes from Saturn (middle finger), then this means a penchant for art.

The best indicator is the location of the line on the hill of Apollo, i.e. on the "bag" under the ring finger.

Pay attention also to the intersection. As palmistry testifies, the lines of Wealth that cross the line of Life indicate that a person will have a great success in a creative career.

If it originates or passes through the line of Fate (the second long line after the line of Life), then success will have to wait for quite a long time, but this is only if the choice of profession turns out to be right.

If, according to palmistry, the line of wealth on the hand starts from the hill of the moon (below the little finger), then this is just a great sign. Such an “image” speaks about successes in creative activity.

If the line of riches originates from the feature of Mind (located in the middle of the palm), then a person will achieve enormous success only thanks to his mental abilities.

A great sign is also the line of Wealth, located at the intersection with the Heart line. This means that a rather profitable marriage will take place in the future.

If the line of Wealth branches into three branches, it means the upcoming honors and glories.

What does the Success (Wealth) trait say that intersects with many small lines? This indicates that the person is fully developed. He is waiting for success in various industries.

If, according to palmistry, the lines of Success are clearly expressed and long, then this means that a person will succeed in life a lot and without much effort.

The line of Wealth, short but crossing the line of Mind, foreshadows clear chances of achieving numerous successes, despite obstacles and problems.

If, according to palmistry, the line of wealth is crossed by crosses, then a person will face a lot of difficulties on the way to fame and glory.

A star on the line of Wealth is the best sign. This suggests that the fate of this person will resemble a fairy tale. Fulfillment of desires and all plans will accompany the lucky one throughout his life.

If the line of wealth is missing. What does this mean?

If the feature of Wealth is absent in the palm of your hand - this is an unkind sign. Indeed, despite the mind and talent of this person, it will be quite difficult for him to achieve success and financial viability.


The science that allows you to get an exact answer to your question with regards to fate is called palmistry. The line of wealth (photo we have provided just above), Destiny, Heart, Health, Life, Mind, Intuition, Marriage, Self-passion are those fateful images that can not only tell about the future, but also warn against all sorts of problems. So our fate is no longer behind a veil of secrecy. Good luck in divination!