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Shanz's collar for newborns: reviews

No newborn child is immune from complications during labor. The most common type of injury during childbirth is damage to the cervical vertebra. In this case, it is necessary to take urgent measures to prevent complications and disability of the baby. In the event of such damage, the doctor will appoint wearing a Shanz collar for newborns.

Inosin pranobeks: instructions for use, analogues, reviews

For what and in what dosage is Inosin pranobex appointed? Instructions for the use of this immunostimulating drug are described in detail in the materials of this article. You can find out if the medicine has analogs, side effects and contraindications. The responses of real patients are also presented here.

Teeth, cermets: reviews and service life

To date, from a variety of materials can be inserted into the patient's artificial teeth. Metal ceramics is the most popular of them. This is a modern orthopedic design in the form of crowns and bridges. It is a metal base, repeating the shape of the tooth, covered with a thin ceramic layer.

Medynitsa officinalis

Medunica medicinal has long been known for its useful properties. This perennial herb is widespread in the forests of Russia, the Caucasus, the western regions of Belarus and Ukraine. In people, the medicinal medicinal heron is called pulmonary herb, as its leaves resemble human lungs.

Iris of the eye: Scheme

Poets consider the eyes a mirror of the soul, and modern doctors claim that they are a mirror reflecting the health of a person and the state of his body. The iris of the eye is individual and unique in every person, and the pigment contained in it is responsible for the color of our eyes. Even doctors of antiquity judged by the change in the iris about the processes occurring in the body. This is the basis for the modern method of iridodiagnostics.

Primary patronage of a newborn child

With the advent of the baby, not only great happiness, love, caring, but also the inalienable feelings of anxiety and fear come to the family. No matter how prospective parents are prepared for the birth and education of their little miracle, they can not do without outside help, especially medical care.

Blood of priests: causes and treatment

When the blood comes from the anus, it is most likely a symptom of a serious illness. Although the appearance of such secretions may be the result of cracks in the anus. But most often bleeding indicates a disease of the abdominal cavity. In any case, to establish an accurate diagnosis, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Treatment of hematoma folk remedies

The life of a person is full of ups and, unfortunately, falls. And every fall is a blow, a pain and a trauma. About mental injuries let the psychologists say, the same article is devoted to extremely common injuries of a corporal nature - hematoma. In particular, their treatment of folk remedies.

What is Whey Protein? Composition and use of whey protein

In the focus of this article - whey protein, which has not ceased disputes among athletes, doctors, cosmetologists and people of other professions, inextricably linked to human health. Some consider protein a medicine for all diseases, others call it a substitute for nutrition, and others call it a chemical drug that affects the hormonal level. One way or another, we have to figure out where the truth is, and where lies. And render the whey protein a fair "sentence".

Syndrome Zudeka: symptoms and treatment

Zudek's syndrome is a rather dangerous disease that can occur after a limb injury. In order to avoid complications, it is necessary to detect the symptoms of this syndrome in time and consult a doctor. In this article, we will consider this disease in detail. In addition to describing the symptoms, we will talk about the causes of Zudeck's syndrome and treatment methods. Are you interested? Then read this article.

Medical pedicure: rules and recommendations

Nail care is as natural as hair, face, figure. Skin and nail plates on the legs require additional, special attention. They are coarser, harder, because they are daily loaded. Inconvenient, narrow shoes can lead to ingrown nails. With all these problems, the medical pedicure will help.

L-thyroxine: reviews of doctors and buyers

"L-thyroxine" is a medicine that allows to maintain normal functioning of the body with hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland. This synthetic agent, an analogue of thyroxine, which partially turns into triiodothyronine in the liver and kidneys, enters the cells of the body, affects metabolism, the development of tissues and their growth.

Increased Sweating: Causes and Treatment

In medical practice, excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis (from the Greek hyper - "elevated", "excessive", hidros - "sweat"), is a profuse sweating that is not associated with physical factors, such as overheating, intense motor activity, high ambient temperature, etc.

Miramistin and Chlorhexidine: What's the difference? Reviews

When buying a drug, a person almost always asks about whether it is possible to buy an analog at a more affordable price. Modern pharmacology offers its customers a lot of similar and interchangeable means. About these will be discussed in today's article.

Ramenskay children's polyclinic: photos and reviews

The Ramenskoye children's polyclinic is located in the building of the state hospital. The institution assists children from 0 to 16 years. Today we find out what doctors are taking in this clinic, and also by what means it is possible to make an appointment with a specialist.

The left breast hurts: what to do?

When a woman has a sore left breast, it is difficult for her to decide for herself the true causes of unpleasant sensations: pain can be a sign of a wide range of diseases, from problems with the mammary gland and ending with acute diseases of the spleen. How is the nature of the pain and a combination of other symptoms to determine what the problem really is?

Honey treatment of joints, stomach

In folk medicine has long been successfully treated various ailments with the help of honey. Due to its medicinal properties, it helps in the fight against diseases of internal organs, it is widely used for cosmetic purposes, increases immunity and is used as a preventive measure against diseases. In addition, beekeeping products taste great, so treatment is pleasant, not forced.

Herniated disc and ways to treat it

A healthy spine is the key to good health and proper functioning of the whole organism. Unfortunately, in the rhythm of modern life, it is not always possible to devote time to the main "core" of the body. Therefore, increasingly young people face such a dangerous ailment as a hernia of the spine. Let us consider in more detail what pathology is and what methods of treatment exist.

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