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Drug Ismigen: reviews and manual

"Ismigen" – a drug that is a real alternative to vaccination. It is the prevention of diseases, speeds recovery, boosts immunity. Its unique form has no analogues on the market of pharmaceutical products.

Anarion: reviews, analogs and instructions for use

The drug "Anarion", reviews of which can be read in this article is an effective tool for the elimination of signs of fatigue. Today we learn how to take this medication find out its price, and what is your opinion about this medicine to the patients as well as doctors.

Where is the sciatic nerve? Inflammation and pinched sciatic nerve

Fortunately, around us there are many happy people who will find it difficult to answer the question of where is the sciatic nerve. This means that they have never experienced those burning pains, resulting in its inflammation, which is not allowed to move. Why inflamed sciatic nerve what to do if you find yourself with this disease?

Fistula after surgery: how to treat?

Quite often after surgery on the seam or in its region form a fistula after surgery. It is necessary to competently approach to treatment, to avoid complications.

The sternocleidomastoid muscle of the neck: features (photos)

On the anterior side of the neck, especially when turning and tilt, is clearly visualized quite a massive strand, which presents the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This, at first glance, complex name gives an idea of its immediate location, or rather about the attachment sites and functions performed.

The introduction of parenteral drugs is like?

Pharmacodynamics branch of pharmacology that studies the influence of the body on the drug, i.e. how medicinal substances are introduced into the body, enter the bloodstream, are transported to organs and tissues, metabolised and excreted from it. One of the important issues that considering pharmacodynamics – routes of administration of medicines. All routes of administration are divided into integral (via the gastrointestinal tract) and parenteral (bypassing the gastrointestinal tract).

The Guillain-Barre syndrome: symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment

One of the serious diseases of a neurological nature is the Guillain-Barre syndrome, when the immune system reverses and starts killing its own cells. This pathological process leads to autonomic dysfunctions. The disease has a severe clinical picture that enables it to identify and begin treatment.

What is the normal heart rate of a person?

From the article you can find out what is the norm of a pulse, what factors influence it, what are the causes of deviations. Also provides a detailed description of how to correctly measure the pulse and that he can "tell" person. Those who want to know its value and not make any effort, will find here easy solution for this.

Member fracture: symptoms, treatment, consequences

Penile fracture is quite rare. This is a closed injury, which breaks the protein shell of the penis. It is located under the skin of the penis and is a cavernous, spongy body. During erection protein shell filled with blood, which makes the member rigid and increased in size.

Amoxil: instructions for use, indications, analogues

Antibacterial drugs are often used without a doctor's prescription, which is unacceptable. Antimicrobial drugs should be recommended only by a specialist, as improper use of triggers the establishment of microbial resistance. Growing in popularity are the broad-spectrum antibiotics, particularly penicillins. These include the drug "Amoxil".

How to fix slouching at home

The stooped posture of a person is not good at all, especially when he tries to claim the communion to the sports circles. That's just the long days, hours, months of sitting at a Desk, driving a car or a computer lead to the formation position of the body – the lower ribs are omitted, with the shoulders forward.

Causes of heaviness in the stomach after eating, belching and nausea

With symptoms such as stomach heaviness, nausea, belching and flatulence, experienced almost everything. And not always it is associated with serious diseases, so many people do not give this state its due attention. But it is important to determine the causes of heaviness in the stomach to prevent this condition in the future.

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