Collar Trench for babies: reviews

None of the newborn child is not immune from complications during labor. The most common form of injury at birth – damage to the cervical vertebra. In this case it is necessary urgently to take measures for elimination of complications and disability of the baby. In the event of such damage, the doctor will prescribe the wearing of the collar Trench for newborns.

Inosine pranobex: instructions for use, analogs, reviews

For what and at what dose is prescribed "Inosine pranobex"? Instructions for use of this immune-boosting drug is described in detail in this article. You can find out whether the drug analogs, side effects and contraindications. Reviews by real patients there are also.

Teeth, metal: reviews and service life

To date, many different materials can be inserted to the patient artificial teeth. Cermet is the most popular of them. It is a modern prosthetic design in the form of crowns and bridges. It is a metallic base replicating the shape of the tooth is covered with a thin ceramic layer.

Sudaca syndrome: symptoms and treatment

Syndrome sudecka a dangerous condition that can occur after a trauma of a limb. In order to avoid complications, you need time to detect the symptoms of this syndrome and to seek medical attention. In this article we will examine this disease. In addition to symptom descriptions, we will talk about the causes of the syndrome sudaka and treatment. Interested? Then read this article.

Excessive sweating: causes and treatment

In medical practice, excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis (from the Greek. hyper – "high", "excessive", hidros "sweat"), is a sweating that is not associated with physical factors such as heat, intense physical activity, high ambient temperature, etc.