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Collar Trench for babies: reviews

None of the newborn child is not immune from complications during labor. The most common form of injury at birth – damage to the cervical vertebra. In this case it is necessary urgently to take measures for elimination of complications and disability of the baby. In the event of such damage, the doctor will prescribe the wearing of the collar Trench for newborns.

Inosine pranobex: instructions for use, analogs, reviews

For what and at what dose is prescribed "Inosine pranobex"? Instructions for use of this immune-boosting drug is described in detail in this article. You can find out whether the drug analogs, side effects and contraindications. Reviews by real patients there are also.

Teeth, metal: reviews and service life

To date, many different materials can be inserted to the patient artificial teeth. Cermet is the most popular of them. It is a modern prosthetic design in the form of crowns and bridges. It is a metallic base replicating the shape of the tooth is covered with a thin ceramic layer.

Pulmonaria officinalis

Pulmonaria officinalis has long been known for its beneficial properties. This perennial herbaceous plant is widely distributed in the forests of Russia, the Caucasus, Western regions of Belarus and Ukraine. The people pulmonaria officinalis is referred to as the lung herb, as its leaves its form resemble human lungs.

Iris: scheme

Poets believe the eyes mirror of the soul, but modern doctors say that they are the mirror that reflects the health and condition of his body. Iris is individual and unique to each person, and it contained the pigment responsible for the color of our eyes. Even the healers of ancient times tried to change the iris about what is happening in the body processes. This is what modern method of iridology.

Primary nursing a newborn baby

With the advent of the baby in the family come not only great happiness, love, care, but the inherent feelings of anxiety and fear. As if parents neither were prepared for the birth and upbringing of their little miracle, but without assistance, especially medical, they can not do.

The blood of the priests: causes and treatment

When the blood comes from the anus is most likely a symptom of a serious disease. Although the occurrence of such discharge may be a result of the occurrence of cracks in the anus. But most often the bleeding is suggestive of disease of the abdominal cavity. In any case, for an accurate diagnosis you must immediately consult a doctor.

Treatment of hematoma folk remedies

Human life is full of UPS and unfortunately downs. And every drop is a blow, pain and trauma. About mental damages, let the psychologists say, this article is dedicated to an extremely common injury, bodily nature of the hematoma. In particular, their treatment of folk remedies.

What is whey protein? The composition and application of whey protein

The focus of this article is whey protein, which does not cease debate among athletes, doctors, cosmetologists and other professions, is inextricably linked with human health. Some believe protein is a cure-all, others call it a meal replacement, and still others call it a chemical drug affecting hormone levels. Anyway, to understand what is true and what is false. And to make whey protein fair "sentence".

Sudaca syndrome: symptoms and treatment

Syndrome sudecka a dangerous condition that can occur after a trauma of a limb. In order to avoid complications, you need time to detect the symptoms of this syndrome and to seek medical attention. In this article we will examine this disease. In addition to symptom descriptions, we will talk about the causes of the syndrome sudaka and treatment. Interested? Then read this article.

Medical pedicure: rules and recommendations

To care for nails is as natural as for hair, face, figure. Skin and nail plates on the feet require additional, special attention. They are more rough and hard, as they are being daily load. Uncomfortable, narrow shoes can lead to ingrown nail. With all these problems will help to manage a medical pedicure.

Drug L-thyroxine: the reviews of doctors and buyers

"L-thyroxine" – a drug that allows you to maintain the normal operation of the body with hypothyroidism. It is a synthetic means of the analogue of thyroxine, which is in the liver and kidneys is partly converted into triiodothyronine by acting in cells of the body, affects metabolism, the development of tissues and their growth.

Excessive sweating: causes and treatment

In medical practice, excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis (from the Greek. hyper – "high", "excessive", hidros "sweat"), is a sweating that is not associated with physical factors such as heat, intense physical activity, high ambient temperature, etc.

City Ramenskoye children's clinic: photos and reviews

Ramensky children's clinic is located in the building of the state hospital. The Agency provides assistance to children from 0 to 16 years. Today we learn which doctors are accepting in the clinic and in what ways you can make an appointment with a specialist.

Sore left breast: what to do?

When a woman has a sore left breast, it is difficult to independently determine the true causes of discomfort: the pain can be a symptom of a wide range of diseases starting from problems with the breast and ending with severe diseases of the spleen. As the nature of pain and other symptoms together to determine what actually is the problem?

Treatment with honey of the joints, stomach

In folk medicine has long and successfully treated various ailments with the help of honey. Due to its healing properties it helps to combat diseases of internal organs, it is widely used in cosmetics, improve immunity and use as prevention against disease. Besides bee products taste great, so the treatment is pleasant and not a forced necessity.

Herniated disc and the treatments

A healthy spine is the key to good health and proper functioning of the whole organism. Unfortunately, the pace of modern life not always get to time for the main "core" of the body. Therefore, more and more young people are faced with such a dangerous ailment like herniated disc of the spine. Let us consider what constitutes pathology and what are the different methods of treatment.