The name of Ratmir in Russia will meet infrequently. And in sound the impression that the meaning of the name Ratmir – Muslim. But in fact it is not. About where does that means and what impact it has on the fate of its carrier is the name that we will discuss below.Character and meaning of the name Ratmir

Ratmir: Origin and Significance

The roots of this name are originally Russian, Slavic. It occurs from the words "peace" and "army", that is, the army, the warrior. Semantic translation can be: "warrior of freedom" or "peace-making". From widespread use it came a very long time, probably along with the Christianization of Russia, and therefore today you will not meet it often. There is a legend about Khan Ratmir, who ruled in the Crimea. History has preserved the memory of him as a kind person and a caring, wise and just ruler. It so happened that for seven years during his reign, a drought happened in the territory under his control. And to save people from death, he allowed to open the damned source of water, which deprived everyone who drank from it, reason. But the khan took the blessing from the wise old man first, and the latter said a prayer. Thanks to this, no one who has drunk the water has suffered and is not distraught.


The meaning of the name Ratmir includes two words, opposing in meaning - the army and the world. This is the character of the boy from the first days of his life. First, it manifests itself in the acute sense of justice and high moral principles of the boy. He tries to do everything to ensure that harmony and peace prevail around. And he does it often very militantly - getting involved in fights and conflicts. Without hesitation, Ratmir will stand up for a friend, for someone who will need protection and assistance.

The meaning of the name Ratmir also affects the relatively frequent illnesses of the child. This does not mean that he himself will be weak and sick, but minor ailments will periodically temper his body and spirit. About serious diseases here speech does not go, therefore to worry there is nothing. Ratmir early begins to grow up and look for answers to non-children's questions. This makes him to some extent a hermit among peers. The love for solitude, meditation, silence and tranquility is characteristic of this child, which can disturb unnecessarily hypochondriac parents. The meaning of the name Ratmir for the boy also affects his willingness to obey the elders - with this the parents of the young man usually do not have problems. But someone who is an outsider, he will never allow himself to be pushed around and impose his will. In this regard, he himself is not deprived of leadership, and sometimes dictatorial qualities. The boy is not a sensitive and sensitive child. He perfectly understands humor and is not very touchy when it comes to him. But if someone is hurt by someone dear to him, he will show all the strength and integrity of his character.

Much confidence to anyone Ratmir not test, preferring not to be charmed by people. In this sense, little benefit his family, to whom he was close since childhood, but they end up not disclosed. Their emotional problems and experiences keeps inside himself, trying to cope with everything on their own. The only exception might be very close, trusted friend, if the boy there. But to trust the girl boy fully can never. This applies both to his friends, sisters, mother and future – wife.

Personal life

A young man is very serious about choosing a companion of life. It is important for him that the girl accepts him as he is. The meaning of the name Ratmir so strongly affects the character and temperament of the young man, that not every girl will decide to associate herself with him with relationships. The guy, being deep and thorough by nature, can hardly tie and maintain a casual easy conversation. Difficulties in communication often cause unsuccessful acquaintances. Therefore Ratmir is often famous for being a monogamy and carrying the feeling to the girl through life. Often, his companion in life becomes a classmate or classmate, that is, a girl with whom he was introduced and whose contact was supported by the circumstances of life, rather than his initiative. In Ratmir's relations, the meaning of a name, character and temperament make him a fighter for peace, he also appreciates harmony above all. First of all, it concerns the harmony between sexuality and the inner world of him and his partner. If one thing goes wrong, then the young man can easily terminate this relationship.

In life Ratmir for his wife is a stone wall. That's how she feels with him. The meaning of the name Ratmir also affects his paternal qualities: he does not like the soul in children and devotes a lot of time to their comprehensive education and education. In the family, he always leaves the place of the head, but the behavior by no means resembles a tyrant. Respects someone else's opinion and is considered with the interests of all household members.

As for the work, Ratmir thanks to his persistence and determination is easy to ascend the career ladder. He was not afraid of no prospects, he is hardworking and his duties more responsibly than. This means that Ratmir will be able to Express themselves, even where seemingly not be shown. It will be your own business, and any other difficult work. No difficulties are nothing to him. The only thing that distinguishes a young man's freedom. He does not like to be imposed upon someone else's opinion. And besides, Ratmir very honest. This means that to achieve the position it will be only with his intellect, without the patronage and similar unfair practices.

Famous people

Of all Ratmir who achieved fame and popularity, we mention here only two. The first one is the singer who participated in the project "Star Factory-4", Ratmir Shishkov. The second - a large businessman, who is the general director of a number of metropolitan enterprises, Ratmir Marzaganov.