Ramina is a beautiful name, relatively rare for Russia. Most often they are called girls in traditionally Islamic regions. In this article we will discuss the meaning of the name Ramin and his description.

Characteristic and meaning of the name Ramina


As for where this name comes from, there are two hypotheses. The first of these states that it is one-root with the word "Rome" (Roma) and, originating from the name of this city, has, thus, Latin roots. But most likely, the real birthplace and meaning of the name Ramin are rooted in Asian culture. This is evidenced by its prevalence among Muslims. And according to this version of origin, it translates as "noble" or "exalted." Sometimes it is also compared with the designation of a female warrior and is claimed to have come to the Islamic world from Spain.


The girl is very sociable and communicate with other people he loves most in the world. Loneliness for her, this is the most terrible curse. This child has both positive and negative sides. The obvious advantage of this is that parents will not have problems when a girl will need to give to a kindergarten or to the school. But to leave the baby home alone would be difficult since every time Ramin will throw a tantrum and demonstrate the full flavor of his character. Ramin, the value of which is shown very strongly in the desire for communication also needs to be recognition of her achievements. Her vital support and the higher will be the assessment of her talents, abilities and achievements, the better it will be leaking her psychological development. Otherwise, she'll get depressed and withdraw into themselves. The girl shows great interest in the work. She has a developed sense of beauty, harmony, and so it incredibly interesting variety of art. But she is able to do, but not all of them. For example, painting like all other art that requires perseverance, it's definitely not for her. Soon she will succeed in dance, vocals or something else that's different dynamics. If at an early age she needs to be the center of attention, growing up, Ramina more suspended and watching from the side. This does not mean that it is becoming more quiet or orderly, not at all. Gaining experience, becoming more confident and are increasingly beginning to play the role of the stars and the role of a judge, evaluating, and often criticizing others. She is still a regular noisy parties, parties, creative events. And its also surrounded by many people.

Personal life

The sphere of personal life is a special world for those women who are named Ramina. The meaning of the name of Muslims in this sense is somewhat leveled by the traditional culture that holds women in the strict limiting framework of religious law. But if a girl leads a high life, then her relationship with the guys will be like a colorful kaleidoscope. This means that the sociability and emotionality of the girl will always provide her with new acquaintances and new suitor. Ramina does not deny herself the pleasure of starting a novel, but, being very temperamental, she most often feeds very superficial and short-lived feelings. And therefore chaos reigns in her personal life, which is expressed in a multitude of parallel novels, understatements, offenses and constant clarifications of relationships. Meeting at the same time with several men, Ramina, however, does not allow everyone to approach her sexually. The meaning of the name Ramina in this sense is that the girl will first check her chosen one for a long time and only when she is completely confident in him will she allow relations to a new level. And when it does happen, assigns itself the dominant role and is the initiator in everything.

Family, this is not the thing that Ramina is trying to acquire as soon as possible. The meaning of the name in Islam in this respect almost does not appear, so many girls get married when the time comes and when the parents decide. But if a girl has a sufficient degree of freedom, then she seeks to first make sure of the sincerity and seriousness of the feelings of both her own and her partner. She will go down the aisle only if she is sure of compatibility in all respects with her young man. This means that most of the time Ramina will prefer some time, perhaps several years, to live in a state of civil marriage, and only having made sure of her solvency as a spouse and the solvency of her passion, like about her husband, she agrees to an official marriage. This approach requires considerable time, but after marriage in the family, there are practically no problems in terms of relationships. It should also be said about the children that Ramin simply adores. The meaning of the name makes her so good and caring mother that sometimes it goes beyond the limits of common sense. Guardianship of a girl can take sometimes absurd forms. And therefore it is better to bring up children together with her spouse, who could settle down too enthusiastic woman.

The career of the girl successfully develops where she can be true to herself. This means that her profession should be related to communication and interaction with people. The most promising areas of activity are the sciences, arts and sports.