All people are different. And you can consider this statement from any angle. So, in this article we will talk about who is a choleric. Description of people with this type of temperament can come in handy for many.

Characteristics of choleric

Types of temperament

Very, very long time ago, back in 400 BC. scientist Hippocrates told that people can be conditionally divided into 4 main groups. This theory was supplemented by the Roman doctor Gallen, having discovered four basic types of temperament:

  1. Melancholic. The name comes from two words: "melena" and "chole", which in translation means "black bile". Briefly, such people are distinguished by touching, refinement and sadness.
  2. Phlegmatic person. The word from which the term came into being is phlegm - phlegm, lymph. Such people are calm, balanced, but pliable and slow.
  3. Sanguine. From the Greek, the term "sanguine" is translated as blood. These are fun active people.
  4. Choleric. In translation, the term "chol" means "bile yellow". These are emotional impulsive people who are prone to sudden mood changes.

How do you know which type of temperament a person has? Is it sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic or choleric? Test Eysenck in this can help. This is a classic task to determine the type of temperament. However, it must be said that in the pure form they are quite rare. In man, two basic types of temperament are most often mixed, one of which is more active, i.e. leading.


So, the characteristic of the choleric. Scientists have identified even the main external features of a person with this type of temperament:

  1. Choleric is often thin. He has long limbs, thin muscles.
  2. The chest, pelvis, and back are mostly narrow in such people.
  3. Skull conical, retracted, up-narrowed with slightly pointed parietal region.
  4. The facial features of the choleric are also pronounced, pointed.
  5. Such people are distinguished by a fast, purposeful and precise gait.

Characteristics of choleric (of this type of temperament) can begin with a consideration of the nature of these children. What will they differ from their other peers? Already at a very young age, these kids know their own worth and love to command. They easily subjugate adults. At parents all achieve through crying, a hysterics which can not stop for hours. If the child gets what he wants, he becomes affectionate, loving. He rejoices and plays, expressing joy with all his being. However, it must be said that from an early age such babies become dictators and tyrants. This type of behavior persists for the rest of your life.

Motor mechanics of choleric people

What else is interesting about the "choleric" type? Such a person can be recognized even by special movements. Their motor has the following features:

  1. Mimicry is always expressive.
  2. Their movements are sharp, feverish.
  3. Feels strong and energetic.
  4. Speech is very fast. It seems that they are just afraid of being late for something to say or do.

Positive aspects of character

It is necessary to consider the nature of the choleric. What are the positive sides of it can be distinguished from people with this type of temperament?

  1. Optimism. Most of the choleric are optimists. They almost never get upset, because can find a way out of a wide variety of situations. In addition, they are able to inspire other people, lead them, show the way. Choleric people perfectly concentrate exclusively on the necessary, always making the right decision.
  2. Confidence. Choleric people are always sure of the correctness of their actions and decisions. That is why very often they achieve success in life. They are alien to doubt, which, in fact, is a destructive feeling.
  3. Leadership. Choleric people are very often leaders. Often - informal, the so-called black cardinals. They have an acute mind and the ability to make right decisions with lightning speed. It is for this that they are respected by others.
  4. A responsibility. People with this type of temperament are very hardworking. And they are responsible for the fulfillment of the assigned tasks. This quality often helps them to achieve success in their careers.

Negative character traits

What else should I say if the choleric characteristic is considered? Thus, it is necessary to identify the negative aspects of the character of people with this type of temperament.

Emotional sphere

We further consider who is a choleric. The temperament of such people is explosive, they are active and purposeful. But how do they experience emotions?

  1. Choleric people very often fall in love at first sight. This feeling captures them instantly, like an explosion.
  2. They are very proud and ambitious. They like to be respected or respected by others.
  3. Choleric is characterized by a frequent and rapid change of mood. They come out of a calm state sharply, becoming aggressive, impatient, evil.
  4. People with this type of temperament are characterized by quick temper. They have a lack of self-control.
  5. Emotion choleric manifests itself brightly, openly, without embarrassment.

Work experience


Who is best suited for a choleric person? Compatibility with other types of temperament:

  1. Choleric phlegmatic. The choleric will be very comfortable in the shade of an unflappable phlegmatic. And the latter, in turn, will rejoice in the activity and restlessness of the partner. His phlegmatic will never open his soul completely, but the choleric does not care. After all, he does not pay attention to details and details. Such an alliance is possible and can last for a very long time.
  2. Choleric Sanguine. In this pair, the mutual support of partners comes to the fore. Choleric will be the generator of ideas, the sanguine person will try to implement them all. Problems can arise at the stage of choosing the leader of the relationship, because both members of the pair tend to the leadership and the main position. There will be constant rivalry. If we deal with this, the couple will be able to live together for a very long time.
  3. A choleric melancholic. Most likely, such relations are doomed to failure. After all, the pressure of a choleric morally weak melancholy simply can not stand. In addition, the choleric will not reckon with the partner's emotions, leading him to tears and hysterics. The latter will not last long and will soon run away.
  4. Choleric choleric. This is a very noisy and stormy alliance. There will be everything - love and fights until I fall. It is possible to beat dishes and passionate reconciliation. Mutual assistance will be virtually none, since everyone aspires to independently answer for their actions. Attempts to occupy a leadership position will lead to multiple scandals. Such an alliance can as quickly collapse, and exist for a very, very long time.

However, it should be said that in any case, the relationship should be fought. And if both sides will yield to each other, even the most incompatible types of temperament at first glance will be able to survive side by side for a very long time.